Saturday, March 29, 2008

The dark genes of UMNO

Based on a Malaysiakini report on the former Selangor MB challenging the current MB, Khalid Ibrahim, to instruct his exco to declare their assets.
Comments a la pre-emptive strike in my post Khir Toyo taunted Khalid Ibrahim on my voiced plan to blog on Khalid Ibrahim’s zero-squatter policy:

Now, do I follow your blog that thrives in innuendos and self delusion or the blog of the man who is in charge of squatters, local govt and etc in Selangor? Do I need to take your slanted explanation of prejudice or take the position of the REAL man in charge?

This is what Ronnie Liu tells me in his blog

"The zero squatter policy of the Selangor Barisan Rakyat govt would never be the same as the one implemented by the BN govt. The interest of urban pioneers will always be taken care of by the new state govt. That’s a promise.
- Anon

I think the "anon"`person who has posted the Local Govt Selangor Exco simply wanted to show that he follows the story from the man who is responsible for all that stuff rather than you who has no inkling of how he intends to do his work. I think that's right. I too should know more about Exco Ronnie and his steps, after all, he is the one. Giving Ronnie advise on how intends to solve that issue is different from preceding his actions and what he intends to do as if you know anything. Like someone said, your anti (...) shouldn't make you overreach yourself.
- Cindy

;-) and I have yet to post my proposed piece.

Typically but growing ever more vigorously is the intolerance from a certain political party, and it’s not UMNO, ... yet born of UMNO, for where else could it have inherited this intolerance.

Their behaviour? None must question nor criticize not comment on its leaders, policies, conduct or actions. Not especially any member of the public!

Its acolytes haven’t even the patience, decency and etiquette to see what I would actually be writing. But they have already launched their pre-emptive strikes, assuming my comments to be bad and anti Khalid.

How sad! Is this what we have exchanged the arrogant non accountable non transparent BN for?

Intolerance is a sign of aggressive under-confidence and an inability to deal intelligently with criticisms.

Could it be that they themselves feel or know they have done something wrong?

Just like UMNO! Very soon they will be taking to the streets ... wait, they have already in 1998.

But then, what can you expect from a party which has as its very genesis the very party it condemns but now imitates, UMNO!


  1. The Mahathir Era is dead, KTEMOC. Take off that goddam mask and I'll engage you! No point talking with people who go around with a brown paper bag over their heads. You can't be THAT ugly!!! :-)

  2. Oh boy. Screaming again? He he he! You have no life but to condemn others and you complain that you are being disturbed by others? He he he! Behaving like a toddler whose candy was snatched. Look yourself at the mirror before you make crocodile tears and seek sympathy. Evaluate yourself, then see if others have the right to criticise you. If you have, then don't lament to all and sundry that you are being pestered. Isn't your whole life centred on the same? Poetic justice, the inverted type.

  3. antares mate, Why the aggro towards me, the person? Why not read and consider what I wrote, the message?

    Now, haven't you proven my point? ;-) & haven't you given me justification to continue wearing my mask - ha ha ha

  4. 1998 was 9 years ago.
    Virtually all the UMNO wannabes in PKR went back to UMNO years ago.

    If anything my concern with the membership is since the election. My local branch has run out of official application forms, and had to resort to photocopies. We've had over a thousand new applications in the last 3 weeks.

    Many of the new applicants are UMNO, MCA or Gerakan types. I think the local Gerakan branch is going to "tutup kedai". I hope the leadership vets through the applications carefully. Now that DAP/PKR is running the Penang state government, I think many of these are just opportunists taking advantage of the new political reality.

  5. There is no single PKR MP who has been an UMNO MP. All 31 one are either independents, activists, lawyers, professionals, business people or few UMNO members in the past. And we can't condemn all UMNO people. There are good people in UMNO, only that they are being frustrated. I think some people may have a bone to pick with you just like you have a bone to pick with PKR and its leader. I'm not a PKR member but I think it is fair if they constantly lambaste you while it is fair for you to constantly lambaste them. Tit for tat. A lesson in perpetual stupidity in simple terms.

  6. V for Vendetta
    Is that your favourite movie ? Kekekekekek...

  7. sudah lama saya menjadi mangsa cybertrooper PKR yang menyerang saya bila saya mengkritik idola mereka Anwar Ibrahim atau parti. memang nyata PKR dipenuhi oleh puak2 UMNO. kini, budaya UMNO lompat-melompat telah menjangkiti Barisan Rakyat yang sebelum ini memperjuangkan prinsip2 integriti...

    semoga PKR akan kembali ke UMNO dan biar DAP dan PAS teruskan perjuangan untuk membebaskan rakyat dari penindasan BN yang zalim untuk 50 tahun...