Thursday, March 06, 2008

Political snippets (12)

Based on news report by Malaysiakini and Star Online


Many of us Malaysians are still pretty childish & even fanatical about our politics - black or white (no grey), for or against us (no neutral), you don’t love us therefore you ‘hate’ us ;-)

Bloggers are even questioned about their ‘vested interests’ on what they post, implying a pecuniary, position or power benefit. In reality all bloggers have ‘vested interests’ in their blogging, which could be for humour, hunger, hatred, hobby, hero-worshipping, hormones, or hau-siow, etc.

When an idol or icon is criticized for, say, credibility or questionable behavior (like racist attitude) the messenger is shot rather than the criticism analyzed for facts, truth or credibility.

‘Facts, truth or credibility’ – frightening stuff – why let them interfere with a feel good atmosphere.


Rather, the messenger was shot repetitively for his pseudo-intellectualism – hmmm, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

Racist diversionary tactics - he’s a bloody mamak trying to reinvent himself as a Melayu – hmmm, let he who is without sin-fool 'reinvention' cast the first stone!

Reason - f* it! - The savage bows down to idols of wood and stone, the civilized man to idols of flesh and blood.


Case I - Eat sh*t Brutus!

Last night I had a revelation
Somehow I have to make you pay
It's all about manipulation
And what it takes to get my way
I don't believe in soft solutions
No one makes a fool of me
Without receiving retribution
No one hurts me and goes free
(from Red Delicious quotes)

Two years ago I posted Humpty Dumpty Bit Hands That Fed Him.

Today Malaysiakini tells us Dr Mahathir pronounced that Samy stifled Indian voices - ha ha ha!

When asked whether the current problem stemming from the marginalization of Indians during his PM-ship which saw very pro-Malay policies, Dr Mahathir said:

“Samy Vellu did not ask for assistance. The problem is that he is preventing other Indians from having a say. (IPF president MG) Pandithan was got rid of, (former MIC deputy president S) Subramaniam was got rid of, K Pathmanaban died but of course before that, he was (former MIC vice president).”

"That is his (Samy Vellu) way of doing things and of course the other voices cannot reach me. And of course, he doesn’t say there is this battling among the Indians."


Case II - Two for price of one

Case II (a) – Yesterday I mentioned I admire Onn Jaafar as a far sighted man. He could have remained No 1 in UMNO but lost that position to Tunku for a principle.

But I certainly won’t ever admire any person who after losing a position claims to be a modern version of Onn Jaafar.

Case II (b) – BTW, the Oon Jaafar family has also been identified with a concept beginning with a ‘P’, as in:

Onn Jaafar – Principle

Hussein Onn – Peace

Hishamuddin – Penknife

Case III

This is low down punching below the belt, reminiscent of Tengku Razaleigh (Ku Li) being photographed with a Kadazan hat which unfortunately had a weaving or stitching that resembled a cross. It provided his detractors the opportunity to imply Ku Li wore a Christian symbol.

I recall once I designed a badge for my organization which showed a blazing star. My Malay boss didn’t approve it because it uncomfortably (for him) resembled a cross. He was always very politically conscious of such possibilities but in the end, for all his political correctness, he didn’t get to be what he had aspired to.

Well, Lim Kit Siang’s opponent in Ipoh Timor, Dr Liew Mun Hon accused Lim of working with PAS, with of course the intention of frightening the voters that the DAP was in cahoots with the frightening PAS.

But I reckoned the Chinese voters today are less pissed off with that alleged DAP-PAS association than was the case in 1999. Stay steady, stay cool, Uncle Lim.


  1. "Many of us Malaysians are still pretty childish & even fanatical about our politics - black or white (no grey), for or against us (no neutral), you don’t love us therefore you ‘hate’ us ;-)"

    This is what exactly you'll find when you look at yourself in the mirror. Your(signature)sick bathos for Baalestinians, your Anwar and Bush Derangements. LOL!

  2. there you go, proving my point about your childishness ;-)

  3. Hehehe, note that I've not praised the parties you so unremittingly condemned. So who could be the more likely childish fanatic? LOL!

  4. If I am so unlucky stranded in the Island, to choose between MCA and PAS, I will rather choose PAS.

    Because I know although PAS don't like liberals, but unlike MCA, they won't stab you from the back for the sick of "survival". ;)

  5. but it really appears like you can't shake off old ideas and are set in your mindset about things which are based on stale information. people change, perhaps it's because you can't change that you believe anwar can't.

    i am wondering with all the anti-anwar rhetoric.

    not everyone has vested interests. not everyone stands hope to gain from blogging to express their views. again, pls don't project your personal views, motivations and perceptions on others. ;) sincerity does exist....outside the BN.

  6. moo_t, In my area there're only PAS and PKR(Parliament and State) and UMNO. No need to say which one I'll never vote.

    I'm also proud to say that never once have I voted for BN! Never was I ever deluded.

  7. "pls don't project your personal views, motivations and perceptions on others" ha ha ha

    Aren't u doing that in your blog?

    At least in my case I am consistent! ;-)

  8. there is nothing wrong with changing your views as you receive new information.

    yeah the interview with husam musa is a "projection". so is the coverage on tian and the photos. ;)

    i realise that other people have motivations, perceptions, views that differ from mine. i believe those who have intact mental faculties can tell....

    it's ok KT, thinking is allowed outside BN. free your mind...

  9. I have to confess mine is not so "free" as yours ;-)

  10. What happened to the TV Tiga blog :-)

    I was starting to wonder if Ktemoc was trying to outdo the MSM...

