Thursday, March 07, 2019

Pakatan lost Semenyih due to complacent, arrogant & unprepared ministers

FMT - The great Pakatan Harapan denial by Mariam Mokhtar

images below were of my selection (not Sweetie Mariam Mokhtar's, wakakaka)

There is no need for Pakatan Harapan (PH) ministers, political analysts and think tanks to waste sleep or good money on detailed analyses of the Semenyih by-election defeat.

The people dished out free advice over several months, but the ministers did not listen. Some were cocky and many were inaccessible. Like the former Umno/Barisan Nasional (BN) ministers who lost in GE14, PH ministers appear to have copied the art of staying safely in their ivory towers.

They appear to be still drunk on their victory in GE14. They were arrogant and complacent and probably thought that they could pull off another win without working hard as a team.

The signs of PH’s slide into the gutter were there for all to see, even from last May. Take, for example, Perak. PPBM won the fewest seats there but its candidate was still installed as menteri besar. He had little experience and his only quality appeared to be jumping to the defence of his former peers in Umno.

anak buah Limpeh 

aku seorang anak buah Maha-Limpeh 

In Putrajaya, meanwhile, people who can’t even make a decent cup of tea were elevated to ministerial positions and tasked with making major policy decisions.

In recent weeks, hills around the Ipoh town centre have been denuded of trees and vegetation. Further afield, timber concessions were awarded to companies without an open tender – in other words, the new menteri besar is apparently continuing the Umno-BN style of management.

anak buah Parti Pribumi (adakah berbeza dari UMNO?)

only 1 Pribumi candidate (Azumu) won in Perak, yet that Pribumi person becomes the MB

DAP has been dumb silent since

On the granting of timber concession to a RM2 company, Azumu even had the brazen nerve to criticise Dr Aziz Bari (DAP) for possibly not having experience on how the state government approves timber concessions, implying that Azumu himself of course has.

Azumu boasted to reporters, “However, I have explained about this matter in the exco meeting and I believe they are clear over the procedure now.”

However Aziz Bari who is Perak Education, Science, Environment, Green Technology and Information Committee chairman retorted that contrary to what the MB said, the state exco did NOT discuss logging activity near the Orang Asli settlement in Kampung Tasik Cunex, Gerik.

What kind of MB is Azumu to tok-kok?

meanwhile, FMT reported:

The Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) has denied that it is cooperating with the company involved in the forest plantation project at the Kledang Saiong and Bukit Kinta forest reserves in Perak.

Its chairman, Wong Tack, said the use of permits for the 400ha forest plantation project at the two forest reserves was approved on Dec 14, 2018, and given to a company under the authority of the Perak Forestry Department and not MTIB or its subsidiary, Forest Plantation Sdn Bhd (FPDSB).

“The management of the company has no links with MTIB, had never been in contact with MTIB, and had no intentions to cooperate on the Forest Plantation Project under the Forest Plantation Development Programme managed by FPDSB,” he said in a statement today.

He was responding to Perak Menteri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu’s statement on the board’s involvement in the project during a media briefing on Feb 12.

that's Pribumi's Azumu and his story-telling

The Perak administration decided that Muslim men could be fast-tracked into polygamous marriages. Orang Asli rights were swept aside. Uncollected rubbish along the roads appeared to mirror the state of the Perak administration.

The PH election machinery failed to show teamwork, failed to take advantage of social media, failed to show that its ministers care, failed to address bread-and-butter issues, and – worst of all – failed to capture the hearts and minds of the voters.

Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman told Malaysians that rushing through reforms would ensure a PH loss in GE15 – ironic, given the Semenyih loss just a week later.

Prime minister-in-waiting, Anwar Ibrahim, said the defeat gave PH an idea of the people’s sentiments, especially those of the Malays. He said, “We must take these into consideration and carry out our duty well. PH should represent the sentiments, needs and aspirations of all the races in Malaysia.”

He appears muddled – why is he contradicting himself?

Deputy Prime Minister Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, meanwhile, said the issues in Semenyih need time for in-depth analysis. She said, “We have a democratic system. We have choices and we want the people to know we do our best for them.”

What have they been doing all this time? Few of the changes promised at GE14 have been implemented. How much in-depth thinking is needed, for instance, to ban child marriages and reform the shariah system of justice?

Wan Azizah's utter failure & uselessness 

Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali has touted the Malay agenda line, as has Minister for Islamic Affairs Mujahid Rawa. They seem unaware that they cannot flog a dead donkey forever. Affirmative action policies have been around for five decades. They have only benefitted the elite Malays and should be scrapped.

hmmm, the loss of Semenyih tells us we don't have to be apologetic if we Melayu become MORE racist

Many Malays realise that a lack of competition and meritocracy has left them weakened. An emphasis on religion is pointless and hypocritical if religious leaders themselves admit to lying about accepting money taken from the taxpayers.

