Friday, March 08, 2019

The new MCA 2.0

Now MCA feels like a jubilant divorcee who has just gotten an overdomineering spouse (male or female? wakakaka) off its back. I'll be kind and use the neutral gender 'it' for MCA.

'It' now feels a new surge of adrenalin, besides feeling no longer constrained by an erstwhile fraternal obligation cum responsibility to remain calm and tolerant regardless of what the erstwhile 'spouse' said, even against its interests and Chinese Malaysian constituency.

Yeah, that 'spouse' of yonder years, Perikatan ('P'ang Chun' in Penang Hokkien or 'sailing boat') has sunk or sailed elsewhere.

So, exercising its new found freedom (particularly of political speech, wakakaka), it suddenly senses and also hears that its once-arrogant and fearless arch-foe DAP now fears it, even with the Rocket Party accusing it of being a prong of a pincer strategy to 'scorched-earth' Pakatan's (Chinese side of its) ass, wakakaka.

Russian 'scorched earth' tactic against Napoleon 

Russian 'scorched earth' tactic against Nazi Germany

DAP worries the newly divorced MCA or MCA 2.0 will now reclaim and re-establish its raison d'être, or its purpose for existence, namely, representing the interests of Chinese Malaysians, thus becoming more (vocally) 'Chinese' than the DAP.

You could say the DAP also worries the newly divorced MIC will also do what the new MCA is going to do.

But it's sweet justice that the DAP who used to lambast MCA as a weak spouse to UMNO but who (DAP) has since 09 March 2018 morphed into a version of the old MCA, now realises what the old MCA had endured when in Perikatan and BN, namely, a feeling of balls-tightened constrain due to a fraternal obligation cum responsibility to remain calm and tolerant regardless of what the dominant 'spouse', namely PRIBUMI, said or says or does.

boe-hood lah 

Yes, suck on that DAP, but blame Lim KS for your current kuai-kuai silence; you're now even worse than a mute stung badly by tebuans, wakakaka.

Pakatan strategists and sympathisers are all working out their worried guts (and knickers too, which have been all twisted and knotted up as well) ever since PAS decided to collaborate with UMNO henceforth.

PAS also wickedly threw in a spanner as well by saying it (PAS) will also work with Mahathir though not with Pribumi, wakakaka. That's what the air force would call ECM or electronic countermeasure (though in the mentioned PAS case, in a political sense), to disrupt, confuse and mis-dis-inform the Pakatan (political) radar, wakakaka again.

Nonetheless, Liew Chin Tong (DAP's Chief Strategist) fears that while the new PAS-UMNO coalition attacks via the ketuanan front, the MCA-MIC partnership will likely attack on the 'nons' front.

With the two new coalitions in a pincer manoeuvre against Pakatan, the twin attacks will render any Pakatan attempt at mollification or/and appeasment of any ethnic group virtually impossible for the component parties of Pakatan, but particularly for the DAP.

That's because Pribumi and PKR will likely give the 'eff' to DAP's interests.

And thus, the likely outcome of the Pakatan response to such a pincer attack may be disparate responses by each individual Pakatan component, with resultant disharmonious consequences.

But wasn't that what the DAP did to MCA (and also MIC)?

And isn't it just sweet justice to taste one's (DAP's) own medicine? Poor Lim KS must be terribly worried sick by now. Wonder whether he will also blame Najib for this new predicament for the DAP? Wakakaka.


  1. Yesterday, MCA midget turned up alongside UMNO, PAS and fellow MIC midget to make the police report against Lim Guan Eng.

    Now MCA is sleeping in the same bed with PAS 2019, just one position removed. The Chinese are not blind.

    Mind you, this is not the same PAS that DAP was allied with back in 2008 - 2013, including during Karpal Singh's time.

    Yes, MCA has an opportunity to redeem itself, but it is a long, long, long way from being able to being a respectable opposition , and not get (rightfully) lumped together with UMNO and PAS

    All government-level politics in Malaysia is necessarily a compromise between the interests of the different communities. What is important is transparency, accountability and DAP still has the opportunity to do that, where MCA lost it decades ago.

