Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Semenyih by-election day mahjong confirmed?

Extracts from Malaysiakini's The Semenyih Rebuke by Bridget Welsh:

The first finding is that voter turnout has dropped across races (and notably among younger people). This is normal is most by-elections, as these contests are not seen as important. 

Yet, what is interesting is that voter turnout has dropped across all the communities. From an ethnic perspective (as shown in Figure 1), there was a 22% drop among the Chinese electorate in Semenyih, followed by a 16% drop among Indians, and 9% among Malays.

All the parties are not mobilizing like they used to, but Harapan in particular, which used issue-based mobilization in the past, has not been able to develop a message to attract voters to come the polls compared to the past.

Not only has Harapan not been able to move its campaigning into a different mode, it is losing its own base. This is especially true among non-Malays. Many Chinese and Indians, in particular, are unhappy with Harapan and opted to stay home. Lower voter turnout suggests a more worrying trend overall, disappointment in parties and growing cynicism in the electorate

It's confirmed by the professor, that while Malay turnout for the by-election dropped by 11% (87% to 76%), the Chinese turnout dropped by 22% (87% to only 65%), while the Indians plummeted 16% (91% to 75%).

22% drop in turnout. That's drastic!

The good professor said that would be due to Chinese voters' disappointment in Pakatan (mainly DAP but also PKR) and a growing cynicism in the Pakatan politicians.

And why not when the promises were 'flattened' kaukau like capatis, and overburnt by Mahathir's arrogant dismissal of manifesto promises as not ironclad like biblical pledges.

In other words, his contemptuous 'eff-you' of the voters vis-a-vis the PH manifesto promises showed his true colours to the voters, many of whom still remember him as PM in an earlier period, namely, 1981 to 2003, when he was notorious for his treacherous words.

Chinese like to see a man honours his promises, more so one who intends to be their leader, for 'a man's words' (promises) should be as 'good as gold'.

“I used to take on trust a man's deeds after having listened to his words. Now having listened to a man's words I go on to observe his deeds.”
― Confucius, The Analects

Confucius would be deeply disappointed in LKS and son in their lack of effort in meeting their manifesto promises made prior to GE14 

But alas, Mahathir has probably never heard of such Confucian ethics.

So the Chinese in Semenyih probably did what they would traditionally do on election days, to wit, played mahjong.

pong!!!  & tiu Pakatan


And as if to justify their proclivity towards 'tiles & table', Azmin Ali has with alacrity resorted to the usual ketuanan mentality in seeking refuge for succour after a loss, sheer blatant overt racism.

He now wants Pakatan (meaning Pribumi and his Dwarfs in PKR) to be 'NON APOLOGETIC' in pushing the MALAY AGENDA. 

no apology for ultra Malay-ism and eff you nons 


  1. Guanee, lucky devil, he is a top gambler, just “phong” big time. 400k damages court award. Now nobody can say his son cannot afford to wear expensive watch or jacket. But his family will still fly Air Asia economy class.

    P/S After threat of legal suit Ah Wee also quiet as a mouse over Guanee’s junior provisional accountant status vs chartered accountant.

    PUTRAJAYA: Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng today won a seven-year legal battle against two media groups over publications which labelled him a “Singapore spy”.

    This follows the decision by the New Straits Times Press (NSTP) and Utusan Melayu (M) Sdn Bhd to pay Lim damages totalling RM400,000 as awarded by the High Court in 2015.

  2. https://youtu.be/ukuHN_xCc1g

  3. Looking at the composition of the electorate which is about 50/50% between Malay/Moslems and Non-Malays/Non Moslems in the upcoming Rantau by-election, guess what's going to happen again?

    UMNO/PAS continue with their Malay/Islam unity chant or become chameleons overnight with actors from MCA and MIC as props to again deceive stupid and feudalistic voters?

    Or The Non-Malays/Non-Moslems again will stay at home and not vote in protest against PH for not carrying out the reforms and in particular against TDM to silently ask him to resign for his non-performance?

    It would make things very clear if the seat is now being contested by PBBM instead of PKR candidate for PH.

    Will Azmin/PBBM do a U-turn now and say PH will have an NEP based on needs and not race?

    Let the play acting among politicians begin again esp. fm UMNO/PAS.

  4. Fly Air Asia, hotel 5 star or AirBnB?

  5. Our democracy undergoing tectonic plate shifts. Great stuff.

    PAS & UMNO now seriously dating after CH and Semenyih. Will consummate marriage soon and become PUMNO. New logo needed. BN dacing is no more.

    MCA and MIC should merge and form a new coalition called MAICA.

    1. I spoke too soon. PUMNO marriage already consummated last night in a 5-star hotel. Who was “on top” I wonder.

      MCA & MIC “ugly useless old wives” kicked out.

      Now the clock starts to see how long this marriage will last. Will PAS “islamize” UMNO or will UMNO corrupt PAS with money politics?

    2. In almost all the By-elections after GE14, PAS agreed to be a non-competitor so as to consolidate the votes. No doubt a major contributor to Cameron Highlands and Semenyih results.

      How is this going to hold up ?
      How many seats will PAS willingly be a non-competitor, especially in heavily Malay areas ?

      Sounds like a marriage made in Hell.

  6. When will the anti-ketuanan freak realize he has been supporting a ketuanan freak coalition all along ...aiyoyo! Bahlul memang bahlul. Waiting for the beruk to rasa pedas ...wakakaka...

    1. Anti-ketuanan freak?


      Haven't u know ANYTHING about mole?

      Guess not!

    2. What's there to know about the mole? You mean that cheebye motherfucker kaytee. Australia election is coming soon. If Pauline Hanson wins big, you think cheebye kaytee would be safe

      If cheebye kaytee kenna kicked out of australia and sent back to Malaysia under PAS rule......cheebye kaytee will keep his kukuciao


    3. looes, I'm not your lost dad so do stop calling me your motherfucker, wakakaka

      secondly, Pauline Hanson is looking for you, to be responsible for your tongue-licking "job"

    4. Amboi...bahlul memang bahlul...

      Who needs a mole when the PM is the original ketuanan freak, his party's name is Pribumi, and will be the eventual home all ketuanan freaks...all thanks to true believer bodoCKs like you! You kena tipu lah bahlul.

      True believers are so bahlul...aiyoyo!

      BodoCK memang fuCKing bodoCK....

    5. Bodok indeed!

      The show is still ongoing. Tunggu lah!

      Macam orang putih cakap: He who laughs last, laughs best.

      Mole works both way. Just like how zombies/ketuanan freaks/blur-sotongs r been tipu-ed kau2 sama kaum otak kosong memang senang diperlembukan, diperanjingkan dan diperkudakan oleh orang Islam sendiri yang taqleed buta.

      U better sing that chorus to yr tok bawang lah!

  7. The Nons have been dubbed "Penumpang" by the UMNO President and Wee Ka Siong is as quiet as a graveyard.

    Same with Ah Mok. He was out drunk on Saturday night celebrating the UMNO victory - big fat check coming !

    1. Monsterball loves, nay, lusts in demon-ising me, wakakaka. What a loser and big loser-fabricator. Should be a C-Grade novelist

    2. Yup, I love to excoriate Ah Mok's inconsistencies , double standards , and suspected venality.