The day after the Semenyih defeat, the ministers showed us their lack of vision, imagination and clarity of mind and purpose. They simply repeated the Umno-PAS party line of restoring “the Malay agenda”.

Umno acting president Mohamad Hasan credited former prime minister Najib Razak for BN’s win, but he is wrong. The PH defeat was entirely the fault of its ministers, who were complacent, arrogant and unprepared.


  1. Actually UMNO is in control of the Perak state assembly as they have the most seats (25), even more than DAP. Why then do they “allow” Harapan to rule? Because the one-man Bersatu MB is UMNO friendly anyway. Why challenge a democratically elected state government (remember the painful lesson last time) when you can control the MB like a puppet?

  2. What does Perak have to do with Semenyih in a by-election for a Selangor state seat ?

    1. because Pribumi's behaviour/actions in Perak show voters in Semenyih Pribumi (Pakatan) was NOT voting for.

      but you couldn't see that as your eyes and mouth are covered by Mahathir's dedak - Chinese call the phenomenon "Ch'it haw ch'ooi" or wiping the tigers mouth with (in this case) dedak, wakakaka


    Kick Lim Guan Eng out of the Cabinet and charge him with sedition.
    That would be the best first step for Mahathir to take if he wants PH to survive in power.

    1. The relentless attacks against Guanee by PAS, UMNO, MCA, RPK, KT etc only confirms they all fear that his fantastic performance as Finance Minister will undermine the opposition's chances of recapturing Putrajaya. Even MCA has attacked him, as if trying to win favor from UMNO, thick skin, even after they were cast out of the matrimonial BN house they want to whimper back in. Shameful.

      If Guanee is that bad....leave him alone to mess things up.

    2. have you wondered why LKS was so obsessed with Najib?

      same reason why PAS, UMNO and MCA attack LGE

    3. lets mahathir n anwar to handle umno n pas, or najib n hadi, i hv no idea what lks n lge trying to achieve, not a matter of good or bad, just plain stupid. another possibility is to divert or conceal their incapability to govern, what do u think?

    4. mahathir will take care lge, simply bec he know lge is just another boy. i believe mahathir would never forget how pas / hadi treat him when najib was in power, he might work with umno but not pas.

    5. The reason is corruption?

      I am beginning to wonder why you are so obsessed with LKS. Did he or Guanee cause you, your children or grandchildren to be in debt for their excesses? Do you even pay Malaysian taxes? In Australia, Cabinet Ministers resign over dubious nickel and dime taxi claims, in Malaysia Jibby had 1 billion in unexplained cash and valuables, yet he is still BOSS.

      Jibby caused all that debt, so I am grateful for LKS’s selfless effort to remove him. His reward? LKS is now merely a humble backbencher and his son Guanee is trying his best to resolve all that debt, with his very modest 35-year old provisional accounting membership qualification, from Australia mind you, the country I assume you now pay taxes to. I also assume you carefully watch the Oz ministers for corruption lest they misuse your tax money. Same with me.

      So finally UMNO, PAS, MCA have woken up and want to address corruption? What...Pinhorn? MCA please return the 16 million that Jibby gave, Hadi 90 or 1.4 million or whatever, UMNO? ..... countless

    6. Wow!!

      Ampu-ing of the nth power! In the duty performing score: jibby=lge!

      Oui… tak malu ke?

      Banyak cantilever le.

    7. LGE has now provided PAS and UMNO with ammo (the war mongering) to pursue him and DAP endlessly.

    8. TS, I love your wild reckless suppositions and allegations - you coudl be a marvellous fiction writer like Rowling

    9. Those pursuing Guanee about what he did/didn't say better be careful. After winning 400k in a recent court case for defamation he may sue Hadi & PUMNO etc for defamation. His finger has a twitch and his trigger cocked.

      Hadi & PAS got no more financial support from "friends" ha ha sudah terbongkar, nobody dare to make "donation" any more. And when Guanee sues, his attackers cannot publicly attack or protest any more, contempt of court.

  4. Take note PUMNO's new Opposition Leader:

    In 2015, Ismail Sabri sparked a firestorm of protest over his Facebook post urging Malay consumers to boycott the monopolising and profiteering Chinese businesses who discriminate non-Chinese entrepreneurs, arguing that it was necessary for Malays to exercise consumer power to prevent "profiteering" by the Malaysia's ethnic Chinese that control over 90% of Malaysian economies. In reply, political analyst Wan Saiful Wan Jan, head of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs think tank, said in personal capacity that any Malaysian voter regardless of race, would be repelled by Ismail's comments. “I think the reaction of any right-minded Malay or Chinese who believes in Malaysian unity would be of disgust. “And I think, or at least hope, that the Chinese voters will remember what he said when it comes to the vote”. Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar stated that the minister would be investigated under the Sedition Act 1948 and Ismail Sabri has since deleted the Facebook post.