  11. Consistency for the sake of consistency is a symptom of mental rigidity.

    People do change their views over time with new experiences (be it positive or negative), information and knowledge.

    Heck, that's how Homo Sapiens has managed to survive as a species - the ability to learn and adapt to changing circumstances (National Geographic - hehehehe :-)

  12. That's one aspect, kk46 - the other would be called "principles, integrity and conviction" (religious ppl called the last "faith"). Unlike some, I am not a katak, changing my political beliefs or affiliations by the day. For me, from Day 1, it has always been leftwing socialism, where currently the credible political party nearest to my ideology happens to be the DAP.

    Needless to say, you have assigned your version to me - it's OK, I am not in the least upset or offended, comes with the kaytee territory of discussion/debate ;-)

    And a compliment to you - while we've regularly disagreed, from domestic to international affairs, at least you're one visitor who has always been civil and courteous - cheers matey!

  13. `I am not a katak, changing my political beliefs or affiliations by the day`

    Katak dibawa tempurung also cannot change. Brain dead is another name.

  14. ... and applicable to those who are by nature, provclivity, habit and track record, katak ;-)

  15. Zahrain Mohamed Hashim, the PKR candidate for the Bayan Baru parliamentary seat, turned up, representing Wan Azizah, who was unable to attend (apparently because Hishamuddin had turned up in Permatang Pauh to give her a hard time). Zahrain pledged that the PKR candidates would work with their DAP counterparts “like brothers” to send the BN packing.

  16. I enjoy your writing. It's neither the stereotypical pro BN worshiping of the main media nor the fanatics view of the opposition supporters who could not see any wrong in the chosen leader of their heart.

    I see that you are a pro-change person, but who finds Anwar Ibrahim to be as corrupt as the BN, with facts. If that is your opinion, then be it. Please continue with your excellent writing and I would say evidence based views. They are definitely refreshing, though I may totally disagree with some.

  17. `I see that you are a pro-change person,....`

    You don`t read every thing. He already said, `I am not a katak, changing my political beliefs or affiliations by the day. For me, from Day 1, it has always been leftwing socialism`.

    So it is a block of concrete up there.

  18. "Peace is the absence of opposition to socialism" - Karl Marx.

  19. There used to be a bunch of old time "socialists" hanging out with DAP(a long time ago) and they were most irrationally vocal in anti-Americanism for its own sake even when that became fatuous, irrelevant and archaic. There was a specimen in the form of one called "Socialist" in BungaRaya forum where he quarrelled with almost everyone. ;) It appears that such a group seems to be quite extinct today. They're not being admired anymore.

  20. haiyah uncle kaytee,

    for all your talk on principles, integrity etc and you being a leftwing socialist, why don't you embrace anwar's leftwing socialist economic policies like reducing prices via subsidies (what else) sure you know what "leftwing socialist" means or not?

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. tengok ni

  23. no matter wrong or right ( what is ?) but you stick to your guns which is a right strategy during a period of war ( like now ) but will fail miserably during a time of peaceful ( are we there yet ?) ...1st round to Ktemoc!

    but JY may yet score the secomd point after 2molo ! we wait

  24. team bsg,

    do u even know what the debate is about? why don't you stick to food blogging...and who are you to give points? who appointed YOU?


    little girl, pls keep quiet while adults talk....

  25. Being a leftwing socialist doesn't mean one has to be a gullible idiot to believe anwar's promise to lower fuel prices through further subsidy

    1 - for a start, he won't be PM, so such talk is cheap when there is no likelihood of him being able to fulfil such a promise

    2 - even if by some miracle he becomes PM, he won't be able to buck against economic reality of global oil prices - it's bad management to increase fuel subsidy in such circumstances, so where's the leadership and sound economic management?

    3 - the money would have been better spent on (a) developing/improving a public transport system that's effective, efficient and affordable for the poorer citizens who can't afford to travel by personal motor vehicles, (b) health, (c) education to tertiary level for anyone who is eligible to enter uni, (d) better age care, (e) safety net for the unemployed and (f) pension that realistically enable a retiree to live reasonably comfortably - so where's the vision?

    Then, how much can a ordinary Samy, Ah Chong or Ahmad on a piddly little scooter benefit from fuel subsidy when it'll be the rich with their godzilla fuel guzzlers who will be the actual big winners of the subsidy, apart from the usual rorting of subsidized commodity by crooks.

    Anwar's promise is merely populistic and lacks real vision. You can go ahead and support him and his 'promise' as you probably belong to that upper middle class society who would benefit.

    Leave leftwing socialism to people who understand and have experienced what's it like to be poor. Not having the dough to have a night out at Zuok or to buy a RM5,000 Nikon camera doesn't count as being poor ;-)

  26. JY's alarming and unequal outbursts in response to our earlier little girl's friendly banter is sadly a reflection of her latent inferiority complex & inner torment ( reminiscent of a troubled soul) and unbecoming of one who arrogantly professes to be a self-confessed Christian ( presumably more clever , knowledgeable and holier ) than any food blogger in town or beyond and whose avowed duty is to spread understnding and tolerant Chistrian values and propagating the Sisterhood of Mankind in the MSM or cyberspace ?

    But of course we forgive her , for God knows what tensions , stresses and troubles she faces in her ambitious daily grinding ordeal to be accepted as a qualified highly ranked member of the elitis Malaysian Political Socio Network

  27. ;-) bsg, dun mind jed - she's sometimes a wee aggro but most times she's a real sweetie - she's probably having some crisis in her life right now

  28. deleetd comemrical spam - kucheng mini whatever?