Monday, March 31, 2008

Sabah & Sarawak - Who dares promise wins?

The PKR pork barreling is now in full swing.

Malaysiakini tells us in
PKR: Put us in power, get 20% oil royalties that Anwar Ibrahim has promised, under his government, the oil and gas royalties for Sarawak and Sabah will be increased four folds from 5 to 20%.

Now it’s not that I don’t think Sarawak and Sabah deserve more – they do – but I question such a promise of 20%. It’s just like the PKR pre-election promise of lower fuel price – very easy to make when there’s little likelihood of bearing the responsibility of implementing the promise. Talk is cheap, so to say!

Two years ago PKR made
the same promise. Then I wrote:

Well, in the recent campaign in the Sarawak elections, PKR president Dr Wan Azizah put herself and her husband, Anwar Ibrahim, in a highly vulnerable position when she raised the issue of petroleum royalty given to Sarawak in its campaign to the run-up of the May 20 state elections.

Wan Azizah said the people of Sarawak should not be paying more for petroleum products because the state produced the commodity. She claimed that since Sarawak was a large petroleum-producing state, it should be paid more than the five percent royalty it is now receiving.

Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister George Chan Hong Nam seized on her very comments to ricochet that on to Anwar Ibrahim, who was former deputy premier and finance minister.

Chan said words to the effect that it was rich of Wan Azizah to grandstand on the issue when it was Anwar as finance minister who rejected a request for a bigger petroleum royalty for Sarawak.

Chan revealed:
"When he (Anwar) was the finance minister, I myself asked for an increment in the petroleum royalty but he didn't give. Why is his party talking about it now?”

"I asked for more development for Sarawak because we don't have enough (development) and he also did not want to give (allocations). Why is PKR talking about it now? Why didn't he give us more when he was in power? Now he is no more in power, he can talk."

Well … didn't I just say 'talk is cheap'?

But given the current climate, his sweet words will be music to Malaysians in the Eastern States because what Sarawak PKR state chief Dominique Ng said of AAB’s pathetic allocation of ministerial posts at the federal level to Sabah and Sarawak is very true.

The BN in two Eastern States won 54 parliamentary seats – 40% of the BN’s total numbers - yet their ministerial posts haven’t reflected that significant win which has allowed AAB to remain in power.

Yes, Dominique Ng has cleverly pointed out an embarrassing truth for AAB. The unjust share for the two Eastern States reflects on AAB’s and UMNO’s arrogance and greed.

The 20% royalties will now be added motivation for the Sarawakians and Sabahans to reconsider their allegiance to the BN.

AAB is certainly the worst BN chairperson who doesn’t seem to have a clue as to the new political landscape. He is still acting like the Don, a godfather to BN component parties, handing down crumbs to the very people who have just ensured his PM-ship.

He deserves to be kicked out.


  1. Dear K Temoc

    Having proposed that Bruce Lee kick who would you have in mind next? Kindly share your thoughts plz.

    This ain`t no pre April Fool joke, eh?



    31 Mac 2008

  2. I thought there was crisis in DAP Perak? I can't imagine how you would have screamed hours ago if it was a PKR man. God the Almighty!

    Anyway, PKR's promise to Sawarak and Sabah is good. If yesterday, they were denied. Does that mean we can't give them something today? Can't we correct our mistakes and learn from them? They should be given 10%. That's enough. I'm from Terengganu, we need 10% also.

  3. By the who can answer me on this question. AAB gave 7 ministerial position and double of that to Johor after they brought in 24 seats. Sabah brought the same 24 seats. Yet Sabah has bigger problems and also bigger delegates in UMNO. What do you think are the reasons? Be simple pliz. Interesting this.

  4. Yeah, Kaytee, how about some err...words of wisdom about DAP Perak ?....

    Its looking real bad you know, we may be seeing UMNO back in control in Perak very soon..

  5. AAB gave 7 ministerial seats to Johor yet all of them are BIADAP. Look at Muhyidin, Shahrir and Khaled, they are saying do away with quota. How comes he didn't invest in Sabah and Sarawak? I can see Kaytee's nightmare laughing at Seri Perdana sooner than I can imagine. Or May be his wife...

    Why are they biadap? Given more yet they make more noise? Send them to Sungai Buloh and Kamuting like Anwar was sent there.

  6. kaytee need not say anything, since the DAP guy has already retracted his letter. let's hope that rumoured RM10 mil will go into state coffers :-)

  7. KT, you forget something.

    To strengthen his position in UMNO, AAB need external CRISIS. Now it is clear that he purposely make it so the whole things turn into crisis for UMNO.

    I bet he will promise nothing to East Malaysia, but will give empty talk just for media coverage.

  8. anon 7:03pm

    The DAP man has not retracted anything. He has said he has quit DAP but will remain and serve his people as an independent. Why did they do that in the 1st place? Secondly, they have 3 women winners, how comes DAP didn't feel the need to propose one woman? Huh! Now the post of women was given to a man, Shit.

  9. Federal Cabinet Posts - PKR Urges Sabah, Sarawak Leaders To Speak Up

    The non-proportionate distribution of the Federal Cabinet posts to Sabah and Sarawak, despite the two states being Barisan Nasional's (BN) biggest seat contributors, shows the Federal Government's continuing nonchalant attitude on the problems affecting both states.

    Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice-president Datuk Dr Jeffery Kitingan said it was only now that the people from Sabah, especially component parties, have begun to speak up on the matter.

