Sunday, March 03, 2019

Mini Malay Tsunami in Semenyih

Star Online - A mini Malay tsunami in Semenyih (extracts):

As Dr Mahathir put it, the people would be voting for a candidate from a coalition that is in power and can deliver.

However, the Malay mood has shifted since May 9, 2018.

Neither Aiman nor his party had an immediate solution to what the voters were demanding, that is to bring down the cost of living and tackle issues like prices of basic goods, jobs and wages, and highway tolls.

Underlying all that were issues of race and religion that had crept in over the last few months – incidents seen as disrespectful to Islam, the death of fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim and the perception that the government is controlled by non-Malays.

The sophisticated cafe society equates change with political reforms but change for the ordinary people means measures that can make their everyday life better.

The ordinary folk are not interested in arguments that petrol prices are tied to global oil prices or that highway tolls cannot be removed overnight.

As such, Pakatan’s unfulfilled election manifesto has become a sort of albatross around the neck of the government and the coalition is being thrashed daily on social media, with netizens using the Malay slang, kencing rakyat (pissing on the people), which loosely translates as lying to or misleading the electorate.

Umno’s Zakaria started out as the underdog. There was little excitement about him, he was seen as rather too old for the job and did not stand out in a crowd.

But Zakaria’s nervousness evaporated as the days went by. He found that he only had to smile and shake hands because the locals were more interested in meeting the Umno big guns who came down to campaign.

For instance, the morning market and pasar malam crowd would ignore Zakaria as they rushed to greet Bossku aka Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

When Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein turned up at the open-air market one morning, the ladies abandoned their stalls and some stopped cooking to make a beeline for him.

Hishammuddin’s people skills are quite unrivalled. When he saw an elderly gentleman, hunched with age, wave at him, he stopped his car and jumped out to greet and plant a kiss on the man’s forehead.

Selangor PAS election director Roslan Shahir had been sceptical of the Bossku phenomenon until he saw the way an entire kampung waited to greet Najib who had earlier performed Friday prayers at a nearby mosque.

“I saw some of them apologising to him for not supporting Umno in the general election,” said Roslan.

The Umno-PAS cooperation meant that there was a cohesive campaign machinery that was superior to that of Pakatan.

The women’s wings went house-to-house, Umno did the pasar malam rounds while PAS took care of the mosques and surau.

This is quite a fairly long extract from a Star article but I have decided to do so in order to embrace the inter-connecting dots so as to give you a better picture.

The first point I want to make is ironically a contradiction in terms by the Chief Kahuna himself, Mahathir, when he so pompously said that the people in Semenyih should choose a candidate from a coalition that is in power and can deliver.

He must be still dreaming of being PM in his earlier and more draconian era of 1981 to 2003 because he has failed to realise the perception among today's electorates towards his ruling coalition of Pakatan Harapan has not been favourable. Too eff-ing many capatis coupled with his arrogant dismissal of PH manifesto as not equivalent to the Bible and thus could be broken. Voters don't like that.

The severe loss by Pribumi in Semenyih has been a jolly good shock for him when he sees the electorate supporting Pribumi dropped from 23,428 down to 17,866, or in simpler terms, a nosedive of 5.18%. 

The second point is about 'life after GE14', wakakaka, for Najib and cousin Hishamuddin - that's all I am going to say.

Thirdly and very importantly, political analysts must not overlook the powerful role UMNO Women Wings played in the political infrastructure of an election campaign. These two Divisions including the Puteri Wing have a reputed membership of 4 million members (as reported in 2018), thus it could be said they must have stitched up the house-to-house and pasar malam campaigns nicely in Semenyih.


  1. Well said Khaled Nordin..

    [ Umno vice-president Khaled Nordin today attributed Barisan Nasional’s win in the Semenyih by-election yesterday to middle-class Malays and praised PAS for uniting the Malays.

    “The signs are clear that BN has regained the support of the Malays,” said Khaled, who noted that Malay voters’ turnout was 59% for the polls yesterday when compared to the 35.33% during the 14th general election.

