Monday, March 04, 2019

How to make Mahathir's "2 years" reign lasts forever

Malaysiakini - Yoursay: Will Mahathir ever hand over reins to Anwar?

YOURSAY | ‘Rakyat at the losing end when politicians are only interested in power.’

Anonymous_1371546094: This is a sensible and thoughtful review of an issue that, seemingly difficult, should be resolved according to the Pakatan Harapan agreement that brought then PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim to reconcile with Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

As much as Mahathir contributed to Pakatan Harapan’s win last May, Anwar bore the suffering and fighting for 20 years whereas Mahathir only came back when he could not persuade his protege, former premier Najib Abdul Razak, to withdraw or Umno to dump him.

We should have a balanced view of these personal contributions. Above all, heed the warning that we shouldn't end up in the same camp as “the likes of former minister Daim Zainuddin, Sarawak governor Taib Mahmud, and veteran journalist Kadir Jasin and co”.

Jasmine: Yes, there’s much political intrigue for the Malaysian people to worry about. Sad, for surely this uncertainty, tarnished further by racial flavourings, is not what the people wanted when they got rid of Umno and BN.

All this has come about because of the so-called “agreement” of a two-year time frame for Mahathir to hand over the reins to Anwar.

If the original coalition partners and the people could forgive and accept Mahathir and his Malay-based Bersatu PRIBUMI, despite his very damaging 22 years during his first stint as PM, why not we who supported Harapan, also give Anwar the same opportunity?

Not because he is the long-awaited messiah, not because that he is above all suspicions and that he could be trusted 100 percent to work for all Malaysians, but because it would be the right thing to do, without putting the current political situation and the country into further jeopardy.

After all, three years, and the next general election, could and would determine his and Harapan‘s future.

No Fear Nor Favour: Into a year since GE14, our nation seems not in existence. We are experiencing so much infighting and manoeuvring of political parties, especially that of Bersatu PRIBUMI and PKR. to strategise and outwit each other to a vintage position.

These underhand schemes will be detrimental to the implementation of the many reforms Harapan promised. If the situation persists, instability and uncertainty will creep in.

And there will come a situation where the rakyat will stand up and demand to be heard. Ignore them at your own peril.


The Analyser: Mahathir has already ensured that he and/or the Bersatu PRIBUMI supreme council is a permanent solution.

Anwar will never be PM and Bersatu PRIBUMI president Muhyiddin Yassin will just be a puppet like former premiers Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was and Najib was supposed to be.

Anthony Chan: Mahathir has reneged on his promises in the past and some with the audacity to admit them publicly. The coming one doesn't seem promising.

Still Water: Yes, Mahathir will not hand power to PKR and Anwar, who both have a multiracial outlook. Deep down, he is still a Malay nationalist, don't forget that.

After all, who needs Bersatu PRIBUMI if there is no more Malay supremacy to protect or no Malay issue to champion?

that hatred still endures 

Mo Saladin: Breaking electoral promises isn't just a trend for misguided values. It is a damning indictment of the party apparatchiks who just couldn't foresee the difficulty of squaring off the manifesto with the harsh reality of effecting these promises once in office.

Yet, the irony is that I dare say in two years’ time, any headline that reads '10 promises Pakatan kept' would be far less captivating than the one stating 'Tun breaks promise'.


  1. There is a saying "3 strikes and you're out".

    Cameron Highlands - Strike 1

    Semenyih - Strike 2

    Rantau - Strike 3?

    With 3 strikes out, TDM himself should consider whether he should quit earlier than the 2 years mandated if he has any honor leading the PH coalition. What makes those PH parties, politicians and their supporters think that TDM is indispensable and DSAI is not as capable if not better?

    Both are from PH coalition parties, Malays and Islam and both are strong leaders of their parties. In fact, DSAI of PKR commands the biggest block of MPs in the PH coalition and should be the defacto PM by democratic principles.

    So far, both have held on to the agreement they made on the change of PM after 2 years with the agreement of other PH coalition partners and have not reneged on that promise showing both to be Man of principles in this matter.

    To those instigators who continuously harp upon this matter, who actually are feeling insecure besides the 2 of them, rumour mongering and formenting distrust among both of them?

    What's the agenda when those instigators can't even wait for the 2 years timeline to be up?

    Why the unnecessary emotional hype in this matter at this time when none of the two has yet reneged on their principles and promises?

    Isn't it clear those instigators are out to mislead, cause distrust, panic and confusion among the PH coalition and Govt.?

  2. Simple!

    These instigators FEAR mamak!

    He is the ONLY one who can outmaneuver & control the zombie pact w/o severe personal impacts.

    For the bleeding hearts who dislike mamak, purely based on his past 22yrs of draconian administration, bcoz they think mamak would revert back to his youthful self style of my way or yr highway!

    The zombie pact CAN'T wait to get mamak out of the way bcoz mamak can never compromise with them in any religious matters.

    Mamak, perhaps learnt his painful lesson from declaring bolihland is an Islamic country to allow the unintended proliferation of pus, would not go into that path again. This is proven in the case of his recent meeting with the zombie elites. Despite the zombieic voice of support, with b/w, mamak still play them out!

  3. Mahathir will work until he dies or simply cannot continue any longer.