Tuesday, March 25, 2008

DAP shot down party hoppers.

Thank goodness the DAP has principles.

On the subject of the reprehensible party hopping, which Malaysiakini has published in PKR Youth: 16 BN MPs ready to jump ship (all from Sabah and Sarawak – also heard on grapevine the price has gone up from RM3 Mil to 10 mil – wow!), apparently the High Court had ruled in 1992 that an anti-hop law would be unconstitutional as it contravened the freedom of association provision enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

The Court was of course looking at the letter of the law rather than the morality of voters being deceived by slimy frogs which presented themselves as Party A candidates, but after being voted on those credentials, would leap across to join Party B.

However, a constitutional amendment, which of course requires the support of at least two-thirds of the Dewan Rakyat, could pass such a law.

When the BN was exploiting such grubby unconscionable conduct (of party hopping), they were criticized, cursed and condemned. I am just amazed that the very people who lambasted the BN for those unscrupulous cheating of political powers are the very ones now claiming it’s OK because “the bigger picture is to dethrone the BN”.

What brains baffling bullsh*t because the “bigger picture” is to have a transparent, accountable, clean and truly democratic process for Malaysia.

But regrettably those blind-by-faith acolytes saw it now fit to rationalize, justify, and even promote the treacherous betrayal of voters by unscrupulous party hoppers.

In Malaysia many voters go for a political party rather than a candidate, and this is never more obvious than the recent election. It may be worthwhile considering what a (Chinese) sweetie in Alor Setar told me, that her grandmother and other relatives were advised by her uncle to vote for ANYONE or ANYTHING except the ‘ch’in’. I know, because my mum had that same advice.

‘Ch’in’ is a word in Hokkien (a Chinese dialect prevalent in Northern Malaysia - Penang, Kedah, Perlis right down to Taiping) meaning ‘dacing’ or the weighing scales, the symbol of the BN. That’s how a large number of Chinese have voted for PAS (yes, sweetie's granny voted for PAS) or PKR because their aim had been to vote out the BN.

Imagine how would they feel if the PAS and PKR MPs walk across to the BN? Wouldn’t that be a betrayal of their democratic choice?

Likewise, a BN voter would feel ultimately betrayed if their elected rep like a katak would lompat across to join PKR.

Yes, shamelessly, the common cry among those ‘lost’ souls (and I mean they have lost their souls) is “why was it no one complained when the BN did it” implying they now have the right to respond in tit for tat fashion, but forgetting they have been exclaiming, proclaiming and acclaiming their recent victory as a win for a ‘change for the better’.

May I ask how can a ‘BN Version II’ be a change for the better? Yes, if the BN ate sh*t, would they eat sh*t as well? If the BN was corrupt, would it be OK to be corrupt too? With such an attitude of 'whatever it takes to gain power post election', the so-called Barisan Rakyat could well be degenerating into a BN Version II - and I won't be in the least surprised.

I am glad that Karpal Singh has spoken out against such a sleazy avenue of gaining political power.

Karpal Singh, the Lion of Gelugor, stated in no uncertain terms that the DAP will support the BN anti-hop law proposal if it is tabled in Parliament.

Karpal effectively put a spanner in a de facto machination machine by saying: “Barisan just needs the support of eight more MPs to pass the proposal. We have 28 MPs.”

In that simple stark statement “We have 28 MPs”, Karpal has implied, to hell with those disgraceful disgusting de facto dealings. He has effectively distanced the DAP from the neo-UMNO Machiavellian manoeuvring mischief. He has also neutralised any necessity for BN to conduct covert horse trading to get the law passed.

Indeed, Karpal is basically stating in no uncertain terms, (my words of course) ‘let’s conduct our politics with some decent democratic de jure principles’.

Karpal Singh sneered (his actual words): “We also don’t welcome renegades defecting to DAP”, indirectly and morally shooting down another party.

He said (what should supposedly be upheld in the current ‘change for the better’ political situation): “The trust of the voters is sacred. There must be honour among the representatives who won under the Barisan ticket.”

Indeed, and he said in my hometown of Ayer Itam that those party-hopping should be outlawed as a criminal act as it was tantamount to cheating and deception.

Karpal was responding in bipartisan spirit to new minister Zaid Ibrahim’s proposal to introduce an anti-hopping law, after the PKR adviser claimed some BN MPs might cross over to the Opposition. Surely we don't want such grubs.

Meanwhile in Alor Setar, Anwar Ibrahim defiantly said the proposal showed that the BN government was scared its elected representatives would cross over to the Opposition. But what has he to comment on Karpal’s disdainful reaction to a political unacceptability which is so sleazy, slimy and stinking that any decent bloke or lassie wouldn’t touch it with a 3-metre long pole?

Anwar even has the audacity to advise: “A person who wants to cross over will not wait for the law to be passed. Is there anyone who wants to cross over?”

