Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Minister of "War"?

FMT - War of words in Dewan Rakyat over ‘we welcome war’ remarks (extracts)

Minister of "War"? 

KUALA LUMPUR: The Dewan Rakyat descended into chaos today with some MPs saying they were ready for “war” and others protesting this, resulting in the speaker having to step in to put off the flame.

It started when Opposition leader Ismail Sabri Yaakob touched on DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng’s “declaration of war” statement over the Umno-PAS formal alliance. Suddenly, someone shouted “we welcome war if they want war”.

After much confusion as to who had cried for war, Takiyuddin Hassan (PAS-Kota Bharu) repeated it. This time, several other MPs echoed in affirmation. [...]

Last Wednesday, Lim issued a statement in Mandarin urging MCA to immediately leave Barisan Nasional because Umno and PAS were now “declaring war” on non-Muslims.

He issued a correction several hours later, which replaced the phrase “declaring war” with”targeting”.

Ismail Sabri (BN-Bera) was questioning if Lim’s statement was meant to provoke non-Malays to declare war on Malays.

“If non-Malays act on this and declare war on Malays, for sure an untoward incident can happen, such as the May 13 tragedy,” he said

Bapak 'Lowyat 2'

the words should apply as well to Lim GE

Most people including Pakatan and DAP people know Lim Guan Eng isn't the sharpest knife in the kitchen, wakakaka. But in spite of his 'deficiency' he has a habit of saying stuff that annoyed people and presumably will continue to annoy people.

Because of the two Malay parties political "marriage", saying that Umno and PAS were now “declaring war” on non-Muslims is insensitive and, given our racial divide, asking for trouble.

Sure as hell is hot, UMNO and PAS, being Malays and presumably anak2 jantan plus the opportunism of scoring on the ethnic report card, the response in parliament was to be expected, thanks Guan Eng.

It provided Ismail Sabri the occasion to raise the threat of 'May 13', a dark chapter in Malaysian history when many Malaysian, mainly Chinese perished tragically in a racial civil riot.

We also know Bapak 'Lowyat 2' has been an a$$h*l# but we shouldn't overlook the fact that Guan Eng, due to his loose mouth, tempered by arrogance and a moronic belief he's always clever, righteous and the son of Lim Kit Siang, started it first with his warlike "declaring war" provocation.


  1. Lol I'm clear Guan Eng did not start the issue.
    You may have deliberately not been paying attention, but UMNOPAS had been saying during and in the aftermath of Semenyih "no need for Chinese or Indian support', 'shut down Chinese and Tamil schools', 'oppose funding for Chinese private schools', 'non-Muslims should not be cabinet ministers', 'Muslims risk going to hell if they do not vote for Muslims', 'non-Muslims are controlling the government' and 'Malays are now guests', among others.

    Guan Eng is reminding the none, if you don't come out and vote, there will be serious impacts.

    1. who used the word "war"?

    2. Recently on US TV, a Democrat Senator accused Donald Trump of declaring war on migrants and the poor.
      Depending on which side of the political divide viewers were on, they either nodded in agreement or rolled their eyes in disbelief.
      Pretty boring stuff.

      Many English words and phrases have two, three , four or even five meanings, especially the more figurative meanings, which tend to be completely beyond the capability of Sekolah Kebansaan types to comprehend, including ex-MBS Penang boys.

      When a person , often a politician, either says he is declaring war on something, or accuses someone else of declaring war, it means a strong Announcement on one's intent to suppress someone or something.

      When UMNO-PUS says "no need for Chinese or Indian support', 'shut down Chinese and Tamil schools', 'oppose funding for Chinese private schools', 'non-Muslims should not be cabinet ministers', 'Muslims risk going to hell if they do not vote for Muslims', 'non-Muslims are controlling the government' and 'Malays are now guests', - that is very strong intention to suppress.

      I only fault Lim Guan Eng for grossly overestimating Malaysian's capability to understand idiomatic English (and that includes ex-MBS Penang boys. So sad to see how deep MBS had sunk by the early 1980's, and today ? Pfffft. )

      When a subject touches on Race or Religion , that can be dangerous.

