Friday, September 22, 2006

Bush Scomi-ed AAB?

The Malaysian Foreign Minister was among the pack demanding blood out of stone from the Pope, although the Papal head had already apologised. Admittedly, if we go back to the source of the problem, we could say that the Pope could have been more sensitive and avoided the needless quotation from a medieval era. But he has already apologised for his hurt to Muslims.

An apology is an apology and really, one could go on endlessly dissecting the Pope’s or anyone’s apology 18 thousand different ways without ever coming to a satisfactory situation if the intention is to raise the ante, retaliate and hurt back.

But voila! President told AAB that the Pope’s apology has been sincere, and before one can say ‘Scomi’, AAB has performed a U-Turn from Malaysia’s original non-compromising stand against the Pope.

I wonder what ‘other’ issues were raised?


  1. Time for another 'Conservations of Jaan-Tan and Betty-Naa'? Where have they been, btw? ;)

  2. The President of the OIC is kissing American butt again. Lost his b***s, er, I mean guts.