Thursday, March 14, 2019

AG refused or can't provide answer for different treatment of Indon and Viet women?

MM Online - Ramkarpal blasts AG for freeing Indonesian but not Vietnamese in Jong-nam case:

KUALA LUMPUR, March 14 — Bukit Gelugor MP Ramkarpal Singh criticised as “mind-boggling” the attorney general’s decision to maintain charges against one suspect after freeing another in the case of Kim Jong-nam’s murder.

Responding to news about the AG’s rejection of the application from Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong’s lawyers for a withdrawal, the DAP national legal bureau chairman said it raised questions about the AG’s absolute power to decide prosecutions in the country.

He said the move to release Indonesian Siti Aisyah but not Doan was perplexing as they were jointly accused and especially after the court ruled that there was prima facie to proceed with the prosecution.
“No doubt, the AG has the power to discontinue proceedings against Siti Aisyah the way he did but why did he not do the same in the case of Doan?” he said in a statement.

jubilant Indon team with Siti Aisyah 

“Both Doan and Siti Aisyah were charged together. Doan has a constitutional right to be treated the way Siti Aisyah was as she is entitled to equal protection of the law.”

He also criticised the AG for refusing to give his reasons for the different treatment of the two women.

Ramkarpal then urged the AG to reconsider, saying to continue with Doan’s prosecution now would be “unprecedented and regrettable.”

Doan and Siti Aisyah were charged with killing Jong-nam, the elder brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, using liquid VX at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in February 2017.

The court ordered Indonesian Siti Aisyah and Doan to enter their defence on the murder charge on August 16, 2018.

Both women have consistently denied the murder, claiming that they were tricked by North Korean spies into carrying out the killing and believed it was a prank for a reality TV show.

However, Siti was granted a discharge not amounting to an acquittal after prosecutors told the court that they had been instructed by the AG to withdraw the charge on Monday

I think it's likely the AG was subjected to political pressure as Indonesian Law Minister Yasonna H. Laoly had said Siti Aisyah’s release, after over two years in prison, was the result of high-level diplomacy by his government, including meetings with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and the attorney-general.

Does this imply the so-called independent-of-political-leaders AG has not been so independent?

Ramkarpal has criticised the AG for refusing to give his reasons for the different treatment of the two women, but when you look beyond the surface it may well be bloody "difficult" for our Tommy Thomas to provide a genuine answer to Ramkarpal, wakakaka.


  1. Its all up to Vietnam to conduct high-level diplomacy as well.

  2. i think siti is a dap member, like lge. another possibility is both dun own a bangalooo with swimming pool, n tis impressed the ag.

  3. Did any BN MP ever criticise the AG during their time in power like Ramkarpal is doing now ?

    Like when AG Apandi that Jibby appointed proudly proclaimed that Jibby was totally innocent of 1MDB/SRC crimes and proudly held up the colour flow charts to the press what did all the BN MPs bleat?

    Yes Sir, Yes Sir Three Bags Full.

    Now we have New Malaysia. Even Latheefah and Siti are not taking it lying down.....heh heh...I’m Lovin’ It...!

    P/S I hope Tommy knows something he is not telling us yet.

  4. Maybe Quid Pro Quo for the return of Equanimity?

  5. Malaysia’s Law of the Jungle even the Attorney General is at the beck and call of the Prime Minister.

    What a total lack of judiciary independence and a mockery of Malaysia’s Constitution.

    Another reason for the flight of foreign capital, a parochial judiciary is not going to provide justice in even of any breach of contractual obligations.

    Pakatan Government or lack of governance is killing Malaysia’s future.

  6. Ah Mok was Kwai-Kwai as silent as a Graveyard when then AG Apandi was on the rampage with his nefarious obstruction of justice activities.

    1. but haven't you been boasting about thf "New" Malaysia, so why compare with a previous bad and evil system? Does that mean you're agreeing the "New" Malaysia is as bad and evil as the previous Najib regime?