    In a statement today, Khaled also said BN won without Chinese and Indian support.

    He said it was clear the Malays had become united to fight for the larger Malay agenda.

    “When Malays unite with a sole objective, the Chinese and Indian support is no longer a deciding factor,” said the former Johor menteri besar.

    However, he said BN needs to work harder to regain Chinese support.

    He said the Chinese and Indians need to understand that the Islamic-Malay narrative is indispensable when considering Malaysian politics.

    Khaled also thanked PAS for their support in fighting for the Malay agenda, saying the Umno-PAS collaboration has resulted in a clear Islamic political influence.

    “Semenyih is a referendum to show that PPBM can never replace Umno and PAS in championing the Malay agenda,” he said.

    Another factor which showed the Malays’ declining support toward PH, according to Khaled, were the crossovers of former Umno MPs to PPBM.

    “Collecting these party-jumpers doesn’t strengthen PPBM.

    “The more crossovers accepted, the more hatred the Malays have for PPBM being a party without principles,” said Khaled. ]

  2. I suppose the future of Malaysia is about Malay/Muslim Race and Religion supremacy, with some miniature midget Chinese and Indian sidekicks on the periphery.

  3. TDM and his party PPBM has now become a liability to the PH coalition.

    Wake up PKR, DAP, Amanah, Warisan leaders.

    It's time for a new PM and leader before PH is sabotaged and destroyed by the greed and arrogance of a small component party. .

  4. Next Harapan Presidential Council meeting will be an exciting one. Toonsie, Dinny and Bersatu must be roasted. Guanee, Anwar and Mat Sabu must Bang table. Firstly for admitting all the rubbish from UMNO, and secondly for putting up a rubbish candidate for Semenyih.

    Now Bersatu must put up a strong candidate for Rantau, Rais Yatim, to go Mano a Mano against the UMNO Acting President. PKR please step aside. Settle once and for all whether UMNO-PAS or Bersatu has the MALAY-Muslim support. Gunfight at Noon. Showdown....Showtime...!

  5. That is correct. The Chinese in Malaysia are not realistic.

    That is why I voted BN in GE14: so the Chinese community can remain relevant in Barisan in the years to come due to declining birth rates and remain protected by BN (The Chinese in Malaysia are betrayed by their arrogant women).

    When the Chinese Malaysians abandoned BN for DAP they signed their own death warrants. BN is pro-China. DAP is pro-America. This speaks volume for who is going to help the Chinese Malaysians. NOT MERICA. NOT EUROPE. NOT THE WEST.

    The Malays consider the 94% support of the Chinese for DAP as a betrayal after 60 years of partnership. There is NO forgiveness. The new BN 2.0 comprising UMNO + PAS + MIC will now ignore all the Chinese concerns and rely solely on Malay-Indian vote bank to win future elections. Unless of course, Pakatan tinkers with the electoral laws by abolishing the Westminster model and replacing with Iranian model. Pakatan is capable of doing just that.....I have no doubts about this. After Semenyih the PM will create a new agency to vet all future aspiring MPs i.e Iranian-style i.e. get certificate of eligibility to stand for election as MP from GIACC.

    The Chinese Malaysians have shafted themselves in GE14. There is no turning back. The Malays will not forgive. So blame thyselves for your own shortsightedness in supporting the Lim dynasty big time. Because changes are coming to the election laws....

    As a Chinese myself, I want to shaft those arrogant 94% too. I am voting PAS next election.

    1. I previously wrote about "miniature midget Chinese and Indian sidekicks on the periphery".... looks like we already have earnest volunteers for the job.

    2. I think we should respect the 94% who don't want to be simply "penumpang" but have a say in their future.

    3. Here a resonance for this pygmy (cinapek wannabe):

      For the non-Malays, it is also a clear message that in any discipline they take, they would still need the Malays. This is Malaysia, not China, India or any other country!

      For Barisan to take Semenyih, why is Bujai worried for Dr M or his Cabinet, or even Harapan? If making empty promises is “toying with people”, why is Bujai worried over a Harapan toy?

