Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Rantau - Do or Die for Mohd Hasan

MM Online - Future of parties and politicians may pivot on Rantau (extracts)

Dr Streram & Mohd Hasan 

PH leader and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) strategist Datuk Rais Hussin said that PH has failed to learn from their twin losses in Semenyih and Cameron Highlands, or to take heed of the urgent need to explain to voters about why some manifesto promises have yet to be delivered.

Rais Hussin 

He lamented that till today, PH has yet to improve on its communication strategy and has instead allowed some ministers to make silly remarks about “flying cars”, in an apparent jibe at Entrepreneur Development Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Md Yusof’s recent announcement that Malaysia will develop a flying car.

drive-fly to learn? 

“Rantau is going to be tough for PH, a 50-50 chance. Recent election results do not favour PH. People on the ground have not felt the positive effects of our policies.

“People need to be convinced and we have yet to establish a manifesto committee. In Semenyih, when I talked to people. they say ‘we have trouble putting food on the table but you are talking about piring terbang’,” he told Malay Mail.

Rais added that he was not surprised PH lost Semenyih because the coalition lacked a proper narrative, and still has not found one.

“When we are not doing enough, the opposition’s narrative becomes the dominant narrative,” he said.

"New" Malaysia - Freedom of Information & speech

Rais Hussin is the Parti Pribumi's strategist. He might have been 'down-playing' Dr Streram's chances of winning Rantau, which BTW I think the good doctor has a good chance of doing so.

Malaysian politics has always and will continue to be racial at its core, thus with 27% Indians and a hefty 19% Chinese in that state constituency, the nons may be the crucial element to tip the by-election scale towards Dr Streram. Now, all PKR needs to do for its candidate is to garner just 5% Malay votes which surely and on theoretical logic, it can.

Ethnic breakdown of Rantau's electorate as of 2018[6]
  Malay (54%)
  Chinese (19%)
  Indian (27%)
  Other ethnicities (1%)

But Dr Streram faces 3 obstacles, namely:

(a) I am sure the Indians in Rantau will troop out in droves and most likely vote for Dr Streram, but the PKR candidate may face the Curse of Election-Day-Mahjong due to disenchantment with Pakatan Manifesto which has been Mafulat-ised kaukau by Mahathir,

(b) Mohd Hasan has been a popular 3-term MB in Negeri Sembilan, even to the nons,

(c) Dr Streram has recently been smeared by friendly fire about allegedly his personal financial standing. Though thus far there is no concrete evidence to support that naughty smearing, most Malaysians prefer to believe in bullshit rather than evidential matters.

But Rais Hussin is nonetheless correct, that the Rantau by-election outcome has a far greater effect than the mere election of its ADUN. It will indicate how the voters NOW view Pakatan versus BN.

saya pun salah

bila cocok (sesuai)


For Mohd Hasan, UMNO's acting president, it will be crucial to his future role in mainstream politics. He has to win to continue to be relevant or he'll become a footnote in Malaysian political history.

A win for Dr Streram will also look good for Anwar Ibrahim, and probably to the disgust of the Dwarfs, wakakaka. 

The other lesser consequence is the role of Mahathir's favourite electorate composition in GE15, to wit, his 65:35 racial ratio, which showed his uncertainty (and lack of confidence) with the Malay Heartland, forcing him to ultimately rely on voters he wished he didn't need to, wakakaka.


  1. earlier victory was won under suspect circumstances, should be corrected by voters, but lucky for him malay sentiments have shifted, narrative malay losing power is 'real' to pas dummies, ag, fm, cj nons, umno dummies are more concerned bossku being fitnah-ed, fence malays will kasi muka why? acting president of after all malay party ma, chinese will go to work outcome not relevant, indians will be busy looking for naik and indera's sweetie

    taliban 3 pH 0

  2. Hmmm...back in 2010, Mat Hassan was exposed as transferring RM 10 Million in cash from KL to UK, through a Money Changer.

    Money Changer used their offset network to receive money in KL, and a counterpart in London pay out to a receiver the equivalent in Pounds, less commission. No questions asked. No need to go through the formal banking system.

    Unquestioningly an illegal transaction. It amounts to money laundering.
    If an ordinary person attempte to conduct this through a bank, you would attract all kinds of unwanted attention, such as how you

    The Money Changer lost his license, but Mat Hassan got away Free of any consequences whatsoever.

    So...I doubt he is clean.

    But the Chinese by March 2019 may be willing to overlook this, as a lot of people are just waiting to fuck Mahathir for his ignoring things that were promised during GE14. Wakakakaka...

  3. Well this testimony by a Pakistani national throws a spanner in the narrative used in the past by-elections that Indian thugs beat up and caused a Malay fire fighter’s death. Now how will the voters in Rantau react?

    Firefighter pinned between EMRS van and car, says witness

    Hidir Reduan 19 Mar 2019

    A firefighter was pinned between an Emergency Medical Rescue Services (EMRS) van and a car during the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman Temple riots last November, a witness told the Coroner's Court in Shah Alam this afternoon...

    1. The sad incident is too bundled up in uncertainty, fog and people on all sides with built-in vested interest in promoting particular versions of "truth" for their political purposes.

  4. Rantau will be a good test for DSAI and his PKR party after the loss by DAP in CH and the loss by PBBM in Semenyih after the UMNO-PAS pact.

    It also a do or die for Mat Hasan of UMNO in his political ascension and also whether there will be a backlash by PAS voters because of their lying leaders in the RM1.4 million settlement case against Sarawak Report.

    Anyway, if 3 strikes happen, it's time for TDM to resign since it is a clear sign his aura is diminishing among voters and better for DSAI to takeover as PM before PH bungkus in GE15.

    So far, there are no leaders in PH who are willing to take the Bulls by the Horns and lead the country forward and not behave just like politicians who Cari Makan for themselves and within their party.