Monday, March 04, 2019

Azmin Ali and his 'Malay Agenda'

Following the traumatic tumbling tofu-ed annihilation of Pribumi in the Heartland of Semenyih (glorious in 2018, fizzling out in 2019), Pribumi's Chief Sympathiser Azmin Ali has come out to say far more than is expected of him as PKR Deputy President.

hmmm,. let's see, who shall I kowtim next? 

Azmin Ali as Mahathir's Chief covert-yet-overt Ally and of course adopted 'nephew' spoke as if he was already a high echelon Pribumi member rather than the PKR deputy president.

Indeed, the Pakatan gospel calls for Pribumi (and not UMNO) to be the party of choice for Malay voters. And let's not say Pribumi has not been doing its best in this regard because the racist party has been vigorously recruiting UMNO frogs into its cesspool-midst. Star Online has just reported Pribumi will accept 15 UMNO members in Sabah, 8 assemblymen, 5 MPs and 2 senators.

But how does one go about promoting Pribumi as the party of choice for Malay voters?

Azmin has the answer. MM Online quoted him saying:

“We must be brave and not hesitate in fulfilling our promises especially on the Malay and Bumiputera agenda which is an integral part of the national agenda. We must do so without feeling apologetic or fearful of criticism of others.'

“Let us all remain fully committed to the cause of fulfilling the legitimate expectations of the rakyat with a great sense of urgency and priority.”


competing on who shall be the preferred party for Malays 

Mind, in saying Pakatan must now push ahead with the 'Malay Agenda', I suspect he was also giving the 'bird' to his chief Nemesis (DAP), no apologies you mongrels.

The DAP who detests him with a vengeance, far far more than Rafizi Ramli is capable of, can't lift a finger to Azmin bold brash and biased declarations. Yes, Azmin needn't worry as the DAP under the Lims has been tamed kuai-kuai liao, wakakaka.

wakakaka, and sunat-ed too 

And now bearing his Ketuanan fangs he stands poise ...

... poised for what role?

As the new Ibrahim Ali?

Or as Maddy Mark II in becoming President of Pribumi (and hopefully PM of Malaysia)?

We sure live in interesting times.


  1. People should guard against opportunists who try to read TOO much into the by-election results.

    A 1,914 majority for BN is hardly annihilation of Pakatan Harapan, not to forget the 17,866 votes that PH did get.

    It is very important The results don't get twisted into an excuse to Ditch the Reform agenda, and go back to play the UMNO Melayu game.

    Trying to out-Melayu UMNO and out-islam PAS is a fool's errand.

  2. Based on the preliminary analysis of the Semenyih by-election, PH loses the seat NOT bcoz of the melayu tsunami as claimed.

    PH gained 50.76% votes during 509,while bn & pas combined with 46.43%. In this by-election,bn with the help of pas shared 50.44% of the votes,while ph only got 45.56%. The variation is within 5% between the two election counts with alternating role change.

    In fact, the higher voting rate of closed to 73% is contributed MAINLY by the melayu turnouts!

    The anek & cinapek voting rates have REDUCED by quite a significant margin. Maybe many r drowning their ph disappointment with toddy & playing mahjong during the voting day!

    The result COULD be very different if the anek & cinapek voters were to be as enthusiastic as during 509.

    Why the lost of interest within these 'kingmakers'?

    These Semenyih voters, especially the anek & cinapek voters, did not vote for BN bcoz the PH is so screwed-up and arrogant, not to mention out of touch with the struggling working class. They were protest (empty)votes!

    Meanwhile the indoctrinated petrified effects of 3R raises their ugly heads amongst the melayu - to entice them to come out to vote in force!

    Now the Dökkálfar Dwarf has coming out to raise that flag of become more Malay than the UMNO-Malays and become more Islamic than the PAS-Muslims!


    That ONLY show his tin kosong capability & hidden ketuanan mentality.

    How could ph beating UMNO and PAS, who are the undisputed champions in their own domains?

    Or is he trying hard to drive AWAY the solid core supports of the Nons for PH?

    Is he the ketuanan mole?

    1. "Could someone confirm these figures that appeared in a chat group:

      Wrong analysis on Malay support. No change on Malay support since GE14. Look at the Figures below. During GE14, BN & PAS total votes were 21,400. PH was 23,400. In the current by-election, BN & PAS got 19,780. PH got 17,866. So actually, BN & PAS maintained the almost the same number of Malay Votes (-1,620 lesser Malay Votes) . However PH lost by 5,534. Since Malay Votes didn't change much, who didn't vote for PH? It is the Chinese who are 16.7pct. So the Chinese are getting fed up with PH. All promises made for clean govt, reduce cost of living n recognition to Chinese Schools n fair distribution of govt posts to all Malaysians to reflect a multicultural nation not implemented."

  3. You wonder whether such a solution to win over a feudalistic group of populace and indirectly elections will lead the Nation and it's people?

    Not all politicians can become leaders/statesman of a Nation and it's people.

