Saturday, March 02, 2019

Khabar Angin 2019 (1) - Semenyih

Yang berikut hanya khabar angin - maka jangan percaya lah, wakakaka

Terdengar kereta-terbang baru yang mempunyai cap PRIBUMI (produksi dari Boleh-Land) telah jatuh di Semenyih, wakakaka.

Nasib baik tiada seorang pun tercedera tetapi kereta-terbang 'tu dan kebanggaan seseorang memang kaput-ed, wakakaka.


  1. umno/bn ought to kick bossku up the Khyber Pass. according to sreport, umno donations to pas were used to pay for election deposits to create 3 cornered fights which miraculously resulted in the loss of ge14 by splitting and diluting the malay votes but now it looks like he is inching his way back and running the show again, making amends I guess, after a colossal strategic disaster

  2. What a rollicking democracy we have...! No party should win every time.

    It's like Liverpool coming from 4 goals down to score 2, but are still 2 behind.

    Harapan cannot out-Malay UMNO-PAS. Muhyiddin the campaign manager played this game (saya Melayu dulu, Malaysian kemudian) and lost.

    Harapan cannot out-Muslim UMNO-PAS (or at least their version of Islam)
    Attacking PAS over that 1.4 million was the right thing to do but at the wrong time - one day before polling. Many PAS voters were so upset they came out to vote instead of staying home.

    Bersatu can never survive without PKR-DAP. Only their support made the contest even close, otherwise it would have been a rout.

    Bersatu are obviously the weak link in Harapan and they have no good candidates to offer: only fake graduates and rejects.

    Time for Toonsie and Dinny to go......
    Onwards to Rantau....I'm Lovin' It...!

  3. "That so-called RM90 million story is a lie fabricated by Clare Brown and S. Ambiga and Tommy knows it. But he is not going to allow truth and justice to get in the way of his plan to eliminate a party associated with Islam."

    Let shall always prevail.

  4. Wakakakakaka……

    Terdengar pula pemandu kereta-terbang baru tu adalah seorong flyboy wannabe yang baru2 kembali dari Oz!

  5. Biggest losers in Semenyih:

    1. Bersatu, Toonise, Dinny
    2. MCA/MIC (can't think of a word worse than irrelevance)

    Biggest winners:

    1. PAS (UMNO's umbilical cord providing sustenance for survival)
    2. PKR, DAP (Bersatu's weakness in Harapan now made obvious)
    3. Anwar (heh heh)

  6. I wonder what happened to my earlier comment "To Rub it In".