Monday, March 11, 2019

The fear & anger eating into guts of Mahathir

Malaysiakini - Is Harapan addicted to the 'bumi agenda' too? (extracts)

Why is Pakatan Harapan talking about a "bumi agenda" when it should be "Bumi manusia" (Earth of mankind) as proposed by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, in a classic novel of our Nusantara? 

hmmm, the loss of Semenyih now gives us the excuse to be as ultra as we like, without the need to be apologetic to the leeches besides us, the Ketuanan Melayu

You lost in Semenyih and you want to speed up a bumi agenda? We are all Malaysians. I thought Harapan is all about principles of anti-discrimination?

For once, I suggest, think like a government for all Malaysians and fix the economy accordingly. 

This talk of another "bumi agenda" is a prelude to the new control of the GLCs, perhaps? Another round of economic cacophony? Another round of the creation of the choir group “Hebatkan Malaysia” (Make Malaysia Great Again) who sang praises for a deposed prime minister?

I am making you Econs Minister so you (instead of Guan Eng) take care of the GLCs

baik Uncle

We have not heard any of Harapan politicians championing the rights of all Malaysians. Everyone seems to be comfortably numb, well placed in their seat.

This talk of a "bumi agenda" is bankrupt ideological talk.

From economics to education, Malaysians continue to hear politicians promoting apartheid. We must evolve. Sustainability, human rights, peace and justice - these are the pillars of new Malaysia. Universal goals of our survival. Not another bumi agenda.
Is the "bumi agenda" battle cry a consequence of the sudden enlargement of Bersatu Pribumi into a new Umno?

Dr Azly Rahman is partly spot on that the "bumi agenda" battle cry has been long a consequence of the sudden enlargement of Pribumi into a new UMNO. If you need honey to attract ants, you certainly need gravy to attract frogs.

The personality and indeed chip-on-shoulder mentality of Mahathir, now aped and duplicated by his new heir-apparent Azmin, has a complex pattern but which we could discern with much clarity, because we were cursed by his earlier rule (1981 - 2003).

Mahathir has always a grudge against non-Malays for their wealthier status, and though that gap might have been true in the past, it's no longer the case in recent years (since the 1990s) when we, the so-called rich (but in reality, comparatively poor) nons get to see limousines and Italian sport cars etc chauffeuring bumiputeras like his Midas-rich sons (and mateys) around.

But that's how he has made a living (gained political power) in politics, to wit, by playing to the ketuanan dream. So it has been a combination of part altruism, part seduction, part schadenfreude, part FEAR and part you-guess?, wakakaka.

Semenyih merely hastens his unchanged intention to marshal the faithful and cronies to his banner and with that power, to implement his "Agenda". His new heir-apparent has made it clear he (and Pribumi, even though he's in PKR, wakakaka) won't be apologetic for pushing the bumiputera agenda, and eff you DAP people.

As the Yanks would say, he ain't gonna take no sh** from any nons, especially Ah Bengs including Sings.

But that part of his mentality, namely FEAR, eats away at his innards as he realises that his party Pribumi, despite partaking gluttonously of Gurun's famous dish fried with ginger, garlic and shallots (frogs), has not made much leeway into the Heartland.

Alas, the new PAS-UMNO pact controls 75% of the Malay voters which, fearfully for Maddy, account for nearly two-thirds of the electorate.

The Star Online reported in its article New Malay axis rattles Pakatan (extracts):

... more than half of the 222 parliamentary constituencies are Malay-majority seats where Umno and PAS hold sway.

Merdeka Centre director Ibrahim Suffian says the political landscape could change dramatically if the Umno-PAS pact continues into the next general election.

It is still early days but the Umno-PAS axis is set to be a game changer.

“During the last general election (GE14), PAS and Umno captured about 75% of the Malay vote.

“Malay voters account for nearly two-thirds of the electorate. A cooperative pact between the two largest Malay parties means that their core supporters alone are more than two-thirds of the Malay voters,” says Ibrahim.