      Then Bujai warns the Chinese (and Indians), suggesting that the Malay is the only relevant power in Malaysia. Malay is the power because of one miserable seat, and a state seat at that? This was the sort of attitude Najib Razak and Umno held during GE14 and they lost — and that man is in the docks waiting jail time.

      Bujai further says Malaysia is “not China”. Who says it is? Does China hold elections? Does China want to be Malaysia? If DAP is treating Malaysia like China, how are the Malaiyoos (Mahathir and Anwar and those in Amanah) treating the DAP? If Umno is treating Malaysia like it is exclusive Malaiyoo-land, why is Najib Razak, tail between his legs, running to China? So what’s this Malaysia?

      This is the trouble with these Malaiyoo propagandists like Bujai: One little victory and Bujai gets a hard on, balls and prick filled by an inability to do simple arithmetic because the Semenyih results didn’t compare a 2,000 vote majority to a 9,000 vote deficit. Malaiyoo propagandists think so great of themselves when they are so fucking stupid. No wonder Umno lost power.

      From yr katil sekawan - a gloating Bujai, a acknowledged racist who proclaims

      "But being a racist does not make you a bad person if racism is just about championing your rights without taking it from others. It is for mutual benefit."

      Most blur than the proverbial blur-sotong!

      How could a racist championing your rights without taking it from others?

      Mfer, how could it be mutual benefit when u ONLY take?

    4. The 94% were captured by DAP spins/lies via Twitter, Whataspp, Facebook, Instagram because DAP was funded by USA. USA motive was to block China's access to Straits of Malacca. Hence she funded DAP/PKR to promote a pro-American agenda. The 94% fell for it. The rest is history.

      The Die is cast. There is no return. The relationship between Malays and Chinese had been raptured by the total Chinese embrace of DAP in GE14.

      Najib never used the word 'penumpang'. Not once. Only Perkasa used that word. Why did the Chinese vote him out? Najib was good to the Chinese all these years. The 1MDB scandal was American-CIA project to incriminate Najib and to overthrow him. Has Najib been officially Charged in USA/Switzerland/Singapore? NEIN.

      I expect Najib to turn against the Chinese after their betrayal at GE14. I expect Najib to start using the word 'penumpang' soon.

      Now all the Malay parties will start to chase that 70% vote bloc.

      The Chinese have doomed their children with one stupid move in GE14. It should have been 50% BN + 50% Pakatan in order NOT TO BE SINGLED OUT FOR PUNISHMENT. But No, they were so smart to give 94% to those charlatans at DAP.

      What they have done is IRREVERSIBLE.

      GE15 will be a fight for the Malay Muslim votes. After GE14 the Chinese vote is now irrelevant. Because they turn against 2 big brothers: UMNO and China.

    5. Mfer, there r more to political conspiracy theory than yr f*cked-up brain can master le!

      Take a lesson from that (in)famous mom lah.

      Yr twisting is just kiddo stuff to please the otak-kosong zombie pact lah.

      BTW, no Chinese running dogs throughout the history of Chinese is as full of hatred as u about been a Chinese. R u sure u r not a pretender wannabe. Or sometime in the past, been 'sidelined' by a Chinese SYT, just like that mamak?

  6. Wow.. I support you Azmin.

    [Susulan kekalahan PH dalam pilihan raya kecil (PRK) Semenyih, Menteri Hal Ehwal Ekonomi Mohamed Azmin Ali menggesa kerajaan pusat tidak lagi "apologetik" dalam melaksanakan janji yang melibatkan agenda Melayu dan bumiputera.

    "PH juga akan menggandakan usaha melaksana perubahan sehingga menjadi sumber kekuatan rakyat.

    "Kita harus berani dan tidak gundah-gulana untuk segera melaksanakan janji-janji khususnya kepada masyarakat Melayu dan Bumiputera yang merupakan bagian integral daripada agenda nasional.

    "Kita akan melaksanakannya tanpa rasa apologetik atau bimbang terhadap kritikan luar," katanya.]