  2. Here is a MUCH better analysis wrt the role of Nons, especially Chinese M'sians, in the forming of govt!

    MCA & MIC r game over long long time ago! They r still surviving now is mainly due to the melayu vote banks in the constituencies they had contested.

    Lct's scorched earth warning has nothing to do with these two have-been political midgets. It's more of the warning to the Nons for not coming enthusiastically out to vote. Such tidak-apa attitude plays into the game of umno-pas alliance when these two political desperados r pulling all 3R tricks to entice the melayu to come out in force to vote!

    1. instead of doing their job properly, they now resort to fear tactics, what kind of useless strategist is that?

    2. Mfer, if that's fear tactic then u must not ever heard of


      R u in the same boat as that cinapek wannabe, kiet?

      Bila nak suci?

    3. dun simply misuse beautiful idiom towards any chimpanzee, i once saw how this lct, when he was in new era, rebut an old lecturer with damn rude n offensive word, chimpanzee always remain as chimpanzee, always wan to fight human.

    4. Chimpanzee!

      U! Right?

      It's encoded within the teachings of the 老祖宗 that administrative officers of the day MUST have this servitude towards the people he so served!

      Lct is an elected administrator, so what's wrong in wording the warning WHICH is very real?

      Of course, u wouldn't be able to see!

      Old school mah - 宁为太平犬不做乱世人 suits mfer, like u to the dot.

      I too WOULD rebut any old lecturer with damn rude n offensive words IFF that idiot is 吃古不化,自以为是. Zilch respect for this type of 狗奴才!

    5. CK, last warning on too much Mandarin here - my blog is an English language blog but I would accept bahasa and a few words of Mandarin.

      Your current comment has way too many pictograms for anyone to handle - if you want a conversation with HY a la Mainland China versus Taiwan in Mandrain, don't do it here

    6. Just say u want to prevent yr fart chamber to be nuked lah!

    7. no surprise u would, u n lct is of the same tribe wakaka.

    8. That makes u what?

      The tribe of educated but not learnt! Just pandai2 in regurgitate ideas u can absorb but can't digest.

    9. i am as ordinary as the next guy, not the devoid of gratitude tribe.

    10. Ordinary next guy has NO as much accumulated foul gasses as in yr stomach.

      Thus, he DOESN'T fart as much as u!

  3. MCA has no dignity. After UMMO kicked them out of the matrimonial bed, preferring a sexier (ha ha) new wife to screw, or to be screwed (by PAS) they still want to crawl back under the sheets.

    DAP on the other hand, has dignity, making three police reports against Mat Hassan for calling Chinese “penumpang”.

    1. dap can oso cleanse the sin of mat hassan the moment he join pr in future. so not only dap have dignity, they oso thick face as well wakaka

  4. No need to join Harapan to get forgiveness. Now Hadi your husband/wife (married right?) has the power to halal-kan all kinds of sins.

    1. PAS now see UMNO as their money bag and UMNO now see PAS as their divine saviour from sin.


  5. This didn’t take long. One day after consummating their marriage to “money bags” UMNO, Hadi is already talking BIG MONEY. No need for DAP-style Milo tin donations any more.

    “Even 900 million in our bank account should not be strange”

    Hadi: RM100 per member equals RM100m, nothing peculiar about RM90m

    8 Mar 2019

    PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang said there is nothing peculiar about the Islamist party having RM90 million in its coffers, pointing out that its membership exceeds one million.

    According to him, if a single member donated RM100, then PAS would be able to collect RM100 million.

    "What is strange about RM90 million? Even RM900 million would not be strange," he was quoted as saying by Harakah Online during a programme in Terengganu last night.

    1. RD moron!

      The point is yr alpha zombie is speaking with split tongue, just like that ular in the Eden.

      One instant, no money. Living sparingly.

      The next talk is kaya pula sama RM100 donation per zombie from the hive!

      Dia cuba memainkan kaum otak kosong - memang senang diperlembukan, diperanjingkan dan diperkudakan oleh orang Islam sendiri yang taqleed buta.

  6. Wakakakaka

    Mute stung by Tebuans?

    One of the best quotes in Malaysian politics.