    3. only a dedak-makan-er would spin it to ameliorate Lim GE's faux pas. Lim GE said "declaring war" in the context of PAS-UMNO (Malays) against non-Muslims (meaning mainly Chinese)

    4. dedak makan-er confirmed

    5. its likely the wisdom, or the lack of it, of a politician, rather than the mass english comprehension.

    6. Yalo...Ah Moc had this vision of LGE hoarding weapons and distributing them to the cina and instigating orang kafir against the precious true citizens of this country to start blood shedding. a hypocrite wordsmith to suddenly have a narrow take of the phrase " declaring war", wakakakaka. Sudah capai KPI ? Looks like you are blogging full time now..blogging for dedak must be a damn sight better than boring teaching and earning mere pittance compared to Bossku generosity...we know he likes to reward in the millions, hehe...remember Arul Ularkanda ? mamak lawyer ? whose recent doggone delaying tactics alone is worth the hefty fee, hehehehe.

  2. Wonder who actually are the instigators of a real WAR now?

    Let it blow up so TDM can exercise Ops Lallang 3 again and cripple the opposition parties once and for all.

    There's nothing better than to see Kamunting being filled up again this time with the opposition members.

    That's Karma coming to BN/PAS.

    1. Those who understand and kept calm are people with brains and those really don't understand are really stupid fella and those who "deliberately" don't understand are the real instigators, wakakakaka ..............

  3. Note the date 13 when this happened, same like may 13. What is the possibility that DAP is stirring up a racial riot in cahoots with M to bring about emergency rule. That way M and cahoots can remain in power and at the same time cut down the Sultans, a long M's dream.

  4. Talking about war I am more concerned about the IS fighters we are allowing to come home provided they agree to undergo rehabilitation. Bear in mind some of these fighters have committed terrible atrocities in Iraq and Syria, maybe killed innocent women and children, crimes punishable by the death penalty. So just because they got beaten they can be absolved of all war crimes? If allowed back we should bring them to court. If these fighters remain in Syria their fates may actually be worse.

    We know from past experience (eg Al Maunah) that rehabilitation is very difficult and usually unsuccessful.

    We don't allow even the ashes of Chin Peng to be brought back but we allow these living time-bombs to return? How do we know they won't start cells to continue their war here with someone like Zakir Naik to rouse them up, under the auspices of Mujahid?

    Guanee is a harmless book-keeper with low intelligence and qualifications (proven by his inability to progress from his 35 year provisional accountancy qualification). The only people who bother with what he says are those who think he is smart and powerful.

    1. low intelligence might cause more harm, if dap really dun have one with decent intelligent, pick a mute one, at least we feel safe.

  5. Well done dumb and silly FM. Keepitup.

    New Ikea mega-store shows level of confidence in Penang, says Guan Eng

    14 Mar 2019, 12:56 pm
    Swedish home furnishings giant Ikea's RM650 million store at Batu Kawan in Penang, which opened today, highlights the global company's level of confidence in Malaysia, Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said.

    1. what did that dumb braggart said when the first, second n third ikea store opened?

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    U r just the same as that flyboy wannabe BS-ter, melayu palsu terlampau melayu aka reduan tee, MCA dogs ver3.0 etc etc

    All of u just want to be the wagging dogs of the arbitraged 'peaceful' time!

    One second, complaint no ends about DAP kowtowing to mamak & gangs, muted with no choice!

    The next second, complaint DAP too harsh to the tongkat race by micromanaging every words/phrases that DAP made.

    I venture to guess that u r reading the melayu psyche correctly.

    So much so that u just wag yr tails to defend yr master, every time when something bad is levelling on this bunch of zombies/ketuanan freaks/blur-sotongs!

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    1. These are the opportunists Kong Kali Kong, wakakakakaka

    2. u r so predictable, no diff with lge, umno n pas, see everything in the angle of race, n melayu vs non, always wan to instigate, very no class la like tat.

    3. Wakakakaka…

      For those who have followed this blog, they know lah!

      No class indeed, yet still trying to be a bloody blur bleeding heart who is trying to play 'fair' as understand by u!


      U call someone who is dissecting yr provocation words as instigator!

      Can't u read how u micromanaged father&son Lim's words/phrases to vent yr own inadequacy?

      Mfer, u SHOULD join reduan tee.

    4. wakakaka, the VAB bullshitter

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    1. LOL...

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