    2. Tommy Thomas has not done anything bad or evil.

      After the facts of the case have been revealed, many people have expressed sadness that the women were duped into the act, while the North Korean masterminds have got away beyond reach.

      The fair question raised is shouldn't the Vietnamese woman be released as well ? My sense of this is , just like the Indonesian Government, the Vietnamese government needs to officially intercede. Otherwise the law continues on its normal course.

      Personally, as a Strong Law and Order person, I don't support either women walking away free. Given the facts, the charge should have be amended to culpable homicide not amounting to murder. They DID kill a person by their actions, though they may have had no intention or even any idea the action would leave to his death.

      Apandi using Administrative powers to allow mastermind thief Najib to get away scot free, as well as Ah Mok's then total silence (compared to his current hypocritical jumping up and down like a Monkey kena Belacan) - now that is REALLY evil.

      This has become an Evil Blog.
      That is why I am taking the time to counter the Evil , post by post.

    3. Ah Moc is still so degil one la... see the way he sei sei must have the last word when he doesn't have the right to touch on this topic at all. But why are we not surprised at all...his Malu Apa Bossku also like that one maa....suddenly that ChiefThief came out of his golden silence and have hundreds of suggestions, remedies, advice, judgement on practically everything...and this ex PM, like his dedak employee, is so incredibly hypocritical, acting as though he is as white/pure as the driven snow ( sorry for the cliche ).

      Ah Moc as usual astride on his high horse, looks down his nose at all other 'sinners' who happened to be in the other camp but all the while consorting with his dedak kakis especially that Mabuk Liar fugitive.

      You can bet your last ringgit he won't acknowledge Monsterball's "
      Ah Mok was Kwai-Kwai as silent as a Graveyard when then AG Apandi was on the rampage with his nefarious obstruction of justice activities." Typically, he will deflect and went on another tangent of attack. Is this what they call intellectual dishonesty ? Sudah la corrupt with dedak, mau act arrogant lagi. Podah

  7. The legal profession has much to be thankful for in a New Malaysia where mere MPs line Ramkarpal from the ruling government can hantam the AG....and survive. Check and Balance, like the Dacing.....Only Better.

    No Baa Baa Black Sheep syndrome when MPs like Wee Ka Siong and Liow Tiong Lai kept silent when Jibby was pillaging 1MDB.

    The Malaysian Bar is also better protected under Harapan and can continue to speak up against the establishment.

    Thanks to GE14, Malaysian Bar narrowly avoided being muzzled

    If not for the historic 14th general election (GE14), the previous BN government would have defanged the outspoken Malaysian Bar with proposed amendments to the Legal Profession Act 1976 (LPA).

    Luckily, the Bar dodged the bullet and is now playing a role in contributing to the ongoing legal reforms spearheaded by the Pakatan Harapan government, outgoing Bar president George Varughese said.

    The veteran legal practitioner said that if BN had won the election of May 9 last year, the proposed LPA amendments would have been carried out to lessen the Bar’s influence...

    1. I'm sure Ah Mok can find an "Evil" angle to this, to fullfil his KPI

    2. and I'm absolutely certain Monsterball is earning his dedak with his comment of guessing and smearing

    3. Cukup la Mr Dedak Ah Moc...everyone here knows about your nefarious side earning of dedak which as time goes by, appears to be your mainstream cari makan, wakakakaka.

      The prostitute monster of Manchester is undoubtedly real bad, but at least he shows his real blardy face and name. You berani ke to show your real name and face ? Some said your are Indian and adopted by a Chinese widow in Penang, hehe. And that soon you will be Reduan K.T. Mock ?? wakakakaka. Dare to show your real self and put to rest all allegations ? Or will you remain chicken all your life and once this whole dedak exercise is over, you will close off this identity and take up new one with bigger 'reward' in mind ? Again wakakakakaka

    4. such a childish remark tsk tsk you have a future writing tales of Sang Kancil

  8. The Star Online: Police report lodged over video defaming, threatening LGE - Nation.

    Anti-Lim Guan Eng hysteria reaches insane heights...

    1. What else if not their usual perangai of mengamok ?