  5. Why everyone making up excuses for PH loss in CH and Semenyih?

    The main reason is, where the majority of voters are Malays in rural and semi-urban areas, PH is bound to lose because the Malays are more racists and more religiously bigotted when such emotional sentiments are played up.

    You just can't change the intellect of such voters overnite and in the end , the country goes to the dogs and bring everyone else down.

  6. Perhaps someone SHOULD do an analysis why DAP, especially lge/lks/tp r the favourite punching bags, within PH.

    Have all of u forgetting that pkr has many cinapek/cinamoe mp/adun too that r so quiet & transparent after 509?

    WHY DAP cinapeks r so vocal while the pkr ones have faded into the background such that nobody noticed them at all.

    Ain't they the elected members from the Chinese M'sians?

    What's going on?

    Is that jive with the oft-quoted notion that DAP is subservient to mamak?

    Or those pkr cinapeks REALLY know how to behave?


    Dear Hadi.. I am impressed. AllahuAkbar.. AllahuAkbar.. AllahuAkbar.

    1. Tidak ada apa yang pelik.

      Mengikut dakwaan Rewacastle dalam Websitenya., RM 90 Juta bayaran Bossku kepada beberapa pemimpin PAS sebagai "Mas Kahwin", ganjaran kepada pemimpin PAS atas kerjasama antara PAS dan BosskUMNO.

      Hadi saman Rewcastle di mahkamah UK atas dakwaan itu fitnah.
      Kalau benar, patut beranilah. Terus saman sampai menang.

      Akhirnya selesaikan diluar mahkamah, tanpa Rewcastle menarik balik mana-mana dakwaan RM 90 juta itu.
      Sehingga hari ini, dakwaan RM 90 Juta itu masih ada pada Website Sarawak Report.

      RM 1.4 Juta bayaran secara sulit kepada Rewcastle sebagai pampasan kepada kos peguaman yang ditanggung oleh Rewcastle.

      RM 1.4 Juta Tak dibaya secara terus of Hadi, guna pengantara.
      Kesian Rameli, cuba tolong Hadi, sekarang jadi masalah.

      Sekarang MACC siasat apa penglibatan Rameli.

      Nanti LHDN akan siasat adakah Rameli isytiharkan pendapatan dengan tepat. RM 1.5 juta bukan main-main.

      Sesiapa yang terlibat dengan Bossku dan Hadi memang akan tercelar nama baiknya.

  8. Hadi has a Lexus...I was told...

    1. New young 18 year old wife too...I was told, hehe. For her : just close both eyes and endure the wrinkled old buttocks, perut velly buncit, fugly old face, flaccid everything from top to bottom and especially that 'thingy' that even a combi of tongat ali & viagra hardly ( pun intended, hehe ) make any difference.

  9. The Chinese already control a massively disproportionate share of Malaysia's private sector economy.

    What the Malays now see in the Pakatan Harapan government is the Chinese, through DAP, making a grab for political control of the country as well.
    DAP don't have the absolute numbers. However, because Pribumi is beholden to them to stay in power, DAP is effectively in the Controller's seat.

    1. you can't even differentiate a voter and a party member which is why your analysis is skewed, a voter may not necessarily vote for the same party in the next election, what makes you think every chinese is a dap supporter? similarly if the malays has a different political leaning does not mean the ummah is disunited, when hadi said only pas, umno and bersatu are malay does that mean pkr, amanah and dap malays are not? one minute he says he wants to unite the ummah the next minute he is contradicting himself that highlights his hypocrisy and vindictiveness

    2. Wakakakakaka……

      "DAP don't have the absolute numbers. However, because Pribumi is beholden to them to stay in power, DAP is effectively in the Controller's seat."


      Tell that to yr chorus master, aka flyboy wannabe BS-ter & that tongkat race sympathezer lah!

      Die2, they have been singing the tube that DAP (lks&lge) is kuai2ly beholden to mamak le!

      Again, whose song sounds better?

      Or they r ALL f*ckingly out of tune - just like a syiok-sendiri crow crying desolately for attention.


    Malays are discriminated against in Malaysian Private Sector hiring.

    I've been saying that for years.

    There is a growing, boiling anger in the Malay community, combined with the Pakatan Harapan government being seen as DAP calling the shots in the background, and heedless of Malay concerns.

    That is the true reason for the UMNO wins in Cameron Highlands and Semenyih.

