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Water that can't quench Mahathir's thirst

Independent - Dr Mahathir: In the World Court, Singapore would lose on water issue (extracts):

The Malaysian PM reiterated his point that the Republic must pay higher prices for raw water from Johor.

when Mahathir needed someone or something, he'd backflip from his previous contra-position without hesitation or scruples, ever ready to sleep with the Devil (though to others, he was and is still the Devil)

marginalised and ignored by UMNO, and out of sheer desperation he needed the DAP (and PKR) to help his Parti Pribumi toppled Najib and his old party, thus probably in a depressed state of anguish he sang a different tune to bromance with Lim KS and politi-court Wan Azizah, the wife & rep of Anwar Ibrahim his archfoe & mortal enemy)

but now back in power he believes he can act as per his previous political lifeform (the old Mahathir of 1981 to 2003), and apart from reverting to his old rotten ways, is gradually transforming his Pribumi into a new UMNO (Mark III) to dominate Pakatan Harapan

and he'll do that once he has sapu-ed as many of UMNO frogs as he can, which he had earlier vowed he won't, thus showing he's as treacherous as ever

Putrajaya: Speaking to members of the Malaysian press on Sunday, March 3, Prime Minister Dr Tun Mahathir Mohamad said that if Singapore takes the water price issue to the High Court, the Republic would lose the case.

Online publication Free Malaysia Today (FMT) reported that the Malaysian Prime Minister said to reporters that the Republic has no desire to bring the water issue before the World Court (International Court of Justice or the International Court of Arbitration), saying, “if they go to the World Court they will lose.”


He also had sharp words for Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, the Foreign Affairs Minister of Singapore.

In Singapore’s Parliament Committee of Supply debate hearing on March 1, Dr Balakrishnan had described Dr Mahathir’s comments on the 1962 Water Agreement as “strong, emotive words no doubt intended to rouse public opinion.”

Dr Mahathir had brought up the price of water yet again on February 28, saying, “We need to fight for this. A rich country (Singapore) (cannot be) buying water from poor countries at such an unreasonable price.”

The Foreign Affairs Minister said in Parliament, “I’m supposed to be diplomatic, but I think members of this House also know I call a spade a spade. This is a red herring. The 1962 Water Agreement is not about who is richer or poorer. It is about the fundamental principle of respecting the sanctity of agreements.”

I really hate to support a Sing minister against our own PM but alas for Mahathir, Dr V Balakrishnan has been correct that it
 is about the fundamental principle of respecting the sanctity of agreements.

But woe is us Malaysians, because where agreements or treaties are concerned, Mahathir has no compunction about breaking or ignoring them, cherry-picking only those which he wanted or wants, or cannot avoid for legal reasons to his disadvantage.

An example was the case of Chin Peng (also known legally as Ong Boon Hwa). After an international peace treaty was signed in 1988 to end the insurgency of the Communist Party of Malaysia against Malaysia, whereupon Chin Peng would by the agreement of that treaty be allowed to return peacefully to his hometown in Sitiawan (where he wanted to also bury his ashes there), Chin Peng was denied entry into Malaysia contrary to the International Treaty. But other Malay communist insurgents were allowed, even assisted in resettling in the nation.

The International Treaty was signed in 1988. Successive governments of Malaysia since then refused entry to Chin Peng. Those dishonourable Malaysian governments since 1988 were:

(a) Mahathir's government - ... up to 2003
(b) AAB's or Abdullah Badawi's government - 2003 to 2009

Knowing AAB's far more magnanimous character, I bet AAB didn't want to make waves and merely continued Mahathir's treachery towards Chin Peng.

Those successive Nay's to Chin Peng culminated in the retired guerrilla's unsuccessful court case in 2005 (and an also rejected appeal in 2008). We know our Judiciary.

According to journalist Terence Netto, even former IGP Abdul Rahim Mohd Noor weighed in firmly on the side of keeping our solemn commitments as outlined in an international peace agreement.

former IGP Abdul Rahim Mohd Noor 

The disbarment of Chin Peng, according to Rahim Noor, was in violation of the Hatyai Peace Accords signed in December 1989 between the governments of Malaysia, Thailand and CPM.

