Sunday, March 16, 2008

Don't you worry about Sam

Thanks PM, but Sam doesn't need a senator's appointment. He has a new job that helps him bring home the bac.. ... er ... sorry, I mean ... roti canai. Cheers.


  1. You should've posted his resume, too... (yeah, I got it also).

  2. no no, sam is now in the movie line - a film producer in india.

    his first movie is kush kish kalah hei, featuring new actors & acresses such as mydin khan, sharizat rai, keaveas kapoor, koh tsu khan & khir toyol barchan.

  3. ;-) Lucia, I didn't realise that you are so familiar with the nuances and personalities of Hindi films, like Anwar Ibrahim is reputed to be.

    But good one.