    It's just their own self preservation to remain in power at the expense of the Nation and it's people.

  4. b4 go into malay agenda, lets see what the finance ministry do abt a msian agenda. lets start with 2 below. card sst rm25. did lge ask around on average how many hold more than 4 cards n how this burden them?

    2.many received letter no brim tis feb due to tis n tat.

    i know how 'good' is a chinese finance personal, always wan to take n never give. n if yr target is the commonners who have equal vote with the affluent n thief, then here is one of the repercussions.

    1. 3.many bought car during the 3 months tax holiday, however the interest, petrol, toll remain no change. salary increment n bonus r much lower this year. some even lose their job. the financial burden escalate, what lge gonna do?

    2. Simple mah!

      1) why holding so many credit cards? For show? Credit rollover?

      Either way, it shows how incompetent that person is in managing money!

      Thus, the RM25 fee can stop him from behaving like a 暴发户 while reducing the blooding sucking income of the credit issuing bank.

      2) no money to pay brim on time as yr favourite kleptomaniac has blatantly incurred opulent financial payments for the 1MDB scandal. On top of that there r the buta gaji bill that must come out every month for the goyang-kaki civil servants.

      U got better idea?

      Donate yr father's heirloom to help? Wakakakaka…

    3. 4.our taman hire guard with a monthly fee, the fee increase bec there is new ruling cannot recruit foreigner. not only we pay for something which r not supposed to pay, now increase some more, n for the last 10 year the dap gobind idiot never appear even once, but due to our great najib, we all keep our mouths shut as if dap is the best in the world.

    4. he can blame his alleged RM1 Trillion debt

    5. The VAB BS-ter blames A while we talked about B, wakakaka

    6. I'm trying hard to learn from the tactics of the flyboy wannabe mah!

    7. Oooop…

      R u talking about A, B, C etc etc or trying AGAIN to shield jibby?

      Or u r trying as hard as yr sifu in covering up hadi bawang's self-dug holes in defending yr ahjibgor idol?

    8. Get real. People need to take responsibility for their finances.

      Overspend on cars and credit card also want to blame Lim Guan Eng....what BS !!!

    9. its real, u think filipino remain poor is bec their problem or the country macro economy management issue? is ph manifesto not giving an impression cost of living come down, that shall include petrol toll etc? n the gst abolishment plus tax holiday is not one cause that induce people to spend more? if most promise cant be realised, who shall share the most blame if not the fm? and how sst on cc help reduce burden? if govt really in dire strait financially, the fm must boldly say no to many unrealistic project n development, did he?

    10. Economic depreciation -> Recession? All projects cancelled. Jobs loss. No jobs. No BR1M. Nak makan apa? Whose fault? LGE.

    11. The BEST terbalik causality of economics theory worthing a Ig Nobel Prize!


      No wonder u r so f*cked-up in yr tempting thinking!

    12. Just a simple ordinary man's observation - nothing happens instantaneously in this world!

      But, maybe for a f*ck like u, farting is indeed spontaneous. Same like those zombies, the moment the chant starts, all will chorus in tune.

      A falling cup takes time to fall & crack.

      A failed economic process carries it's own momentum (time lapse) before it's effect is been felt.

      Lge must be on the same class with u, such that whatever he has said/done, the end result can be known the moment u blink yr eyes. Right?

      If u r so good, do something concrete lah. Instead of keep farting at the edge - not contributing & yet disturbing with foul smell!

    13. Huh? My and/or HY's economic theory worthing a Noble Prize? Anyway.. thank you.. thank you..CK for the complement!

      How about a round of applause? Standing ovation..
      Oh yea yea yea yea yea..
      Me so good..
      Farting CK at the edge..
      Oh yea yea yea...


    14. so can lge or u, his mind reader, tell us whats the expect end result? whats his fiscal policy in mind beside implying he know how to collect more tax via sst n voluntary disclosure etc, how is he going to make use of the revenue to boost the econ n lessen the people burden? whats his idea on housing, interest rate, cost of living etc?

      they are a huge number of bn supporters that give their vote to ph, in the hope that ph can do something, this r the same people tat would vote bn in future if nothing concrete done. its common sense, i dun know what noble prize u r talking abt, like kt said people talk a u talk b.

      simple question again, how the sst on credit card help beside collect more tax like what gst did, or u forgot yr argument pertaining to how useless is gst?

    15. Structural economic issues and short term economic cycles are separate matters, though they impact each other.

      Philippines is stuck in its 50-50 economic structure - 50 families own 50% of the economy's assets. Most of the people live below the poverty line. It will take them decades to solve this , even if they have the political will - which they don't.
      This is because the Ruling Class either comes from (the Aquino clan) or is beholden to these 50 families.
      They voted in Dutarte because they thought he could do that, but he can't...
      Cyclically, the Philippines actually did not do badly last year.
      Their economy is growing faster than Malaysia's and they actually benefitted somewhat from the US-China trade war, because some of the demand is being diverted to the Philippines.