Look, the former IGP was the very man who headed the Malaysian team in the negotiations that led to the Hatyai Peace Accords, and his opinion was that we made an international “laughing stock” of ourselves in refusing Chin Peng’s ashes to be interred here. Alas, as usual in Malaysia, the public debate degenerated as like so many other things in a Mahathir-ised Malaysia into racist tinted sentiments.

Rahim Mohd Noor, then as Special Branch head at the time of accords with the CPM and as the government’s lead negotiator, should know the terms and conditions of the Hatyai agreement.

If there was/is anybody who can hold forth authoritatively on the contentious matter of whether Chin Peng had a right to come back to Malaysia and, now that he has died, have his ashes buried in his hometown of Sitiawan, it was Rahim.

I have strayed slightly off topic (water agreement with Singapore) to show how treacherous Mahathir was to an international agreement (return of CPM CTs to Malaysia), so dear Dr V Balakrishnan, that's how Mahathir regarded the so-called sanctity of International Treaty signed in 1988, so what would be the significance of an old (water) agreement signed in 1961?

And Dr Vivian, you're right on another score, to wit, that Mahathir himself (his gov't) did not review water deal in 1987. Yes, as Malaysiakini reported you telling Singapore Parliament:

... it was Malaysia that declined to revise the water prices when the deal came up for review in 1987 during Mahathir's first tenure as prime minister."

"Malaysia previously acknowledged that they chose not to seek a review of the deal in 1987 because they benefited from the pricing arrangement."

"Mahathir ... was the prime minister at that point of time, and himself explained that Malaysia did not review the price as any revision would affect the price of treated water sold by Singapore to Malaysia."

But that was only his "part of the real story" for in truth he was then so busy fighting for his own political life in UMNO that he couldn't be bothered with small issues such as personal grudges or benefits for the nation, such was his prioritisation.

43 lousy votes and Malaysia and us were thoroughly eff-ed

it broke Tunku's and Hussein Onn's hearts

photo borrowed without permission from 3rd Force 

Yes, t'was only 43 votes that changed the course of Malaysian history, to leave us where we are today.

OK, Dr Vivian, you can go back to Singapore now, wakakaka, while I continue my narration on Mahathir.

blame these two for that 43 votes, one for threatening (a la "making an offer the younger man couldn't/daren't refuse") and the other for succumbing

Mahathir's dissatisfaction with the water agreement is only part of his humongous GRUDGE against certain people, chiefly the Chinese Malaysians, but it has to be said he was/is generous in including all other Chinese including Singapore Chinese and PRC Chinese into his dislike-list, wakakaka.

Mahathir and his obsession with the supply of Johor water for Singapore could also be a guilt trip for himself, as he had 22 years of oil-rich endowed premiership to built a water purification plant in Johor but abysmally failed to do so. He left that vital necessity in the hands of Singapore and thus put Malaysia useless pride in the current mortal fait accompli.

It has been said, and I admit I picked this one up, that he detested the image of Malay chauffeurs (called 'Ahmads') to Chinese towkays so much so that when he had a limousine as a doctor in Alor Setar he recruited and employed a Chinese chauffeur. I wonder what Mahathir called him?

Ah Keat


Ah Chong? Kuan Yew (wakakaka)? Ah Kit (wakakaka again)?

Before he broke up with his mentee Najib, he repetitively voiced his disagreement with what he saw as Najib pampering the Chinese Malaysians.

He must have gone berserk when Najib was friendly and cooperative with the Singapore government as he was with KJ during AAB's premiership when the young S-I-L was similarly pally-buddy with Sings.

Since he became Malaysia's 7th PM, examine in how ways he has had issues with the Singapore government, some overtly fired from his hips whilst others might have been directed from behind the scene, as Lim GE was directed to regularly exposed Najib's alleged follies with Malaysian public financial management.

his humongous chip on shoulder
but his self inflicted burden

As we watch him withered today in the face of his deteriorating Parti Pribumi, I believe we should be merciful and remove him from the PM position A.S.A.P before he and his 'Cambridge USA'-educated deputy foreign minister (wakakaka) embarrass us further on the international scene, whilst domestically his Econs Minister suffers in the management of Khazanah.

hmmm, I'm gonna blame Khazanah's humongous loss of RM6.27 Billion to the previous government, yes, even though Pakatan has been the ruling government for a year already


  1. Guanee so happy and smiling because Khazanah, Felda and other sick GLCs now under Azmin. No wonder Guanee didn’t complain when Khazanah was put under Azmin.