Reformasi? Do those who mouth this word regularly like a sacred mantra really know what ‘political reforms’ mean? Or has this word been aired meaninglessly and uselessly?

Reformasi, ha ha ha, surely the most perverted word currently in Malaysia!


  1. how come your font looks different? it's better cos bigger but the column is too narrow....

    your black BG is also getting a bit boring....


    man proposes, god disposes.

  2. what's your take on the ong brotherhood in mca? kt passing the baton to kc. maybe you should rename your blog to KC KONS... ;)

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  4. KT, how would you have voted if in your constituency you have only PKR versus Cacing? No vote? Spoil vote?

    Of course, I'm against froggies for decades and am all for Karpal's move. But you're against it because Anwar might leap into power faster more than because party switching is repugnant per se.

  5. Dear K Temoc

    Top of the morning . Your obsession with sdra Anwar is very interesting.

    Sdra Anwar have spent some years behind bars. Lingam Gate has shown top level of judiciary was compromised and now newly minted Minister Zaid talks about apology and some are saying it should be ex Premier Mahathir who should apologise.

    The first post Tun Salleh Abas successor and all respective successors (as Lord President/Chief Justices) too should not escape scrutiny together with roles of the former AG Abu Talib/ late Mokhtar Abdullah.

    Would you rather Sleepy Head continues indafinately leading the nation nowhere? Have we not seen enough of the capabilities of the fellow?

    I have the highest respect for sdra Karpal too but am sure the DAP Central Committe will make the correct decision at the right time. Conduct of the overall general elections with usage of ink not allowed at the very last minute, postal voters etc are all issues very dear to the voters.

    Democracy works fine if the elected representatives are allowed to choose, after the election results are announced, based on current prevailing scenario, their personal democratic rights in the best interest of the rakyat that voted them,(based on that current prevailing scenario) in the larger interest of the nation, on their next step.

    Anti Hopping Laws will be a backward step (based on the loose talk of) corrupt money induced the hop. A change for the better induced the hop should be the talk.

    Just look at the money politics in UMNO. It self destructs not only the party but puts the nation in danger in the long run as quality of leaders that have come to power speaks for itself.

    Lets just give sdra Anwar and his new team /politics a chance and next five years down the road we the voters have a chance again, don`t we ?

    Prison changes people at times my dear K Temoc. I Respect your right to disagree my friend.



    25 Mac 2008

  6. In Malaysia, it has been common to vote for the symbol/flag of the party rather than the particular candidate. Therefore, it would be a betrayal of the trust, faith, hopes and aspirations of the electorate should the elected person decide to ‘katak’ from one party to another. Resign first and then stand for re-election. If my elected rep jumps from BN to BR OR the other way around, you can bet I would vote against that ‘katak’.
    I don’t think the people would take it too kindly, if say, AAB or Najib or Khalid Ibrahim or the other Ibrahim or Karpal or LGE were to ‘jump’.

  7. The question that should be asked is simple: Why does UMNO feel the need to change laws today and not yesterday? Is there any morality involved? Absolutely not. So any argument that defections are not good is politically correct argument that no politician will buy.

    Secondly, Zaid should be addressing the current failures of Abdullah in relation to the Judiciary more than he can point fingers at Tun Mahatir and looking back at 20 years ago as if we have no problem today.

    Thirdly, anti-hopping or defections laws must not be passed unless UMNO comes clean on the ill motives behind such move. Should it be helped, it should be at the expense of UMNO like doing away with electoral gerrymandering, etc.

    Fifth, Karpal is not seeking power on behalf of DAP though they support Anwar as Lim Eng said, this is because DAP knows political leadership will remain with the Malays always. So he knows no parliamentarians will hop from their parties to join DAP for now. DAP has reached its potential and it can't go further. It can't get any other Menteri Besar in Malaysia and it can't produce neither the Prime Minister nor his Deputy. Furthermore, it can't wrestle more parliamentary seats that can exceed 30. So DAP is already saturated. That's is a fact known.

  8. You said the price has gone from 3 million to 10 million. Why don't table the evidence. You seem to be high on drugs that your innuendos and blabbering is stinking. What we read in the newspapers was a challenge to anyone who has evidence to produce it and proceed to the courts including PKR Youth Chief (yesterday) who even gave 2 weeks ultimatum to Tengku Adnan to prove his case or else he will be sued and others like Hadi Awang and Lim Eng. Must you always be inferior and small-minded?

  9. Well, well, well. BIG question Sir, Are you driven by integrity in the first place? If you answer that question satisfactoraly, then we can debate other issues and handle other affairs. Before that, you are not different from the priest who makes people cry due his touching sermon on the pulpit but defiles children in the backyard when he exits the church building.

  10. Well, I agree that party hopping is unethical.
    Make it illegal ? No.

    Its not illegal in the US Congress, neither in the House of Commons or the Australian Parliament.

    I question the SINCERITY and Timing of this constitutional amendment, and Zaid Ibrahim's sincerity now.