      Malaysia's structural problems mainly arise from 62 years of Alliance/ BN policies.
      A year , two years ago I have repeatedly said we are on the slippery road down to Zimbabwe.
      Some people are fixated on GST SST etc, but that is a distraction.
      GST was never going to solve Malaysia's structural problems.
      The change of government gives us a chance to switch direction, but so far it has not taken the hard decisions needed to avoid the Road to Zimbabwe.

      The cyclical economic issues are more to do with the slowdown in Malaysia's largest trading partner , China.

      Lim Guan Eng has been on the job 9 months. It is dishonest to pin all the issues on him.
      Of course, he , and the rest of the government need to do more.

    16. Anyone takingly nominates this act for the Golden Raspberry Awards?

      Perhaps, not! More of bolihland paper kangkong prize contender of 2019.

      Zombie, read carefully, not Oscar but Golden Raspberry Awards!

      Similarly, no Nobel but Ig Nobel Prize!

      Memang otak kosong through & through.

    17. ck, ask lge to reread his dad writes on middle income trap, n start something, me n unknown not interested in yr n lge bragging.

    18. monster, if u reread my comment n ignore my bias towards dap n lge, my question is, what lge going to do next to solve the economy issue, n so far is what he did really helps, or mere cosmetic?

      structural change is pm job, if we can have a visionary one, be it new deal or great society, we shall disregard this for the moment. however in the short term, many r interested to know, what dap n lge,that talk big in the last many years, n r now in power, can do to lessen the people burden.

      when one encounter financial stress, the feeling is real n instance, i do hope they can wait 5 years, or better, 60 years.

    19. I DON'T debate with RD morons. It's a waste of my precious time.

      But I do play with them for spare time amusement! Just to spice up my tight schedule.

      Hence my use of presumptuous terms to address them.

      Someone, I respect very much, once said - don't argue with incompetents bcoz they only raise yr blood pressure while u r not able to bring them to any decent senses. Play with them & let them display their clownish acts, knowingly & unknowingly, to enjoy the moments.

      That's life to be enjoy as there r so many pretentious fools in this world!

      Thus, 1st I don't work for u. If u have anything u want to say to lge, do it itself.

      To be Frank, not many really know about the causality of middle income trap. Many just read about it & then consider themselves experts, to fart their 2 sense worth. Lks could very well be the case, as just like u!

      Wakakakaka… I have no time to brag for anyone, lest of all lge.

      Just reread what u have been farted so far to do that labelling lah.

      Ain't u the one who has die2 must put yr hands & legs in to blacken the lim family? Have their somehow stepped on yr pet cat's tail that u r cursing them no end?

      Moreover, u r just one of those Maggie mee expectants. Anything u want MUST be instantaneous, as in yr wet dream!

    20. So yr instant solution is money distribution, aka jibby's cash is king!

      The problem is where is the beef - ie money coming from?

      Another scheme like 1MDB by raising loan & bonds. But with all the proceedings going to pay for the instant gratification of rakyat. Right?

      The future seven generationgs be damned. Enjoy now, worry about the outcome later!

      Ooop… WHY worry so far into the future?

      及时行乐 may, mfer. No?

    21. go ahead with yr hedonistic self talking, i am fine with it. u r right i dun really know whats middle income trap, i didnt know lks, or perhaps lge, the msia fm is equally ignorant?

      structural need few generation to do, instance one oso not a right thing to do, whats in the ph manifesto oso cant do, what can ph do then?

    22. Who's playing with hedonistic ideas?

      Look at yr house cracked mirror for once in yr life before u fart! Can?

      If u DON'T know anything, why fart about them?

      The stomach is too full of foul gasses, accumulated through yr happy hours with the zombieic pals!

      Or u just want to search for yr 2cents worth of fame?

      Or u just want to take the lim father&son as yr bunching bag to vent yr pent-up bedroom frustrations!

    23. i am a nobody, so dun waste yr bandwidth on me as a subject. y not u try to answer my question, it help to exercise n stimulate yr brain, u need tat wakaka.

    24. Fanning away yr fart IS my spare time amusement - haven't I told u so,rd moron?

      Yr questions?

      Perhaps, u meant yr farts that leaked out from the place that sun doesn't shine! So easy so people like u - fart first, solution tak de!

      Think, time & patience + 老祖宗吃苦耐劳的 精神 r the solutions u so f*ckingly ignore.

      Instead, u want maggie mee just to syiok yr 自鸣清高 exterior!

  5. The only major change is UMNO and PAS supporters now accept the other. Hard core supporters all remain the same all thi while. What's the point of getting worked up? Just give all 60% malay constituencies to UMNOPAS and think about how to have better relationships with other races including sabah and sarawak.

  6. Like Atoq said last last time, do not want happen like Fiji!!!.

    1. FYI, bolihland is already like Fiji!

      How do u think about the feeling of orang asal?

      Moron, penumpang palsy through & through!

  7. Unless you can eliminate systemic discrimonation by the Empire to the Bumis.