Sunday, March 10, 2019

Halal vaccines- Only in Malaysia

FMT - No non-halal elements in vaccines, assures health ministry:

The health ministry today assured the public that vaccines used in the country do not have any non-halal elements.

Deputy Health Minister Lee Boon Chye said every vaccine produced went through a thorough study by qualified physicians which proves its effectiveness on recipients, especially children.

“Although the first halal vaccine plant is to be built, this does not mean that the vaccines used all this while were not halal.

“We also welcome whoever wants to set up such manufacturing facilities for vaccines or medical products,” he told reporters after officiating the national-level Medical Assistant Day 2019 at the health ministry’s training institute here.

Last week, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Fuziah Salleh said the first halal vaccine factory in the country would be built in Negeri Sembilan.

It is poised to make Malaysia one of the world’s major vaccine producers, she added.

Lee said the construction of the plant was the best move by the government to enhance parents’ confidence in vaccines produced and given to their children

Just late last month I posted How to certify fish is halal in which I wrote that:

I have heard of alleged porcine DNA in Cadbury chocolates which were eventually dismissed by JAKIM as not true. Then there was the no-entry to un-halal-certified birthday cakes at MacDonald.

Most fishes including prawns, squids and shellfish, as we know, are omnivorous thus they eat "anything", especially when they are wild ones at sea. How then will such fishes caught at sea or in rivers by fishermen be considered?

Then what about kijangs (deer) which eat grass and shrubs which have been fertilised by boars' droppings? And chooks including birds (jungle fowl)?

And even worse would be the kambings (goats) which eat anything and I mean "anything" including empty cans. And also, what if the grass and shrubs they munch on have been fertilised by non-kosher animals?

As a non-Muslim I apologise for saying this - no offence meant: I personally don't think the al Quran goes to that extent on the halal-ness of food.

Of course in the end it's the Malaysian Muslim authorities 'surveilling' (new kaytee's verb-word from 'surveillance', wakakaka) halal food who will make the assessment and decision.

But to worry about vaccinations being non-halal?

Has it been the regular intimidation and surveillance by JAKIM and other State JA (Jabatan Agama) organisations that have frighten the Muslim parents into avoiding vaccinations for their kids, because of fear that the 'shots' might not be halal?

I have the sinking feeling that overzealous surveillance (policing) of items for Muslims in Malaysia to ensure their 101% halal-ness has led to a paranoid need for assured protection from haram-ibility.

Has Islamic policing in Malaysia been allowed to go overboard, that is, beyond reasonable dietary observance of Islamic instructions from al Quran?

It has now come to an extent that Malaysia is building halal vaccine factories.

As a non-Muslim it doesn't bother me what the JA-organisations want to do vis-a-vis policing and indoctrination, but think of those poor kids denied vaccinations by their ultra pious parents.


  1. I am surprised you didn’t blame Harapan, Toonsie, LKS, Guanee, DAP or Bersatu for this. Couldn’t find an angle?

  2. So, when will we have Halal RM and non-Halal RM?

    It has started with laundry, paint brushes and even drinking glasses in some schools.

    What about the air they are breathing and the water from the pipes?

    It's called Talibanised education of the frightened to death flock of religious folks.

    1. When they screw non Muslims prostitutes or sleep with their non Muslims wives, what will happen when rubbing themselves against unholy flesh and during kissing, the saliva of these unclean will go into them too ? wakakakaka. Boleh masuk surga ke ?

  3. quote "As a non-Muslim I apologise for saying this - no offence meant: I personally don't think the al Quran goes to that extent on the halal-ness of food"

    islamic SCHOLARS goes beyond,non-halal stuff that changed from their original state cant be considered as it is anymore,thus becoming halal.theres prolonged discussion

  4. I prefer the teaching that says

    “...what you put in your mouth is no problem, it’s what comes out of your mouth that’s the problem....”

  5. Vaccines get injected into the bloodstream or orally administered in some cases.
    Muslims will naturally question whether these are Halal.

    Most of the vaccines used in Malaysia buys are sourced from Western countries, where the Halal status may be ignored or not considered at all.

    For a long time, the answers have not been forthcoming.

    Many people know the basic science behind vaccines. A (hopefully) benign form of the virus or bacteria is grown in a culture. The protein imprint of the germs (called the antigen) becomes the active ingredient of the vaccine.

    If you dig deeper, since the virus or bacteria are active in humans, they are typically cultured in animal-based products. Eggs are often quoted as the media for many vaccines, but who knows what other animal products are used.

    Most Muslims parents still vaccinate their children on the basis that if you don't know it is acceptable, and the benefits outweigh the doubts.
    But a proportion of parents will not vaccinate their children unless they have clear information provided.

    So the Halal Vaccine manufacturing in Malaysia is a good move, and it may also open Export opportunities.

  6. Only in Tiongkok

    "Measures on the Management of the Reincarnation of Living Buddhas"