  7. Bolihland is just exhibiting her current standing on the onward March on the step of the PD.

    One can NEVER forcefully attune a stage 1 inhabitants to stage 2, 3 or higher. Only the time consuming &/or painful & drastic awakening via, perhaps, bloody revolution can shorten that process.

    Persia turned Iran is the best example.

    U r definitely looking for hell when u force-marche a mentally inward looking populace to modern time.

    They turn more inward, more religious & more resistant to modern liberal concepts even though these r for their future well-being.

    They simply just DON'T understand these ideas as they r now been thrown into unfamiliar circumstances. These unfamiliarities breed fears & most of all lamentations about the 'good old days. On those days, their universe is surrounding them with 'comfortable' intrinsic values that they have been indoctrinated through & through even when these 'good old' days have been a bloody hell to them.

    Throw in race & feudalistic mindset, u have the melayu mindset of the bolihland NOW.

    Mamak is right - melayu much lupa!

    Formula1 tak jadi. It's time for a more radical approach. Perhaps, formula2 shouldn't work on the idea of more melayu than umno & more Islam than pas.

    All those ketuanan moles & zombieic sympathisers, within the PH pact SHOULD be damned!

    509 has shown that liberal Malay(one-third of the peninsular melayu mass) + majority of the Chinese & Indian + a Gung-ho East M'sians can repel these petrified zombieiketuanan usurpers.

    The ONLY problem is whether mamak can live long enough to coagulate this idea before that sweet talking manmanlai torpedoes the concept by his half hearted modi vivendi!

  8. We are back to Square 1. Azmin will soon recommend to Maszlee that Toonsie's book "The Malay Dilemma" be compulsory reading and pass in SPM. Dinny and Syed Saddiq will chime in "YES!!"

    After Semenyih, time to speed up Malay-Bumi agenda, says Azmin
    Bernama - March 3, 2019

    KUALA LUMPUR: PKR deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali has described the outcome of the Semenyih by-election yesterday as a wake-up call for Pakatan Harapan (PH), saying it was time for the coalition to act collectively to carry out promised reforms.

    “We must deeply reflect on our actions moving forward. We are cognisant of the sentiments expressed by voters and we must be committed in taking proactive steps to address issues concerning the rakyat,” said Azmin, who is a vice-president of PH.

    He said PH should step up efforts to change and be the party of choice for Malay voters, as well as to continue the Bumiputera agenda.

    “We must be brave and not hesitate in fulfilling our promises, especially on the Malay and Bumiputera agenda which is an integral part of the national agenda. We must do so without feeling apologetic and fearful of criticism of others,” he said.

  9. Looking at ancient times and past history, the only way an Emperor/Ceasar can subdue the conquered in war, rebellions (Semenyeh and CH) and make them sheepless and follow the rules and submit to the will of the new Emperor/Ceasar and Empire is to behead all the rebels heads (warlords, generals, instigators, interlectuals etc) and make their heirs hostages to prevent further rebellions from gaining momentum and sprouting up everywhere in those conquered lands. Those were the workings of a feudalistic thinking conquerors in ancient times where the people are also feudalistic in thinking and remain loyal to their conquered rulers/warlords and their lives are subservient to only their leaders.

    Change can only happen this way to ensure the Emperor/Ceasar remains at the top and any sign of weakness/reluctance/inaction by the Emperor/Ceasar which allow further rebellions to sprout up in conquered lands will be seen as a danger to the whole Empire and may even induce internal rebellions within by their own warlords and generals and cause the Emperor/Ceasar to be overthrown and or replaced.

    Provided, of course, if the Emperor/Ceasar is still strong, healthy and command the loyalty and subserviance of all his warlords, generals and subjects, his own dynasty is still preserved and his empire remains strong and rebellions are quickly squashed wherever it appears.

    There is only one solution left where a society or community remain feadalistic in thinking before progressing to join the world community in being more civilised and cultured in the 21st century and bring the Nation and it's citizens forward.

    Feudalistic thinking of a populace in conquered lands within an Empire can only be changed by ancient methods of Rule where democratic principles has to be discarded temporarily to preserve a dynasty and Empire.

    Que Serra Serra!