Saturday, March 22, 2008

POTS talking about PKR hegemony

I came across this blog called ‘Product of the System’ (POTS) which posted From UMNO to PKR hegemony?

Bloke (or lassie?) wrote: “I’m made it clear from the start that I have more distrust for Keadilan than I do for PAS.”


Continuing: “Recent events vindicate me to a certain extent. When Lim Kit Siang first made a statement announcing a boycott for the swearing-in of the Perak Menteri Besar, bloggers and commentators sounded the battle cry and bashed him with no mercy. The comments on Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s Malaysia-today are proof of it all. Lim Kit Siang apologized publicly soon after, in the most humble and sincere manner from a Malaysian politician to date.”

Well, I see RPK bashing DAP as part of a greater strategy – ‘strategy’ meaning a long term plan with an eventual (not easily detectable) higher objective – will blog on this soon.

Blogger POTS went on: “Not too subtly, similar announcements were coming from the PKR’s camp. Syed Husin Ali threatened abandonment of the coalition government if PKR’s demands for representation in the Perak exco were not met. Over in Selangor, the finalization of the state government’s exco list has apparently hit an impasse as a result of PKR’s refusal to grant DAP their fair share of excos, citing racial imbalance and insufficient Malay representation. Surprisingly, there have been little murmurs, if at all over PKR’s growing arrogance and refusal to compromise the way DAP did in the Perak state government.”

I have already blogged on this (see posts yesterday and before), but truly with a sincere hope my worries may be unfounded. I want to be proven incorrect.

There’s more in his post (URL above) but I won’t extract everything, but just the bits that interests me, such as:

“Well, Anwar Ibrahim will indeed make a great opposition leader. Just one problem though, ..... he too is not interested to be opposition leader. He wants to be Prime Minister, which is why he is currently obsessed luring disgruntled BN MPs to cross over to Keadilan, at no cost apparently.”

My late father taught one thing if I have learnt anything ;-) ‘Nothing is free in this world’.

POTS continued: “This brings me to my next provoking thought. Isn’t vote-buying and party-hopping more of an UMNO/BN culture?”

Yes … er … it’s an UMNO culture alright … er

POTS: “When one is unable to form a government by legitimate means, one has to resort to back door techniques. That, my friend, is exactly what Anwar Ibrahim is trying to accomplish now. Vehemently, he declares that Keadilan would have formed the next government if not for election frauds and rampant vote-buying, but here he is, trying something similar by luring discontented BN warlords and position-obsessed MPs to join his camp.”

Quod Erat Demonstrandum!

POTS then criticized PKR’s selfish tussle with DAP over the Sabah seats … so on so forth ...

He concluded frighteningly: “More and more every day, PKR is resembling UMNO in more aspects than one.”

Habit dies hard lah! But to be fair, as some have already said, there are two PKRs - you work it out which is which!

POTS: “I still believe in the possibility of a stable and progressive DAP/PKR/PAS coalition government. If Keadilan continues its unjustified arrogance and unreasonable reasoning however, Malaysia will finally witness real change – a shift from UMNO political hegemony to PKR hegemony.”

“Some might ask, what can be worse than UMNO? My answer: two UMNOs.”

I think there’ll be only one UMNO … yes ... if you catch my drift ;-)


  1. The future of Malaysia depends on Malay leadership that realizes the well being of Malays and Malaysia is tied to well the being of all Malaysians.

    Racial/religious incitement/marginalization/unfairness can bring down the whole country.. which is not in anyone's interest.

    So even if we were selfish and think of one community only, it should be commonsense that even for that community to prosper, all other communities should also treated well. Or at the very least, there should not be glaring discrimination/ marginalization as is the case now.

    There is enough for everybody's well being, so it is not a zero sum game. So the need is to have enlightened leadership which can convey to grassroots the message that fairness will benefit them as well and without it all may go down.

  2. Aiyah, Ktemoc and his relentless crusade against PKR and know who..

    This is what Kaytee wrote 9 months ago about PKR ?

    "Perhaps it may survive but I reckon in the mode of the pathetic pitiful PPP"

    Now he's writing about PKR hegemony ?

    Come on...its neither going to be hegemony nor PPP'ish oblivion .

    BR is still a very new coalition and disagreements are often done in the open.
    Personally I actually prefer that to BN's closed door 'everything is OK' so-called consultations.

  3. very naughty kk46 - was it kaytee who said 'PKR hegemony'? In fact I stated "... there’ll be only one UMNO ...".

    I don't what it is with you anwaristas, always accusing poor innocent naive sweet kaytee of saying things I did not, or blogging for the BN for money ;-), how I wish coz, as I told one sweetie, if I received a dime each time you guys accused me of that, I'll be asking "who's R Kuok compared to kaytee!" ;-)

    hmmm, very defensive lah kk46 - ha ha ha!

  4. hello if what kaytee postulates and hypothetices always turns out right he must be filty rich lah !
    ( so is he ?)
    but of course he is just an armchair critic like u and me and us tho pretty long winded like chinese cooking mostly contribute to obesity

  5. Another one sided writing by you!

    Aiyoh.. come lah bro, what else do you want?

    I think you will only be satisfy when the whole of the states have chinese DAP as MB/KM I supposed.

    Grow up lah bro, your DAP is not so great lorrr...

    Next GE, DAP will lose most of the seats it gained. believe me, its going to be back to 10 the most..

    Another Chinese chauvinist lah..

    I am just being blunt... its a fact that DAP is a Chinese party...

    So, most are Chinese Supremacy type lah.. forget it lah.. I think we malays are leaving DAP next GE.

    But then again, most would say Malays vote are not important to DAP right? Now being arrogant just like BN already lorr..

    Haiyahhh.... so sad lorr

  6. I am inclined to believe most of the pro PKR posts in all the blogs pertaining to the PKR's betrayal of its non racial election platform are from political Malays masquerading as Chinese and non Malays.

    All the DAP - and Chinese therefore - bashing seems to be part of the PKR post elections strategy. My opinion is that DAP should pull out of the coalition if the seats are not allocated according to the seats won. Read my posts in the KTemoc's article "Frogs, then Chickens?"

    This is my last letter on this subject. I have said my piece. I hope the 26% Chinese will also swarm the blogs - if they are not PKR's and UMNO's front - and Malaysiakini to speak out against all the DAP bashing.

    That is, provided Steven Gan hasn't lost control over his "gatekeepers" in blocking out or distorting letters written in support of DAP and the Chinese concerns.