Thursday, September 14, 2006

BTN - Put up or shut up

ASA (Asian Students Association) regional secretary Lee Khai Loon who is based in Kuala Lumpur challenged Biro Tatanegara (BTN) to show proof that American and Jewish elements were sponsoring certain student groups in local varsities, and meet with ASA representatives face to face.

Meanwhile, Kong Wee Cheng, international affairs secretary of Dema, one of the student group accused of being funded by Jews, asked a pertinent question - why were students attending the seminar warned not to record or snap photographs of the proceedings if BTN has nothing to hide?

He said BTN had bullsh*ted (Ktemoc’s word but which conveys his intended meaning) with the aim of creating tensions between students of different races by provocatively manufacturing a schism between Jews/Chinese students and Muslim students.

Well, we all know that whenever UMNO has internal trouble, there’s nothing like a jolly spot of Chinese-bashing to unify the Malay voters and UMNO supporters behind the party. Khairy did it, the Penang UMNO had done it, and now Hishamuddin is locking horns with a couple of MCA leaders.

USMPBT chairperson Loo Chuan Boon said this is not the first time USM authorities have tried to badmouth his society. There were also unfounded allegations made against the society during the university’s
orientation week in July.

He did question USM deputy vice-chancellor (student affairs division) Dr Jamaludin Mohaiadin over the allegations during a meeting early this year. Loo said of Dr Jamaludin:
"He avoided our question by saying let bygones be bygones."

Well, obviously he has not.

Loo said that USMPBT received its funding through Chinese guilds and associations and fund-raising programmes.

Chinese guilds? Maybe Chinese Jewish guilds?


  1. Wow, BTN must have changed A LOT since I went. I was "relapaksa" to Kem Bina Negara and all I hear is "Stop being a lazy a$$ and get off you bu77. You are being left behind by the Chinese." Not heard any racial issues then. They keep on trying to wake up the Malay with the "charity attitude" (if that is the phrase for it).

    I was there like 4-5 years ago? If I did, I would be the first to kick up a ruckus since my best friends are non-Malays. My uni study partner are Chinese.

  2. Hello, KTemoc!
    Sometimes I wonder what is going on with the BTN. I suppose they are too crude.

    If I were a senior officer in the BTN, I will not go that far in making such accusations. If BTN wants to say that ASA have indeed been sponsored by Zionist organization, they have to transparently present the evidence and be prepared to debate about it, rather than presenting it in BTN sponsored forums, which are not well known to be open forums anyway. (The audience at BTN forums is likely to be captive audience).

    If I were the senior BTN officer, I would present such an argument in this modified form. And this is a better way with much more evidence available. It is much better for the BTN to say that some sections of the Malaysian society do have pro Israel and pro Zionists sentiments regardless of whether they are being supported or not.

    For example, last time you (Ktemoc) made a description of the political positions of non-Malays with regard to their perception of Jewish and Israel. I can't remember which post was it, but I did read it. And Ktemoc have described some elements of being totally in support of Israel.

    And, I regularly read Malaysiakini letters section, and from time to time I read some writers who voiced out their pro Israel sentiment. Also, some bloggers and some of them have taken a visibly pro Israel and the same times anti Islamic sentiment.

    For example, I read Politics 101 during the height of the prophet Muhammad cartoon issue and lo and behold this blog holds an anti Muslim and anti Malay sentiment. Also there was this blog. I can’t what was it but I think somebody named Raja or was it Rajan used to write that blog. I wonder what happened to that blog. And then there is this blog 7th Ranger Mechanised (I hope I got that right). One senses their pro Islarel and pro Jewish sentiment from reading these blogs.

    Anyway, another clear example can be found at this piece of writing. I recently read this at The Israel’s Catch-22 by Andrew Loh. And surprise, surprise….. Anyway readers can access this article at this link:

    So the point is: Notwithstanding the validity of BTN’s argument that some non-Malay groups receive funding, there are some justifications if one argues that they are supporting Israel and the Zionists.

    So to conclude, the BTN is better of by making an argument on the existence of pro-Israel elements within Malaysia. And they would be better of by framing that argument as I explained it. There are certainly a lot more evidence (evidence that are less biased questionable, compared to photographs which can be misleading etc).

  3. Yes Mamat I agree there are pro-Israel Malaysians, people I have crossed swords with. But that's their problem, not ours.

    However, to say that there are Zionist funded groups, which just so happened to have a Chinese majority is another story - story yang kotor and under-the-belt. It's just like Khairy warning about the Chinese community exploiting the UMNO division.