  7. BTW...MCA 2.0 has gone as quiet as a Graveyard on Hudud - the previous weapon they used to Hentam DAP.

    Because MCA 2.0 are now Buddy-Buddy with PAS Hadi

  8. Why are we talking about MCA? They don’t have a single seat in East Malaysia, neither do MIC, or PAS.

    If this amendment is approved by 2/3rds parliament majority vote it means another Manifesto promise accomplished and sayonara to BN’s “fixed deposit”, now that BN comprises UMNO (& PAS for all intents and purposes) and basically nobody else. PUMNO will become a regional party, in Malaya east coast and northern states.

    GOOD MOVE HARAPAN, to strengthen Sabah and Sarawak and weaken PUMNO / BN at the same time.

    Putrajaya to amend constitution to restore Sabah, Sarawak status

    8 Mar 2019, 10:26 pm

    The cabinet has decided to amend Article 1(2) of the Federal Constitution with the purpose of restoring Sabah and Sarawak's status as equal partners with Malaya.

    Law Minister Liew Vui Keong said once the constitution is amended, Sabah and Sarawak will no longer be known as "states".

    He said the amendment bill will be tabled during the upcoming Dewan Rakyat sitting which begins on Monday.

    "It will need a two-thirds majority to be passed. The ruling Pakatan Harapan government currently has 135 members of Parliament, including nine from Warisan and one from Upko. To have two-thirds majority support, we need at least 148 MPs.

    "I'm confident that the MPs from Sabah and Sarawak will give their full support to restore Sarawak and Sabah as two separate territories in the Federation of Malaysia," he told reporters in Kota Kinabalu today, according to Bernama.

  9. "No need for DAP-style Milo tin donations any more."
    Bungalow first. Swimming can build later. Anyway your lawyer is AG - no worries.

    1. U should raise the issue when jibby was in control of the govt lah!

      Ooop… many ketuanan freaks DID!

      Tapi, tak jadi dendan MACC pula.

      Is lge has a leg with jibby, that jibby just kuai2 not doing anything. Same like that exfelda pygmy chairman's hold on jibby's PD sexual rendezvous with that female singer!

      So, apa bimbang, mfer? Semua sudah kautimed ma.

  10. I don't think this is right:

    Now MCA feels like a jubilant divorcee who has just gotten an overdomineering spouse (male or female? wakakaka) off its back....'It' now feels a new surge of adrenalin, besides feeling no longer constrained by an erstwhile fraternal obligation cum responsibility to remain calm and tolerant regardless of what the erstwhile 'spouse' said, even against its interests and Chinese Malaysian constituency.

    Ah Wee was stumbling and mumbling to explain to the press after the BN Supreme Council meeting why their proposal to disband BN was rejected by UMNO (& MIC?) but they would still remain in the coalition as a "house maid", even more irrelevant than before. Hardly the "jubilant divorcee" but more like a rejected old wifey but still need to hang around in order to survive.

  11. i thot mca would stand up n fight, what a useless party lead by a useless leader. most chinese dun believe mca dare to say no to umno, unfortunately they r correct, again n again. now with pas somemore.

  12. I thought all the MCA members in their AGM have approved a resolution for secession from BN?

    So, the President of MCA has betrayed his own party and members?

    The party MCA should call for an EGM to kick out their President?


    As expected , there is no real MCA 2.0
    Fat Hopes.

    MCA continues sleeping in the same bed with UMNO and PAS.

  14. Another interesting article. Malaysiakini has been mentioned receiving foreign funds. Link now posted below

  15. whether it's mca2,3, or 4 it'll still be the same shit, they'll just be bitching at the dap, don't know if wee wee realise it but the rest of us thinks it's childish that achieves nothing likewise the dap, boring and annoying at the same time, it's like whacking your own siblings for the attention of your stepdad

  16. "DAP worries the newly divorced MCA or MCA 2.0 will now reclaim and re-establish its raison d'être.." KT

    DAP has always claimed to be multiracial; so what is the problem? DAP should just plod on to represent all M'sians & forgot racial politics. If this means another 30 years in opposition, so be it ; M'sians' loss.

    1. whenever the lims r under siege, they will keep on reminding us they r chinese.