Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Pakatan's capati again, against Women

From Malaysiakini:

Surendran: 'No permit' excuse outrageous, Harapan doing a BN on rallies

Lawyers for Liberty advisor N Surendran has described Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin's claim that the International Women's Day march did not have a permit as "outrageous".

Surendran pointed out that permits did not exist under the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 (PAA) and all that was required was a notice.

"Outrageous. Acting just like the BN used to. Under the PAA, there's no such thing as a permit, only a notification to the police."How is that the home minister seems unaware of this?" he said in a series of Twitter postings.

The International Women's Day March last Saturday (below) had among others called for an end to child marriage and gender-based violence due to gender but this message was drowned due to focus on the presence of some participants from the LGBT community.

"It was an orderly march and the fact that LGBT elements were in the march doesn't make it illegal," said Surendran, who is a former PKR lawmaker.

Surendran slammed the Harapan government for forgetting its struggle to protect the right to assemble.

"Now that Harapan is in power, how quickly they forget our long hard struggle for the right to peaceful assembly.

"Instead, a harmless women's day march is persecuted relentlessly. Having gained power, they now oppress in the same manner. Shameful!" he lamented.


  1. For the record , I do not agree with the LGBT lifestyle, but the government must not resort to authoritarian measures to suppress them.

    There is no "permit" requirement in the Peaceful Assembly Act.
    Muhyiddin and the Police are acting beyond their powers under the law. Maybe Muhyiddin thinks he is still in BN, which he was, just a few very short years ago.

    Many people , especially in PKR, fought for years against the BN Regime for the right to peaceful expression of opinion, and we must not let the PH government forget that.
    I haven't forgotten the smell of tear gas during the Bersih marches.

    By the way, it needs to be made clear Ah Mok couldn't care less about LGBT rights, as this is just another Hentam PH post.

    He was kwai-kwai silent as a graveyard those days when his boss condemned LGBT as anti-Islam.

    "Najib: LGBTs, liberalism, pluralism are enemies of Islam"


    (I reference to Malaysia-Today, because the original news source Malaysian Insider no longer exists - thanks to Najib).

  2. It's very clear in Malaysia, women, LBGTs etc are being oppressed and not very far being treated like Yazidi slaves by ISIS.

    Instead, Peadophiles, liars, robbers, crooks are being allowed, protected and given higher rights and publicity.

    What sort of religions, cultures teaches such behaviours and Moralities?

  3. Likewise, another capati ?