    Guanee can focus on doing the real job of managing the country’s finances. Azmin, on the other hand, got all the sick and crying babies to look after.

  2. Toonsie will die with a bitter heart. He is the ultimate kiasu-man, more kiasu than Singaporeans. I am sure when his time comes and if he ends up in the same place as LKY, he will want to continue the feud.

  3. The interpretation that Malaysia had a one time, strictly expiring time offer to request for a price Revision in 1986 and 1987, failing which it would have to forever hold its peace is Singapore's interpretation.

    Malaysia does not agree.

    The one-time revision condition , I can understand, as it is to prevent either party from raising ad infinitum requests for price renegotiations, but whether the time frame was strictly limited to 1986/1987 , and considered frozen forever more is the contention.

    Rightfully , the interpretation of the case should now go for international arbirtration, up to the International Court in The Hague if need be.

    Taking this as evidence of Mahathir perfidy is strictly Ah Mok's interpretation and it aint worth much...

    1. wah, how much dedak have you swallowed from Maddy's handout

  4. Chin Peng waged aggressive War against the Government and People of Malaya, then Malaysia.
    A great Many innocent people died as a result of the acts of war under his command.

    While I can grudgingly accept that the terms of the Peace Accord stipulated that no legal retribution be pursued against the former CPM, I was and am most definitely against his return, Alive or Dead.

    I am no supporter of Mahathir, but in this , I am fully in support.

    1. weren't Dato’ Maharaja Lela, Dato’ Sagor and Pandak Endut executed by the British, and many more Malays including the Perak Sultan sent into exile? Why then have we allowed the Poms to enter and even live-work in Malaysia?

      What abpout the barbaric Japanese who invaded Malaya in WWII, and tortured our people (Malays, Chinese, Indians and Eurasian)? Why is Mahathir still sucking up to our former imperialistic invader, oppressors and torturers?

      Be consistent lah. Don't tok-kok

    2. Whatever wrongs were perpetrated by the British Colonial powers , later generations unborn at the time are not responsible for it, and I have no problems dealing with British people today.

      The surviving key architects of Japan's war of aggression were tried and executed in many cases. Successive Japanese Prime Ministers and the Emperor himself have many times expressed statements of regret.

      I do not hold the taint of guilt against the generation of Japanese who were children or born after the war.
      Today, cultivating good economif ties with Japan is in the national interest.

      Chin Peng is a totally different matter. HE is personally accountable for waging a war of aggression against the People of Malaya/Malaysia. And his writings make it clear he has no regrets.

      I hold him responsible for aggression , no less than Hideki Tojo or Heinrich Himmler.

      No return to Malaysia for Chin Peng, Dead or Alive.

    3. you left out Malay members of the CPM most of whom have been (or were) settled back in Malaysia. One even had an audience with the late HRH Perak. They were as active as Chin Peng in their insurgency activities yet they were accepted bcak into Malaysia as part of the Treaty - so why?

    4. Chin Peng was Numero Uno of the CPM.
      The buck stops at him.

      I think the outcome could have been quite different if he had expressed any regrets or contrition over his role leading and waging the war that lead to the deaths of so many innocent people, but there was none at all.

    5. Hi-ya! That's selectivity twisting for these ketuanan freaks lah.

      He is just unable to shout out the PRIME fact that Chin Peng is a Chinese M'sian who had fought for the independence of Malaya.

      So unlike many of his melayu contemporaries, who chose to COLLABORATE with the invaders to continue their me-layu way of life ma.

    6. nonetheless, what is the meaning of an international treaty with clauses ignored by the nation of Malaysia, a signatory?

    7. i think treaty, agreement, promise, manifesto bear diff meaning in mahathirs dictionary.

    8. As long as they involved the Non's, especially the Chinese M'ians, rights, treaty, agreement, promise, manifesto bear diff meaning in zombies/ketuanan fteaks/blur-sotongs dictionary.

