Sunday, March 17, 2019

HARAP bukan 'preferential treatment'?

Malaysiakini - Is wheel of justice at a standstill on Harapan-linked cases?:

Since Pakatan Harapan assumed power last May, there have been numerous widely reported allegations of wrongdoings by members of the administration.

However, no case that has been brought before the courts thus far.

Six months ago, video evidence captured a special officer to the Deputy Home Minister Aziz Jamman filming an upskirt video. The officer was sacked, but there is no record that he was prosecuted.

During the PKR internal elections late last year, several party staff were arrested by the MACC over alleged problems with the membership registry.

One Sarawak PKR leader submitted what he termed "incontrovertible" evidence of vote buying. There have been no updates since from the MACC on investigations on the PKR elections.

Last December, Zahid Md Arip, the political secretary to the prime minister, was implicated when prosecutors charged former Felda chairperson Isa Abdul Samad with corruption. Yet, Zahid remains in office today.

In January, one of Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu's sons was arrested for substance abuse. At the time, the police investigation papers had been submitted to prosecutors.

There were also numerous police reports on election offences during the Cameron Highlands by-election campaign, involving Deputy Water, Land and Natural Resources Minister Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji and Harapan candidate M Manogaran.

Malaysiakini made multiple attempts to seek status updates from the police, the MACC and the attorney-general's chambers on all these cases.

None were forthcoming.

When contacted, Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4) executive director Cynthia Gabriel (above) said it was a concern that the authorities have not provided an update on such matters.

"It is important, in the spirit of transparency and accountability, that (when) political leaders and their families are involved in investigations, the authorities must show the same level of speed when investigating, and the same level of justice that they do in other cases," she said.

She said that providing regular updates on investigations will show that the authorities are impartial and serious about the rule of law.

"It is very important for Harapan to lead the way to show that they can do things differently from the previous administration, even though it may implicate their own family members, their own staff or people that they are close to.

"If they have committed wrongdoing, they should be duly punished. But if there's no case then there is no case, and the public should be informed about it.

"There is no such thing as preferential treatment in a functioning democracy. Everybody should be subject to the rule of law," she said.


  1. Wakakakakakka

    Can everyone recall back how the Wheels of Justice was when it was under the BN regime compared to now?

    Back then, it was so blatant and everyone was gagged, pretend dumb and deaf, even C4. Even those who criticize or report abuses were instead being hauled up by the enforcement authorities.

    So, which is better? Harap(Hope) Govt. or Baris (Fall in Line) Govt.?

    1. why compare a supposedly clean Harapan with a rotten BN? Is eating a bit of poo better than eating a lot of poo? Poor argument

    2. Wakakakaka…

      Wordsmith's fart indeed!

      "Is eating a bit of poo better than eating a lot of poo?"

      Is a child who is learning to crawl CAN manage a supposedly uphill task (to clean up a corrupted system) better than a crooked adult (bn)?

      Along the way, there r ALSO lil' Napoleons, moles, pitfalls & tuition fees to pay!

      So, how good is yr argument demanding for Maggie mee solutions/approaches for a new govt that's just ONE bloody yr into office?


  2. Law enforcement- both investigative and prosecutorial should not be trivialized. They need to focus on the most serious cases.

    Most of the "election offences" I saw reported in Cameron's and Semenyih were either trivial or without solid supporting evidence. Gone are the days of a ( thankfully Ex-) PM brazenly horse trading "You Help Me, I help You".

    Trivial cases should be dismissed with perhaps an admonishment, to free up resources for serious cases.

    Much of the politically motivated allegations (by both sides) with "incontrovertible evidence" of Corruption during the PKR elections turned out to be legally unusable.

    Not to say nothing was going on, but court cases need solid evidence, and most of these cases are now in a limbo.

    1. wakakaka, you not only know better than Aussie police but also Malaysian police

    2. Paid Bossku agent attacking PH government 24x7 talking rot.

    3. this is a Malaysiakini article. OTOH, your rants werre dedak motivated, wakakaka

  3. cest la vie say the old fox wakaka.