    "Sabah and Sarawak component parties contributed so much to the BN victory and this should be reflected with a bigger percentage ratio on the appointment," he said, adding that he only hoped the leaders from Sabah and Sarawak would voice out when Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi pays a visit.

    In this respect, Dr Jeffery said Sabah and Sarawak should at least have a Deputy Prime Minister and no less than six full Ministers each.

    It is normal in a win and lost situation that the winners get their appropriate shares. Dr Jeffery said if the distribution was proportionate, there should not be disputes or resignations.

    The Federal Government has also lost its income sources, with five states in the peninsula now under the Opposition rule. "That is why the Federal Government should consider giving more to Sabah and Sarawak that will be its main income sources, being rich with oil palm, timber and petroleum," Dr Jeffrey said.

    Meanwhile, members of parliament from Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan must speak up on the 1963 Malaysia Agreement so that the rights and privileges of East Malaysians in the formation of Malaysia are addressed accordingly.

    Coordinator of the Federation of East Malaysia NGOs, Datuk Patrick Sindu, said it was also timely that the Royal Commission of Inquiry be set up address these issues so that Malaysia could go forward on a balanced platform.

    "Would a referendum be considered for the same purpose to review the Malaysia Agreement? Would other options be considered like bringing this up to the international community with the former colonial master as the key player or the World Court?

    "There appears to be a clear message of many grievances coming out from Sabah over this matter although the BN won the latest election in Sabah with the aid of rigging," he claimed. (Borneo Bulletin, Brunei)

    ***** It looks like the East Malaysians are finally plucking up the courage to confront their weakened 'masters' Umno to get a larger, more fair portion of the spoils. Umno is in no position to flatly refuse or ignore them as in the past. The pejuang2 demi bangsa, agama dan negara from semenanjung have now to kowtow a bit and play ball or risk losing control of the federal government. Not a bad prospect actually.

  10. I am also a bit curious .. yang paling heboh tu cerita ADUN DAP yang resign lepas tu batal resignation budden yang hang ni nak heboh tu pasal PKR lagi.

    Yang pelik tu, orang selalu cerita pasal defector dari PKR tapi yang cabut dulu tu dari DAP. Satu lagi yang pelik tu pasal deliberate misinformation - yang hang cakap PKR "threatened to withdraw from the coalition in Perak" walhal yang sahih tu adalah PKR "threatened to withdraw from the administration but remains committed to the coalition".

    So hang jangan marah kalau ada yang berpendapat yang hang ni memang ada sifat dengki dan prejudis sikit.

  11. ;-) kk46 - pray, my dear sir, what resignation?

  12. Apparently the Nile isn't to be found in Egypt alone.

  13. Lompat si katak lompat,
    Lompat tinggi-tinggi,
    Cepatlah ADUN cepat,
    Bangun Pagi keluar DAP!

    Kalau ADUN lambat bangun
    Nanti ADUN akan Rugi
    Sepuluh Juta Ringgit ADUN akan Rugi!

    Cukuplah kaytee dengan karenah engkau. Sejak dulu lagi hang suka mengenakan PKR. Nama itu jaga tepi kain orang.

    Tapi bila ADUN DAP buat hal, engkau senyap. Janganlah ludah kat langit ya?

  14. releks bros...

    "In a dramatic turnaround, the Buntong state rep retracted his resignation from DAP."

    Sandiwara Semasa dari Perak berterusan....

  15. Exactly .. but this is one sandiwara that apparently escaped our erstwhile critic's crosshairs ... perhaps deliberately?

    It would have been interesting to see the type of spin put into this by this blog if the retraction did not occur.

  16. "It would have been interesting to see the type of spin put into this by this blog if the retraction did not occur."

    But it did, so instead of addressing hypothetical problems that could have been, how about we address real problems that do exist? There are quite a few of those around you know...

  17. Well well well, KT... now that our DAP man in Perak Mr.Sivasubramaniam has made a U-turn, how are you going to spin it?

    - "This proves DAP is steadfast. Anwar is a Zionist agent!"

    - "At least he's back with us now! Anwar will destroy us allll!"

    - "Er, we're just testing the coalition. Anwar eats babies btw..."

    We look forward to your response...

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  19. poor Yapcongwee again with his Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali - sorry, have to delete u

  20. Ktemoc ";-) kk46 - pray, my dear sir, what resignation?"

    OMG - our dear (previously) super-principled Kaytee is now learning the art of political spin himself ?

    I mean, I'm used to associating with guys who smell a little bit :-), but now Kaytee ? What's the world coming to ?

    So many strange and weird things have happened since the night of March 8 - I suppose I'll just chalk this up to the changed political landscape.

  21. Kelakar..

    Semua orang gila sibuk fitnah Anwar agen Yahudi..

    Yang terang-terang Pak Lah jadi agen jual tanah kat S'pore, satu Malaysia senyap je..


  22. I think the Bakun Dam is an excellent opportunity for Sabah and Sarawak to bid adiue to Malaysia. In fact to this region, really. With enough power to run a mega-propeller, we can probably generate enough torque to rip Borneo from the earth substrata and head towards some cooler climate. I say somewhere near the mediteranean would be good (of course nowhere near Israel and other predestined battlefields of Armageddon). Kalimantan? Oh. The Indonesians. I think they wouldn't mind much, really. Or maybe next to Japan.

    Imagine that. Getting hold of the new Nissan GTR earlier and cheaper than any of those 'orang Malaya'. Yum!