Sunday, March 10, 2019

Consequences of insulting Islam/Prophet in "New" Malaysia

My uncles and other relatives who were in the Armed Forces (British and Malaya-Malaysian) and Police, and most were officers, told me there were three topics never discussed among officers, especially in the Officers Mess bar, wakakaka. The 3 topics were:

(a) Politics - the Armed Forces and Police by tradition (no doubt inherited from their British predecessors) were and hopefully still are apolitical (let me capitalise that, Apolitical)

Apolitical means NOT political - ie. they didn't (don't?) get involved with politics. They can vote as citizens are expected to, but they cannot actively participate nor be involved in political activities NOR voice their political proclivities.

In fact there are a number of activities that Armed Forces and Police personnel cannot be involved in, let alone just politics.

And that has been the reason why a former RMAF officer was discharged from the air force, namely, for holding a press conference (a big NO NO if without authority) to voice his dissatisfaction with the Election Commission's very delible indelible ink, wakakaka.

(b) Women - a very unseemly and unchivalrous topic for gentlemanly officers to indulge in - very gossipy, low class and crass.

and finally, 

(c) Religion of any denomination - for the simple reason human beings of different religions could/can never ever agree on this sensitive issue.

It is obvious by now that it's not only Armed Forces and Police personnel, especially the officer corp, who should not discuss religion, more so when deprecating any of these religions, but ALSO civilians.

The FMT headlines Man jailed 10 years for insulting Islam and prophet has been all the more shocking and terrifying because the extremely harsh punishment has not been in Saudi Arabia, Iran or Pakistan but in our very own "New" Malaysia.

That's right, under the "New" Malaysia, not the previous BN Malaysia.

The IGP stated Alister Cogia, 22, owner of the “Ayea Yea” Facebook account (a social media account) has been sentenced to 10 years and 10 months’ jail after he pleaded guilty.

Hasn't his guilty plea been taken into mitigatory account? Apparently NOT.

There are another 3 on almost similar charges awaiting trial and punishment.

A sentence of 10 years and 10 months’ jail even after the man pleaded guilty is undeniably harsh, very very harsh.

There is no further point in my belabouring the rough punitive treatment but to advise all to be wary of the "New" Malaysia. While we are entitled to our suspicions, suffice to say religion has become even more sensitive in the present clime.

I leave the conclusion to Zaid Ibrahim, who is needed ever than before.


  1. Most right minded people would agree 10 years jail in this case is excessive, when people convicted of Armed Robberry and physical assault injuring innocent people have received lesser sentences.

    However, I know Ah Mok's paid KPI is to attack Pakatan Harapan 24x7 , but this is a crude attack against the Executive for a trial judge's sentence.

  2. zaid? i thot the lims asked him to shut up?

  3. Naughty, misleading and biased blogging.

    It's not only Harapan that is welcoming Zakir Naik now but also BN in the past. Maybe BN still do. Same same.

    Now if we blame the New Malaysia for this 10-year sentence we will wait and see if the Old Malaysia in the form of newly married couple PUMNO will support or protest this 10-year sentence or will they shout and champion it too?

    Najib invites preacher Zakir Naik for breakfast
    FMT Reporters - April 16, 2016

    PETALING JAYA: The prime minister, Najib Razak, invited controversial preacher Zakir Naik for breakfast at his official residence in Putrajaya this morning.

    Najib disclosed this in a posting on Facebook.

    He said he hoped Zakir, a preacher from India, would convey to the world the message that Malaysia was a country that practised moderation.

    He said Malaysia was constantly striving towards ummah unity to empower Islam.

    Zakir, 50, is in Malaysia on a speaking tour and will be speaking at Bukit Jalil National Hockey Stadium tonight.

    News of his speaking engagements sparked controversy, with many describing him as a threat to Malaysia’s multiracial harmony because his talks touched on the

    Kerajaan Malaysia mesti teguh bela Zakir Naik

    Kenyataan Media
    23 Oktober 2017


    1. PAS percaya bahawa Kerajaan Malaysia semasa menganugerahkan taraf pemastautin tetap kepada Dr. Zakir Naik telah mengambilkira semua aspek yang melibatkan kepentingan warga negara dan negara ini selain daripada kelulusan profesional dan kepakaran yang dimiliki oleh tokoh pendakwah antarabangsa itu.

    2. Proses ini pastinya telah melibatkan pelbagai kementerian dan agensi seperti KDN, PDRM, JPN, Jabatan Imigresen dan lain-lainnya justeru mengesahkan bahawa Dr. Zakir Naik bebas daripada sebarang pengaruh dan aktiviti keganasan yang mengancam keselamatan mana-mana pihak.

    3. Oleh itu, PAS menggesa Kerajaan Malaysia agar tetap teguh membela Dr. Zakir Naik yang merupakan seorang pendakwah dan penceramah yang diiktiraf kepakarannya dalam ilmu perbandingan agama dan sangat dihormati oleh para ulamak Islam dan umat Islam di seluruh dunia ini dengan tidak melayan permohonan India untuk mengektradisi Dr. Zakir Naik.

    4. PAS percaya tindakan mengaitkan Dr. Zakir Naik dengan keganasan dan pencetus ketegangan antara agama adalah hanya suatu tuduhan dan semata-mata mahu menyekat pengaruh dan usaha Dr. Zakir Naik dalam mencetus kesedaran beragama dalam kalangan masyarakat awam antarabangsa.


    “Sejahtera Bersama Islam”

    Ahli Parlimen Pasir Mas

  4. RPK residing in UK forgot he is under UK laws and continues to also post fake and hate news in his blog.

    It's a matter of time before he will be hauled up and charged.

    Just like the cases of Moslems Imams and preachers being hauled up for inciting hatred, thinking the UK Govt. will not intervene under their Freedom of Speech and Human Rights laws.

    This arrogance thinking spreading hate without consequences previously under the BN regime needs to be stopped by those intent to use it for political or just their own selfish agenda for the good of a civilised, cultured and harmonious society.

    Thus, a law against Hate Speech is badly needed to be enacted and enforced to curb those who hides under Human Rights, Freedom of Speech or who thinks they are all too powerful and will never have to answer for their actions.

    Hate speechers are just like terrorists justifying their own agendas and the only difference is they don't bear arms.

    1. RPuKi when hauled up and charged, will repeat his previous feat of claiming that the owner and writer of his MT blog is actually one Chinese by the name of Julian Khoo, hehehehe.

    2. Let him try telling that in the UK court system.

      They don't believe when Moslems are charged for crimes with nonsense like "Moslems don't tell lies".


    3. Julian Khoo = Ktemoc ?... hehehehe

  5. Zaid Ibrahim is my choice for 9th PM, after a short Anwar stint. But his DAP membership could be leeeetle problem.....heh...heh

    1. Agreed ! He is quite a tinny bit loose cannon but most of his cannons that goes off are just fine. Since we can't have a non Malay leading our country, and a Malay it must be, then Zaid Ibrahim is head and shoulders above the Malay crowd.