Friday, March 22, 2019

Never trust a leopard which won't change its rotten spots

Malaysiakini - PAC returns to pre-Abdullah Badawi era as gov't controls top two posts (extracts):

I haven't fCking changed my kertuanan dictatorial spots syou stupid guppies

Pakatan Harapan's progressive move to have the opposition head the Public Accounts Committee has regressed to the practice before 2004 during the leadership of Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his predecessors.

This is because the government now controls both the top positions in the committee.

Mahathir has indicated that Beluran MP Ronald Kiandee, who is now a Bersatu member, need not relinquish his post. [...]

The Alliance and BN had held both the chairperson and deputy chairperson posts from the time of Tunku Abdul Rahman until the end of Mahathir's first run as prime minister in 2003.
Things changed in 2004 when Mahathir's successor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi nominated then Kepong MP Tan Seng Giaw as PAC deputy chairperson.

This practice was continued by Abdullah's successor Najib Abdul Razak in 2013.

In its election manifesto, Harapan had promised to appoint the PAC chief from among the opposition. This was part of the coalition's move to reform Parliament. [...]

Pakatan Harapan's manifesto promiscuities promises

Mahathir then said that Ronald need not resign, while the latter said he would follow the prime minister's directive.

This did not sit well with Harapan leaders, including DAP's Hannah Yeo and PKR's Nurul Izzah Anwar.

Mahathir, however, said on Saturday that all parties in Harapan had agreed to keep Ronald as PAC chief.

AAB made an Opposition person the Chair of PAC for transparency, accountability and fairness, Najib followed suit, Pakatan Manifesto also said an Opposition person would chair PAC, and guess what?

The fCking Leopard is back. It's back to 1981-2003 Mahathir-ism, when a member of the ruling party chaired PAC.

The old dictator has the thick skin and bloody shameless nerve to argue on childish grounds, as follows:

"Pakatan never expected him to move over. He (Kiandee) was from an opposition party before. When we picked him to be PAC chairman it means we stuck to our manifesto.

"But if he chooses a party of the ruling coalition what can we do. He was not chosen (to be PAC chairman) from a party in the ruling coalition, but from an opposition party."

What a moronic arsehole of an argument. And idiotic guppies voted for him.

how he treats his guppies
and those dumbos deserve it 

Not only that, he kerbau kaukau when he claimed all parties in Pakatan have agreed to keep Kiandee as PAC chief even though that frog is no longer in the Opposition but now in Mahathir's Pribumi.

Hannah Yeoh doesn't agree to it and more drastic, Nurul Izzah has resigned from PAC because she's so bloody disgusted by Mahathir's reversion to his pre AAB days of Mahafiraun-ism.

Lim KS who has been so vocal and obsessed with Najib, is now so silent about the behaviour of a man he had criticised, condemned and chastised for 30 over years.


  1. lks shd go andes as well, bring along a mirror, or borrow a mate x from his fellow tribe, so he could learn how to strengthen his spine, cant tell if he do have one tho.

    1. Yadda yadda…… just for a few seconds of venting time for yr farts! Indeed, inherited those typically 台独 wagging dogs' grotesque arguing logic.

      Don't u think yr enclosed tempurung is so full of foul gases that only f*ck like u can tahan to still staying!

      1st, PH does stick to the manifesto of appointing an opposition mp as the chair of the pac.

      2nd, PAC chairperson changes political tag, induced or otherwise, has nothing to do with the manifesto declaration. In fact, that part is SILENCE!

      3rd, Public Accounts Committee (PAC) members' appointments were made via the Parliament Select Committee, headed by Dewan Rakyat Speaker.

      So, why blame mamak?

      U want mamak to interfere the power assigned to the Speaker of the Parliament?

      Ain't this go against yr oft-chanted non-interference of the 3 legs of the govt administration?

      Or u just choose yr bloody own definition of demoncracy?

      Ain't the power of the Speaker of parliament is absolute within the Parliament, whom PAC falls under its guideline?

      U people r just cari pasal to fart, to provocate, to seek 5sec fame & to carma yr dedak kpi!

      U got spine, then choose the right people to attack lah!

      F*ck kiandee for his shamelessness - which many of u r 'elegantly' quiet.

      Ask the speaker of the house about what his power entailed him to do under suck circumstances - which NONE has said so!

      The political behaviours of Lks, Hanna, nurul r all just irrelevant to the judgement of this issue. Express yr personal opinions, all u want, the ultimate decision IS still lied within the jurisdiction of the house speaker!

