Thursday, March 28, 2019

Mahathir's world-class events would ensure country’s end

MM Online - Johor DAP leader dares Dr M to debate ‘Look East Policy’:

Dr Boo Cheng Hau said he would like to debate with Dr Mahathir about what has been learnt from the ‘Look East Policy’

JOHOR BARU, March 28 — A Johor DAP leader today challenged Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to a debate on the lessons gleaned from his ‘Look East Policy’ and where it will take Malaysia.

Dr Boo Cheng Hau said as an ordinary citizen, he would like to debate with Dr Mahathir about what has been learnt from the ‘Look East Policy’ besides fancy world-class events such as the Formula One races and the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA).

The Johor DAP supreme council leader said without true policy reforms including education, these projects are more like the leader’s self-entertaining toys.

without even consulting the RMAF he bought two old
Grumman Albatross HU-16, which at that time, the Indonesian Air Force was then discarding

it was the worst ever purchase for the RMAF which did NOT want that out-of-date seaplane but which landed unannounced into its lap, courtesy of a PM who thought (still does) he knew everything

“As early as in 1894, China’s revolutionary Dr Sun Yat Sen, a western trained medical doctor like Dr Mahathir himself, wrote an appeal letter to the imperial court hoping for an ear, stating that the European countries were strong not for their impregnable warships, canons and diehard soldiers, but for four things: their education system that allows all to thrive, agricultural/land reforms, well-managed economy and effective logistics in trades and conduct of businesses,” said Dr Boo in a Facebook posting yesterday.

He again reiterated his stand today through WhatsApp, saying that this was his official challenge to the 93-year-old prime minister to debate what we should learn from his ‘Look East Policy’.

Dr Boo, who is currently a DAP state committee member, said the world-class events would ensure the country’s end rather than save it.

“This is exactly what Tun Mahathir is doing now. Playing on Formula One and LIMA aerospace expo without improving our institutions and education system. The country’s future continues to be doomed,” he said, referencing Dr Mahathir through his honorific title.

However, the 54-year-old former Johor Opposition chief, credited PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s simple words in tackling the country’s challenges: Just bread-and-butter issues.

“As Anwar said, taking care of the people’s basic welfare (such as food) is the immediate priority.

“Playing on hardware like weaponry and canons would ensure the country’s end than saving it.

“This is exactly what Dr Mahathir is doing now — playing on Formula One and LIMA without improving our institutions and education system,” said Dr Boo, adding that such practices may doom the country’s future.

On Monday, Dr Mahathir, who is also the Langkawi MP, opened the 15th edition of LIMA in Langkawi.

He initiated the event 28 years ago when he also unveiled the first Blueprint for the Development of the Aerospace Industry in Malaysia.

In February this year, Dr Mahathir had expressed hope that the Formula One event would be brought back to Malaysia.

He was instrumental in the creation of the Sepang Circuit, which was built to host Formula One races.

The track hosted Formula One races from 1999 to 2017, when it was discontinued due to declining interest in the race here and the high costs incurred in hosting it.


  1. With the flying car:

    a. we have finally solved the problem of the power windows.....just don't have any windows

    b. I'm worried that because the toy dark haired Barbie and Ken are not wearing safety belts, the 4 gigantic KDK fans will either suck them in or blow them off their seats

    c. does Barbie and Ken need a flying licence to operate it

    d. will Anthony Loke's SPAD (and Puspakom) need to expand its power to include flying objects

    e. which insurance company will insure the occupants

    f. what if it rains

    g. how will we collect toll

  2. Toonsie will delegate to Syed Saddiq the champion debater to take on Boo. Now that would be more realistic. And my money will be on Boo.

  3. boo shd debate lge first.

  4. I wonder if Boo has done his homework first, because if he did, he would realise Malaysia has a multi-million Dollar aerospace industry, ranging from component manufacture, composite materials, electronic assemblies to maintenance services.
    It earns a lot of export dollars, and relatively immune to China competition. Most Western aerospace companies are still very doubtful about investing in China because of intellectual property concerns, and because their home governments often have strict National Security restrictions on export of aerospace technology to China.

  5. Don't lupa the terowong

  6. Hang on....Jibby also had a Look East Policy, he just didn't call it that....ECRL, Gas Pipelines, Bandar Malaysia, HSR, Forest City etc etc.

    1. wakakaka but not specifically to Banzai land - Maddy's urging us to be like Banzai soldiers

    2. Just where did Dr Boo or you even mention Japan?

      But China's Dr Sun Yat Sen was mentioned, and China is responsible for ECRL, Gas Pipelines, Bandar Malaysia etc, all projects initiated by Jibby, so he had a Look East Policy too, he just didn't name it as such.

    3. did Najib ask us to be Mainland Chinese?

    4. Jibby did even better, he brought them to the in Forest City, ECRL workers etc

    5. Nope, your paymaster Bossku didn't care for Malays or Malaysians to be Mainland Chinese...he only want money from the Chinese, not to be like them. He did once asked us, or rather, his Malays to be like ISIS, wakakakakaka

    6. najib no more in power.

  7. In the early 20th Century, Japan was very keen to learn the industrial methods of the West. That was very effective in turning Japan into Asia's first industrial powerhouse.
    In the 1980's , as the high quality of Japanese manufactured products posed a serious threat to Western industries, US and European companies seriously studied Japanese quality management systems. QC Circles, Zero Defect programs, Total Quality Management, Six Sigma , Just In Time manufacturing, all grew out of attempts to learn from and adapt from Japan.

    There is much to admire and to learn from modern Japan. There is nothing wrong with Looking East, or Looking West for that matter, to learn what is good with their methods, work ethics and work culture.

  8. The father of TQM was W Edwards Deming, an American.

    Bill Smith and Bob Galvin, both of Motorola, developed the Six Sigma quality improvement process in 1986.

    However, JIT was indeed a Japanese invention (Toyota).

    1. Oh yeah ?
      Deming was an unknown in US outside of academic circles , while what he taught on Quality in Japan was revered and taken to heart.

      Six Sigma was trademarked in the US, but largely a reaction to the threat of high quality Japanese manufactured goods which eating up US industry. At its core is the PDCA cycle already heavily practiced in Japan.

    2. beside automotive n camera or image product, n some adult movie / animation, japan lose their edge in almost every other industry, what mahathir still wan to learn from them?

      did mahathir know that many mnc in msia hire south asian instaed of msian, n thats y our salary remain stagnant? what he wan to do abt this? japanese is the most selfish human beings on earth, u wanna learn mfg n tech from them? dun dream. n how many mnc have that high percentage of expatriate in msia as the japs? mahathir old already, please quit la.

    3. my uncle's friend who was in the air force told me they had Japs technician looked at their unserviceable radar. Only when no one (RMAF technician) was looking, the Japs swiftly fixed up the fault. End result, radar was working but no RMAF technician learned anything - that's the Jap success, no teaching to lesser beings, no tech transfer

  9. But also granted the Japanese took some of these tools to a whole new level.

  10. Since when someone grew a pair of balls?