He points out that there are currently at least 100 parliamentary seats that are 70% Malay-majority and which can easily go to these two parties.

It also means that Malay heartland states of Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang – where Malays form more than 75% of the population – will be beyond the reach of Pakatan.

Malay heartland states of Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang

a,.k.a PAS' 'Green Crescent States' 

Moreover, Kedah and Perak were basically hung assemblies, surviving only because of Umno cross-overs. [...]

A list of 50 Pakatan-held parliamentary seats that will tumble to the combined might of PAS and Umno has been making the rounds on political chat groups.

The argument is that the combined votes of PAS and Umno in these 50 seats are much bigger than the votes secured by Pakatan candidates in GE14.

These seats include those held by Pakatan ministers and deputy ministers such as Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir, Datuk Mahfuz Omar, Datuk Saifuddin Nasution, Fuziah Salleh, Datuk Dr Mujahid Yusof and Datuk Seri Rina Harun

Penang will be the only safe haven. Lim Kit Siang can reserve the federal constituency of Kepala Batas (AAB's old blue ribbon seat) for either Mahathir or his chai-chai Mukhriz because Jerlun will assuredly fall to PAS.

But in the meantime, Mahathir will revert to what he believes is safer grounds, that of his old (1981-2003) ways.


  1. When Guanee and Minny were given the posts of Finance and Economic Affairs respectively Minnie was thinking to himself

    “wah, so lucky my godfather Toonsie gave me this glamorous and goyang kaki job while Guanee got all the headaches at Finance with so many land-mine red files and 1 Trillion hutang”

    Soon after it was announced that 32 Federal and State agencies were now placed under Minnie’s ministry. Now Minnie realise Toonsie actually gave him the tougher job to turn around these sick agencies like Khazanah, Felda etc while Guanee is sailing smoothly in Finance, even with bare provisional accounting qualifications from Australia.

  2. Article 153 of the Constitution is the Law of the Land.

    Any government that ignores or fails to take action to protect the Special Position of the Malays will not last.

    1. Good try using the Constitution as your defence with obvious sinister motives. Since when the Constitution change the word Bumiputera to Malay in the Constitution with regard to the special position? Malay is just one of the race in Bumiputera. Don't forget the rest.

      You also forgot to mention there is a time limit as stated in the Constitution and not until Hari Kiamat or as long as the Sun, Moon and Stars are in Heaven. Guess that has also expired long time ago.

      It's time to remove the Malay race from Bumiputera so that the other Bumiputeras can catch up to the Malays and others.

      Stop abusing the Constitution for your own Greed and Selfishness.

      There is no honor being labelled Liars.

    2. Oooi bahlul, no honour being a stupid fucking idiot too. The constitution does not use the word "Bumiputera". It uses the word "Malay".

      "However, the constitution does not use the term bumiputra; it defines only "Malay" and "indigenous peoples" (Article 160(2)),"natives" of Sarawak (161A(6)(a)),and "natives" of Sabah (Article 161A(6) (b))"

      Love it when idiots show their idiocy with such confidence and arrogance.

      Nostradamus is a true fucking bahlul.

    3. Oooi bahlul, otak kering, Loyar buruk. Why you so stupid one? You no understand comprehension of the whole issue ke?

      Warrior is wrong to say only Malay race is protected under Article 153. It includes other Bumiputeras like the natives of Sabah and Sarawak, orang asal etc.

      "DAP is Pribumi's Bitch" is a true fucking Bitch on heat yapping away showing it's intelligence. What a Moron.


    4. Quote from fucking idiot:
      "Since when the Constitution change the word Bumiputera to Malay in the Constitution with regard to the special position?"

      Dah lah bodoh, penipu pulak!

      Bahlul memang bahlul blardy fucking liar.

    5. You can't comprehend nor understand, can you?

      Bitch and Yell louder, for all I care, your intelligence is just below par for any normal person.

      Come back when you are matured and intelligent enough.


    6. "Come back when you are matured and intelligent enough."