      Keep that to yr mind & aim yr fart arrow lah.

    2. The Chairman of PAC is appointed by the YDPA on the advise of the PM.

      Since when the Speaker of Parliament given such powers?

    3. My apologies. It's the Auditor General, Election Commission and all the various Commissions posts and not that of the PAC Chairman.

    4. i am fine with mahathir, i never believe he is a change man. he do what he gotta do, my point is lks the hypocrite. tok kok no 1.

    5. Mfer, u can be fine with mamak for all u want!

      Can't lks does the same?

      Under yr demoncratic understanding, as long as one is not stepping on yr pet cat's tail accidentally, everything is fine.

      Otherwise, as lim father&son had kicked yr ass for so many times, expect farts filled verbal diarrheas coming from all directions.

      Indeed, just like those 台独 morons' comportment vis-a-vis CCP. Same blur tribe from the same shithole!

    6. lks n lge tok kok no 1 & 2, no diff with dpp, the one u accuse, recall their deed n talk before n after coming to power in taiwan?

      lks can do the same like mahathir, in fact i believe he is more dictatorial than mahathir, thats y i call him a hypocrite.

      y u so slow one ah, lacking of oxygen again kah?

    7. Oui……

      U r getting irrational & irrelevant in the articles u first raised!

      Who's brain is running short if oxygen le?

      Oooop… petrified grey matter stays decaying even w/o oxygen!

    8. U should be taking a lesson in argumentative presentation from 林明正 since u follow that Mecca of yrs so closely.

      Read how he knocked both kmt & DPP out of their last sock in sopo-historical incidences lah.

      He talks sense - Taiwan ke, Tibet ke, Xinjiang ke, HK ke & even communist China.

      Mfer, like u can only murmuring regurgitations that r not been digested even if they have been swallowed wholesome blurringly!

  2. If , we want to talk about Parliamentary reforms esp of the PAC Accounts committee, lets be a little bit transparent what Reforms meant and not politicise it.

    Statement - "Pakatan Harapan's progressive move to have the opposition head the Public Accounts Committee has regressed to the practice before 2004 during the leadership of Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his predecessors."

    That's not True. Prior to GE14 Parliament, The Chairman of the PAC has always been with the party (BN) in power. Except for the post of Deputy Chairman in GE13, 12 and 11 Parliament as tokenism.

    Statement - "This is because the government now controls both the top positions in the committee."

    The statement above becomes "Holy Truth" after the Deputy Chairman's post (becomes suddenly important) is taken into consideration from GE 13 to GE 11. If the Deputy Chairman's post becomes so important suddenly to justify perceptions, aren't the rest of the PAC members posts also considered important? Now, if going by numbers of PAC members, the winning/ruling party seems to always have the majority of PAC members until today. Why is that so?

    Finally, looking at the real reasons why the PAC committee is so important, who do you think really fears the PAC with it's report going public in Parliament?

    It's always the Ruling Party and all the Govt. servants (Federal or State), GLCs, GLICs, etc which abuses public funds either due to mismanagement, abuse of powers, corruption, thefts, wanton wastage or non-compliance to good financial management of public monies. And even after such misdeeds esp like the 1 MDB scandal is exposed, the ruling Govt. can still keep it under wraps using the OSA, ISA etc.

    If PAC needs to be reformed, shouldn't the whole PAC committee be majority opposition controlled and not just the post of Chairman and Deputy Chairman?

    What's the problem, if any mismanagement of public monies is exposed?

    Isn't it obvious the composition of the PAC has always been manipulated by politicians and Govt. servants to hide their abuses of public monies from the general public when highlighted by the reports from the Auditor General?

    Who are the actual Leopards?

  3. When Toonsie and Kitty finally ride into the sunset this blog will lose 90% of its fodder. Have to close shop.

    Hang on there’s still Guanee, thank goodness. Can survive for a while. Ha ha.

  4. Bossku raped the PAC during his time by replacing (promoting !) a PAC head (Nur Jazlan) who was digging too deep and too independently for comfort into 1MDB. Put in place his personal apologist Hasan Arifin.
    Add to the injury, the DAP PAC Deputy Head turned out to be a Bossku doormat and apologist.

    Ah Mok kept kwai-kwai silent as a Graveyard at the time on the rape of the PAC..

