Sunday, March 16, 2008


1969 wasn't successful because 'someone' decided that the 'stakes' were too high to leave to mere democracy. Something happened to delay what most people wanted, as expressed in the polls.

40 years later, in 2008, the yearning for democracy and the associated transparency, accountability, equality & justice couldn't be contained any longer. In this great expression of (most of) the PEOPLE's VOICE, we need to acknowledge the super-humongous contribution and scarifice of Hindraf, who amongst the activitist organizations had been the most effective.

Thank you Hindraf, you are without peers.

March 13 didn't happen - a demonstration of the maturity of Malaysians, other than that of some die-hard ketuanan fossils, poor losers who don't (and probably have never) understand what democracy is about, and who had the unmitigated shame to call for a scorched earth policy for Penang, as if the nation is theirs to vent their merajuk petulance on, without any regard to even their own Penang supporters.

Former CM of Penang, Koh Tsu Koon, has made amends for his 'previous R.B. life' by conducting himself in the finest tradition of Westminster styled parliamentary democracy, even though he's in reality an Opposition in limbo.

Koh has been exemplarily courteous to the man who replaced him as Penang's CM, and has correctly rejected the sorry case of the Penang UMNO's disgraceful call to PM AAB to abandon mega projects planned for Penang. A tale of two (mental capa)cities - posh and pariah.

PM AAB shares Koh's attitude, very much to the relief of Lim GE - for more read Malaysiakini Guan Eng lauds PM's pledge on mega-projects.

The Star Online reported Koh chiding UMNO Youth for resorting to their nasty modus operandi of taking to the streets to bully people who don’t agree with them.

Koh: Street demos not proper way to convey views where Koh tapped UMNO Youth on their heads by saying
“We have to be consistent. However, as often pointed out by Barisan’s top leaders, such acts may heighten tension and even lead to conflicts if they get out of hand”
in an obvious reminder of the BN’s condemnation of the Hindraf rally.

Thank you Ah Koon, for teaching those punks not to conduct themselves with hypocritical double standards.

The election is over. Let us practise and uphold the finest traditions of parliamentary democracy. Let us take our new sense of political maturity one step further and consider the factor of bipartisanship on matters vital to our nation's continuing democracy.

Malaysiakini has informed us of recent incidents when democratic principles for post election process have been 'bypassed' or 'modified' by some royalties. We are a constitutional democracy. We must not accept that, and I call on ALL to back the cabinet and the PM in a spirit of bipartisanship to uphold constitutional process, lest we return to the bad old days of 15th Century Sultan Mansur Shah where Hang Tuah's life and loyalty were treated with shameful disregard at the callous wimp of a monarch with absolute powers.


  1. Tan Sri Koh had shown maturity in this issue. This is what parliamentary democracy is all about. Even the Opposition had not snub the loosing BN by street celebrations and instigations. If this is the start of how our politicians is going to behave, then I think the future of Malaysia is bright. But alas, there are always people with archaic ideas.........

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  3. Well, there we go again -- the usual, much to-be-expected, boorish, kurang ajar, totally despicable behaviour of petty-minded dimwits and sore losers known as UMNO Youth. Empty vessels certainly makes a lot of noise.

    Just because Penangites exercised their right to vote for a government of their choice, these contemptible sore losers want to sabotage the new administration and punish voters out of spitefulness and vindictiveness. By doing this they show how vile, devious and corrupt their values are.

    Next we learn that this group of people are ganging up and verbally bashing Mukhriz Mahathir for writing that letter to Abdullah Badawi. Isn't a person allowed to voice an opinion? But to their surprise Mukhriz shows he has backbone and is standing up to them even though he stands alone.

    By now all Malaysians know that such cowardly, bullying behaviour is typical of this bunch of brainless jerks. It's on display all the time. If they perceive an opponent as weaker than them or, better still, defenceless, they would gleefully rush in to pummel the hapless victim while at the same time shamelessly proclaiming themselves as great, patriotic wiras.

    Their true character reveals itself quickly enough whenever they face an opponent who is stronger and more powerful than themselves. Witness what happens
    with the Indonesians, for example.

    All the Indonesians need to do is growl and bare their fangs and you know what happens? These hotshot wiras instantly become silent --- their faces turn pale with fright --- they break out in a cold sweat --- they hang down their heads deferentially --- their tails droop down timidly between their legs --- their pathetic penises shrivel up to the size of a tiny cigarette butt --- their balls wither and drop off --- they curl up in a foetal position, whimpering and trembling with fear. Yes, that's what happens when they meet a stronger foe.

    All noble-minded Malaysians with a strong sense of fair-play will want to ask these biadab fellows: Why are you still wearing trousers? Take it off and put on a
    burqa or a baju kurung/tudung instead. You are unfit to wear the pants anymore. You have shown yourselves to be nothing more than a bunch of excitable, twittering pondans. Sheesh, what a bunch of femme homos!