      Wakakaka...looks like he won't ever come back, ever ! Let's be generous and blame it on the dumb-down education this vonderphul cuontry has to offer. Well, maybe some blame goes to his oodles of
      belacan that somehow had gone to his otak kering, hehe

  3. What PUMMO gains in Semenanjung (30 parliamentary seats?) they will surely lose/never get back in Sabah and Sarawak where PAS is anathema. There goes the fixed deposit.

  4. It's tough to survive to be a politician in Malaysia surviving the racial and religious divide without jeopadising their own and party interests in order to get the votes in elections or to get their party to be the ruling Govt..

    Politicians who are blindsided by all these racial and religious rhetoric should understand that what is beneficial for them to maintain or get elected in their parties and finally into the Govt. in their parties and coalition ain't going to work when you start to lead and govern the general public using the same old tactics and philosophies.

    A country then needs leaders to govern everyone irrespective of whatever political affiliation inclusive of racists, religious bigots, LGBTs, Greenies, activists etc and the interest then has to shift to what is good for a country and it's citizens to be part of civilized, cultured and competative world.

    When a country don't have leaders/Statesman to govern and lead, then what remains is just a bunch of nitwit politicians looking after their own and party interests and with endless bickering and political jostlings.

    It's time to change leaders who are pretenders to the throne.

  5. Azmin's outburst aside, in the contrary, the Camerons and Semenyih results have strengthened the hand of the reformists.

    Now it is up to PKR to deliver in Rantau.

    In the first 9 months of the administration, Mahathir had the right to be given the room to move policy in the direction he preferred.
    However, the serious weaknesses have now been exposed.

    a) Pribumi has no depth in its constituency level leadership. Muhammad Aiman Zainali was a dubious candidate, hardly able to speak a complete sentence, and a dodgy educational background.

    The question raised by voters in Semenyih was, is that the best you can offer ? For their own purposes, both UMNOPUS and Pribumi ignore the candidate factor, because they both prefer the Malay Anger narrative.

    b) Pribumi has no election machinery. Zilch. They have not spent the last 9 months building up any kind of constituency-level organisation, which they could have done effectively since they are now the ruling party. Most of their people seem to be riff-raff escaping UMNO.

    UMNO's election machinery is still in place, albeit now short of "lubricating oil" that was previously in abundance.

    c) Mahathir's focus on pulling in frogs from UMNO has done nothing to strengthen Pribumi or the PH government's position.

    d) There is almost nothing PH can do to win over UMNO and PUS hard-core supporters. These guys will Pangkah Dacing or Bulan no matter what. It is a fool's errand to try to outflank UMNO or PUS on Race and Religion.

    However , there is a significant number of the Persuadable, maybe not the majority Malays in most seats, but enough to win elections in mixed seats.

    Improving the economy, giving opportunities to All Malaysians, ethical government can win over such voters.

    A bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush, something Mahathir seems to be forgetting after 92 years. Dropping the bird in the hand in an effort to catch the two in the bush is what he seemed focussed on doing.

  6. "To guarantee a win with 112-simple majority in the Parliament, the UMNO-PAS still need the ethnic Chinese."

    The above simple statement says it all. That explains why Mat Hassan suddenly sounds conciliatory when he turns around and declared MCA and MIC are now welcomed and obviously had a private word with gangster Nazri ( who could forget this fuck-you picture of him with the thumb sticking out of his fist wakakakaka ) to do the maths...Cina dan orang India masih perlu lagi la...kennot tell them to fly kite yet la, hehe

    Do read why financetwitter says what he said here.." Chinese the missing piece that Umno-Pas alliance desperately looking for :

    Read Jocelyn Tan of Star with a pinch, nay, with a bucketful, of salt.


    "Semenyih win shows Chinese, Indian votes no longer a factor, says Khaled"

    UMNO basically says they don't need Chinese and Indian support.

    Readers should be aware Jocelyn Tan is the daughter of the late Gerakan Chief Tan Gim Hwa's (Penangites knew him as Pek Moh) .