Thursday, September 21, 2006

Higher Education Minister in Shameless Denial

Higher Education Minister Mustapa Mohamed is shameless, claiming the university campus elections this year have been the most fair, open and transparent when compared to previous years.

Almost everyone in Malaysia who follows the news knows it’s the exact opposite.

He couldn’t satisfactorily answer opposition queries on election anomalies such as the
free hotel stays given to pro-government students in Petaling Jaya (at public expense), the rejection of National Human Rights Commission (Suhakam)'s request to monitor the elections (why afraid?), the seminar conducted in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in which allegations of a Jewish sponsorship were made against the anti-establishment candidates (why resort to such underhanded bullsh*t?), and the non-transparent e-voting (especially in the absence of an independent body like Suhakam to monitor such devices, what more can I say?).

There have also been sabotage of non pro-government student groups, some so crude as to beggar belief. In one incident, the serviceability of the audio system was strangely affected when non pro-government campaigners attempted to speak whilst in the next moment, the system instantly became perfect when the pro-establishment group had the mike.

In another, students residing at hostels who refused to come down to listen to a pro-establishment dialogue had their hostel electricity turned off by the authorities. The students were told to vote for Aspirasi or pro-establishment candidates.

Mind you, these were only campus elections. Why are the authorities so scared of student groups who have chosen to be independent minded? Would the over-doing of these excessive controls, lies and strongarm tactics be training exercises for the coming general elections?


  1. Hey hey hey! You are the one who are in denial!
    I thought being shameless, denial and ignorance are some of the Requirements as a BN Minister?

    mean no harm!

  2. wise step bigjoe...