Saturday, March 02, 2019

Australian Liberal Party more right wing than ever

Sun Daily - Two more Australian cabinet ministers quit as election looms (extracts):

Australian Defence Minister Christopher Pyne

SYDNEY: Two more ministers in Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s cabinet said on Saturday they will not contest elections due in May, adding to a flurry of high-profile resignations as opinion polls suggest the centre-right government faces a heavy defeat.

Morrison will need to retain all the parliamentary seats held by his coalition government, but his chances are weakened by a wave of incumbent lawmakers in marginal seats set to retire.

Defence Minister Christopher Pyne and Defence Industry Minister Steven Ciobo both announced on Saturday morning that they would not stand in the coming election

With the planned resignation of the Liberal Party's moderate faction's Christopher Pyne, currently Defence Minister until he leaves politics for good in May 2019, the current Liberal-National Coalition cabinet under PM Scott Morrison will be mainly from the Liberal Party conservative right wing faction, dominated by Hallelujah Joes and Janes.

Peter Dutton

as Homes Minister he intervened for his matey to allow two European au pair girls to remain in Australia rather than allow
 a family of Tamil asylum seekers who as refugees had lived in Australia for 4 years and whose two daughters were born and raised in Australia to remain as asylum seekers

The significant moderates before they left were former PM Malcolm Turnbull and former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop (l) and former PM Malcolm Turnbull (r)  

The ultra conservative Liberal Party has proposed to sell off independent Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) because the public-funded RTV has refused to be a mouthpiece of the ruling government, always BS-ing that the broadcaster has to "demonstrate to the Australian people that they are acting impartially and unbiased".

I personally doubt the Australian people will allow "Auntie" (the Australian people's affectionate name for ABC) to be sold.

And indeed the Liberal Party is set for a major landslide into doomed political obscurity in May 2019 during the coming general elections.

The other BS that the ultra conservative faction in the Liberal Party did was to propose the move to Jerusalem by the Australian Embassy to Israel. Then Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was against it but she was ignored by the PM. No wonder she left.

In the end, due to fears of trade and diplomatic difficulties with Indonesia, it waffled in a half-eff-ed manoeuvre. On 28th December 2018, ABC reported:

The Australian Government will recognise West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel but will not immediately move its embassy from Tel Aviv.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the foreign policy shift during a speech in Sydney, arguing it was a "balanced" and "measured" position.

"Australia now recognises West Jerusalem, being the seat of the Knesset [Israel's parliament] and many of the institutions of government, is the capital of Israel," Mr Morrison said.

"Furthermore, recognising our commitment to a two-state solution, the Australian Government has also resolved to acknowledge the aspirations of the Palestinian people for a future state with its capital in East Jerusalem."

Mr Morrison delayed moving Australia's embassy from Tel Aviv but said a trade and defence office would be established in West Jerusalem.

T'was a bastardised policy of being eff-ed by the Israelis while eff-ing the Palestinians, wakakaka.

That's the problem with evangelistic Christians when it comes to matters Israeli.


  1. The Liberal Party should remain true to its Conservative principles instead of playing small-l liberal to try to curry votes for the upcoming 2019 elections.

    Those small-l liberals are never going to vote for them anyway, they are mostly committed to voting Labour.

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  3. The blogger is looking forwards to voting in Australian elections soon.