    1. Yalo...boiling in anger as they drive around in sleek imported cars, living in luxurious mansions, and think of nothing spending hundreds of thousands taking their whole family on regular overseas holiday not to live high on the hog, when they can earn at least 5 times more in GLCs than in private sector. Some more, no need to be accountable for companies' performance, uncle sam is there to bail out.

      As for the B40, there is no seething, boiling anger as claimed...they are quite happy these past 50 over years...their children regardless of how they do in their exams ( which incidentally have very spesiallll exams grading ) would go on to get scholarships which run into billions of ringgit,'free' loans ( yang tak perlu to bayar balik type, hehe ), fishermen gets petrol rebate, reimbursement for boat repairs, new fishing nets and banyak sebagainya, hihi...semua pree punya, the farmers semua dapat pree baja, pree seeds, pree ini, pree itu, all sorts of incentives which the non Malays were shut out of even though they were eking out a living. Banyak lagi pree this, pree that.. What is there to be boiling over ? The dream of most Malay graduates is to work in the GLCs and other government pressure at work, with better remuneration than those in private sector and lots of perks and guaranteed pension some more.

      Now with PH in governance, were any of their special privileges and 'rights' taken away ? They still get to goyang kaki and the kaki still gets new tongkats on a regular basis.

  11. Unfortunately the DAP leadership does not appear inspiring or focused like their battle cry of "Malaysian Malaysia" anymore.

    The leadership does not appear to be sincere. We have been listening to LKS all these years of his high moral sounding views/expose - even against Dr.M etc. Yet now he is not only silent, but in bed with the same man he accused of great wrong doings in the past.

    Now his son LGE is also allegedly involved in the Penang tunnel that RPK is exposing. The MACC, AG etc have marked this matter NFA (no further action). LGE, LKS et al should sue RPK so as to bring the truth to light, otherwise there will be further loss of confidence in the PH government, in particular the DAP.

    Perhaps the DAP leadership needs changing if DAP is to survive.

    1. Perhaps THE answer lies within the fact that DAP is part of the govt NOW.

      In the past, been an opposition party that never in its most fervently mind ever thinking of forming a govt in power - anything & everything go!

      But with DAP been a member in the seat of power, won by a Coalition of ragtaging components, EVERYTHING must be considered carefully.

      The freedom to fart, as it used to be, is gone. All issues MUST be dictated by the BIG picture of HOW to governing a nation:

      1) the battle is won via compromised consensus within the component members. Stubbornly insisting on self-interested issues go against the sacrosanct consensus.

      2) now in the seat of administration, one can see more detail & clearly as to the degree of decays induced by 60+yrs of mismanagement.

      Prior conjectures & postulations, political &/or economical, as stipulated in the election manifesto CAN no longer be applied quickly.

      3) the rakyat is reactively quick to emotive perceptive issues close to their hearts. They expect instant solutions, especially the daily cost of living issues, when they help to change the govt.

      4) maggie mee gratifications to the economic issues can be solved provided the national coffer has enough fund. The reality is the coffer is almost empty. There r payments to be made & there r foreign loans/bonds THAT must be serviced in pronto to protect the sovereign rating of the country!

      Lge isn't having an enviable job in solving out these monetary issues.

      5) the resurgence of the problematic 3R issues fanning like wild fire amongst the melayu populace by umno/pas cannot be ignored.

      Like it or not, they r provocating/agitating the largest vote bank, whose members r just simply walking zombies. These simplistic Malays believe wholeheartedly that DAP is anti-Malay, anti-Muslim, anti-Islam, anti-Monarchy and whatnot. Their hatred toward DAP, amazingly, was so strong that they were willing to forgive the crook whom had stolen their hard-earned money to the tune of billions of dollars – Najib Razak.

      6) agent provocateurs r a plenty too to discredit DAP. These cybertroopers & paid propagandists work on the minds of the Nons. They spread fabrications about DAP's subserviences to mamak, lge's corruption & DAP's inaction wrt UEC etc etc

      Any slip in words/deeds WOULD be manipulated to the worst viral happenstances to the detriment of DAP.

      7) a single term of 5yr govt is not sufficient for changing/eradicating the accumulated problems. Besides, there r other ramifications that need to avoid as new policies r been introduced.

      DAP is not in a comfortable position NOW - to be & not to be, also kena!

      However, the current DAP leadership needs no change, as there r sufficient talents & patriots within the fold.

      All it needs, r mamak's support & knowledgeable rakyats' understanding in not expecting post election Maggie mee gratifications like the spoilt tongkat race.

    2. dap current leadership is very talented in acting n giving excuse. the old one is good at instil fear, 513 la, chinese la, non malay la...almost can match umno.