  5. I want to draw a parallel with this excellent comment about adib's treatment vis-a-vis the blame on kiandee's position as PAC chairperson.

    "AnonymousSaturday, March 23, 2019 6:42:00 AM

    Semua tolong balik kerja. And the worst guys to try to cover up the death have been bomba and IJN Drs. The pathologist report is clear.

    The govt must re examine why IJN is being run like a Melayooo institution. This immoral lack of ethics is the end result of this tragedy

    1. The fireman's chest gets crushed in the EMRS accident
    2. He develops an unstable chest called flail chest
    3. Ribs that are partly broken can be broken fully during manipulation and transport
    4. He ends up at SJMC
    5. He promptly is ventilated. Maybe has a chest tube inserted to drain air and blood from a punctured lung
    6. As his stay is going to be stormy he is moved to a govt set up due to the indeterminate financial resources for the long stay required for this sort of condition.
    7. He is moved to IJN where along the trip he probably suffers a few more broken trips.
    8. This condition requires essentially one of two or both treatments. High frequency jet ventilation which requires one helluva of a good anesthetist or ECMO extracorporeal membrane oxygenation which requires a dedicated team and an almost sterile environment although this procedure has a high risk of bleeding. l
    9. IJN sets on ECMO. Reduces or stops his ventilation to give the lungs a rest.
    10. This is a fit young man. With ECMO he should recover in 2 or 3 days and the ventilation slowly increased and possibly tracheostomy , a hole in the trachea to reduce ventilatory efforts and improve suctioning would be instituted There is no mention of this.
    11. The fireman appears to recover.
    12. Then the country to their horror witness the first pictures of total medical incompetence. He has numerous visitors. ECMO is supposed to take place in a sterile environment with negative pressures with barrier nursing and airlock systems.
    13. ECMO involves draining the blood from the body, oxygenating it and infusing it back to the body. This is a patient brought to IJN from a trauma site in the dark of night picked up from the ground where an estimated 10,000 people were crowded. He didnt come from an operating room. The likelihood of infection is high.
    14. Anyone managing these patients will tell you that two things ultimately kill the patient. Sepsis and renal failure.
    15. But Adib continues receiving patients crossing the air lock systems right till his bedside. Only a matter of time before disaster strikes.
    16. He develops respiratory failure again. His compliant lungs now get swollen and thick with infection. He struggles to breath. He is placed on ventilation again.
    17. Maybe ECMO was tried a second time. But the golden first chance has been wasted due to poor nursing care.
    18. The fireman doesnt make it the second time round and deteriorates rapidly.
    19. The fireman dies.
    20. Who killed Adib ?

    The treatment itself is not rocket science. His treatment required medical discipline and ethics where there was none. He would have had a better chance in a Christchurch Hospital. 7 out 10 patients on ECMO for trauma survive especially if they are fit and young. But this young man didnt make it.

    But, how many of these f*cked-heads know/want to draw that parallel!

    How about in looking for easy scapegoats to stir-fire hate-mongering!

    Real mfers!

    Oooop… don't forget about that Oz's Pacific solution talked about by that 'honorable white', aka the Jap clone in apartheid SAfrica, to 'earn' his Oz pr!

    1. Now we can see why the AG's insistence on an inquest into Adib's death was a wise move.
      UMNOPAS race-religion warriors were questioning why polos did not simply arrest suspects and charged them for murder...

      It turns out, once all the facts are aired, it is not clear cut that it was murder.

    2. Yea.. Yes.. to Monsterball and all HARAPAN's armchair warriors, may I put your own words back to you; likewise, do not simply media-trial, arrest and charge Najib for theft of RM42.0 billion, because it may turn out once all the facts are aired, it is not clear cut that it is theft.

    3. (Nurul Izzah also said she was disappointed with Putrajaya’s so-called obsession with the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) scandal, accusing lesser focus on bread and butter issues.)

    4. apart from Anwar and KJ (AAB), Mahathir now hates Najib with a vengeance. Hence the demonisation of Najib must/has to be continued. Lim GE himself admitted that Mahathir told him to continue to "expose" scandals during Najib's administration especiallly 1MDB (whatever "expose" means in Mahathir's vocabulary and Lim GE's cringe)

    5. So based on yr argument, all those claims/charges/disclosures done by oversea legal entities r ALSO following the rules of mamak!

      Banyank pandai……… in ampu-ing lah.

      Mamak must be one hell of a political manipulator whom every countries on earth must tuned to & after upon!