  5. Wakakakakaka……

    "The Hatyai Peace Accords was signed in 1989 to end the insurgency of the Communist Party of Malaysia against Malaysia, whereupon Chin Peng would by the agreement of that treaty be allowed to return peacefully to his hometown in Sitiawan (where he wanted to also bury his ashes there), Chin Peng was denied entry into Malaysia contrary to the International Treaty. But other Malay communist insurgents were allowed, even assisted in resettling in the nation.

    Successive governments of Malaysia since then refused entry to Chin Peng. Those dishonourable Malaysian governments since 1988 were:

    (a) Mahathir's government - ... up to 2003
    (b) AAB's or Abdullah Badawi's government - 2003 to 2009

    Knowing AAB's far more magnanimous character, I bet AAB didn't want to make waves and merely continued Mahathir's treachery towards Chin Peng."

    Can the readers detect the intended twisting & anonymously ahjibgor protection?


    How about (c) rosmajib - 2009 to 2018?

    So, u bet on AAB's magnanimous character not to make waves.

    Why didn't his magnanimous character on mamak's treachery towards Chin Peng NOT extended to the removing of the crooked Johore/s'pore bridge.?

    Why not the same to the open apology to Salleh and the five Supreme Court judges?

    Ain't those making waves as in arousing mamak's anger?

    Then HOW about yr ahjibgor?

    Ain't him not making waves to anger mamak so much so that mamak has to come out of retirement to cause his downfall?

    The refusal to allow the return of Chin Peng IS pure & simple - siege mentality against the cinapek, especially one who dared to arm himself to challenge the ketuanan agenda.

    All melayu, tulin & especially palsu, will work/show/agitate to the state of amok, to defense that decision!

    International laughing stock be damned & come what may!

    1. Chin Penng's final appeal was in 2008. Was Najib PM yet?

      As suual CK bullshits and bullshits, even thouigh he knows fucks, wakakaka. The infamous Venturi-Air Instrumentation Bullshitter (VAB), wakakaka again.

    2. What has that got to do with that appeal? Is that appeal casted in stone?

      AAB could revert mamak's judiciary kangaroo show when mamak was no longer in power.

      Why couldn't jibby accept the terms of Hatyai Peace Accords when mamak was no longer in power?

      Had mamak held jibby's ball so tight that jibby couldn't do ANYTHING when he was in power?

      Ain't hobby reverted many of mamak's legacies?

      So, what r u trying to fart? To protect yr idol!

      Still can't get over yr failed VAB fart?

      Is it bcoz u know I would nuke yr fart chamber to kingdom come when u reveal yr flyboy wannabe VAB fallacy?

      Be a game, get real lah!

      U better bet yr jibby would be resurrected by apa malu bossku fart.

    3. I don't want to waste too much of my time with a pompous hardheaded moron

    4. Remember, I'm just plying a leak in yr fart chamber for my amusement lah!

      U better waste yr time to generate more farts to fulfill that fart chamber kpi lah.

  6. Hmmm.. interesting article:

  7. I believe Chin Peng was rewarded by the British establishment with some kind of a title for fighting against the Japs. He was a freedom fighter under some terms with the British. Apparently upon the Japs' surrender, "Great" Britain renege upon the deal and so forced C.P. into the jungles to fight for Independence.
    Perhaps others in the know can elaborate?

    1. Order of British Empire (OBE)

    2. The OBE was a recognition for Chin Peng's contributions to the war effort against the Japanese through the MPAJA. This was objectively true, regardless of Chin Peng and the majority of MPAJA's fundamental motives.

      For the overwhelmingly ethnic Chinese MPAJA, the war against the Japan in Malaya was an extension of China's struggle against Japan.
      Just as a mirror for Japan's mistreatment of ethnic Chinese in Malaya as an extension of Japan's war against China.

      That is why it was so ideologically easy after the war for them to switch to fighting to establish a Communist State in Malaya (1948), in parallel with the Communist struggle in China which ended in a Communists victory in 1949.

      The majority of the people of Malaya wanted a free, democratic Independent Malaya. The MPAJA become CPM had no such intentions.

    3. no one denies Chin Peng was a communist, one which no normal sane business inclined, family loving and Confucian oriented Chinese wants. The issue has never been about CP's communist background but his right as provided under the Peace Treaty where the CPM disavowed its war against Malaysia, and every CPM member has the right to settle down peacefully in Malaysia. Mahathir reneged on that treaty, as evidenced by the very words of former IGP Rahim Noor.