    For all the noises that Zaid Ibrahim has made in the past, he put aside a lot of scruples when he agreed to join the Cabinet team. He's just another cog in the wheel now.

    Another one of many tactical Constitutional Amendments just to protect UMNO/Barisan Nasional's position ?
    Just like the 11th hour amendment just to suit the current Election Commission Chairman ?

    Hey Kaytee, welcome to the slime bath, eh...I always knew we'll see you in here sooner or later...

  11. I'm quite sure DAP is on record as being opposed to "Tactical" constitutional amendments, which Barisan Nasional is so fond of.

    It was one of the fundamental reasons for denying BN the 2/3 majority - which I thoroughly supported.

    The Constitution should be treated as a very profound document - not to be amended for casual occasions.

    Kaytee, Are you willing to throw away fundamental principles just to spite the err..defacto guy...

  12. Tian Chua has a point in his blog:

    Of all the years ruled by the BN, it has been the norm that rules are changed to suit the rulers.

    The new “Law Minister” Zaid Ibrahim is now talking about enacting anti-hopping law. Is the objective of the proposal to protect the legitimate voices of the people/voters?

    It seems that UMNO-BN is very anxious of its fate. The leadership can no longer trust its legislators and anxious that some of them might hop into other parties.

    I don’t think anti-hoping law can do anything to keep legislators staying loyal to their party. I think the issue is electoral corruption rather than party hoping.

    KeADIlan and our allies totally oppose to using money or position to ‘buy’ opponents over. I would support an enactment to tighten the law in catching “buy-over”. However I would be very reluctant to legislate against any form of party hopping or switching.

    We must also consider the practicality of the legislation. Let’s consider the following hypothetical possibilities:

    1) an independent candidate who won the election decided to join a political party;

    2) a PAS MP decided to join KeADILan when PAS decided to quit the coalition;

    3) a MCA MP sacked by the central leadership for criticizing Umno;

    4) the party which the MP belonged to dissolve itself and its legislators have to join another party;

    5) says GERAKAN decided to leave the BN coalition that Umno is not upholding the founding principles of multiracial democracy etc.

    If we disallow the legislators to change party, representative democracy loses its meaning. Individual legislators will be totally at the mercy of their party leadership and could never act according to individual conscience or judgment.


  13. UMNO wakes up today and says we need to tie people so that we can subjugate them. Lapdogs of UMNO like Kaytee then tell us to support UMNO and its bully tactics and immoral activities which are suited to its vested interests. Huh!

    Malik Imtiaz says it is unacceptable to deny anyone the right to join the party he/she chooses after elections for whatever sustainable reason.


  14. Hey Karpal,
    you mean if some MCA or Gerakan MP s decide to tutup kedai and join the DAP, you won't accept them ?

    Lets see you walk your talk..

  15. Constitutional amendments are not taboo, provided the reason behind it has good grounds. Therefore the argument against Constitutional amendments which may deny non-democratic and unscrupulous acquisition of political power falls into the same sleazy bracket (or cesspool) as inviting frogs to jump over.

    What has happened to the argument to see the 'bigger pciture' now?

    There is a noticeable paucity of reasonable, let alone intellectual debate here, with alas, some people degenerating/resorting to ad hominen attacks such as questioning my 'integrity' and calling me 'lapodogs of UMNO' ;-).

    My dear sirs/madams, I may be stark raving mad (eg. mullah kaytee hahaha) but my integrity is wholely intact, a lot more than I could say for some people ;-).

    Then the most ridiculous argument, noted for its impoverished plausibility, has been that Karpal Singh supports the amendment because "... he knows no parliamentarians will hop from their parties to join DAP for now. DAP has reached its potential and it can't go further ..."

    I am flabbergasted by such a puerile argument, which is akin to arguing that his/her party would not support the amendment as unlike the DAP, it still has the capacity to accept party hoppers.

    Wait, maybe that could be a 'yes' afterall, based on that comment. His/her party certainly has the capacity to absorb the dregs from the same cesspoool that UMNO has been wallowing in.

    Ornithological specimens of identical plummage congregate in close proximity, you know ;-)

  16. The 82 Opposition MPs need only vote for the anti-hopping law if and only if umno restores Sabah to PBS control, which was ousted 20 years by its assemblymen being bought over by umno

  17. Mr Yap Chong Wee's spam (diatribe against one Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali) has been deleted as it bears no connection with this post ;-) I hope Mr Yap will start his own blog

  18. Agree Karpal point on the morals of hopping.

    However, I don't agree Karpal support amendment of constitution for "parties hopping sickness".

    If you start putting such stupid clause in the constitution, it will turn the constitution into moral police guard book.

    And parties hopping are a sickness that political parties should handle themselves, not the constitution

  19. hey kitty, when were u in the slime bath? "we"? ke ke ke

    kaytee, kinda dull-lah the black bg. ;) change to pink-lah. in memory of rafidah mah.

    the bigger picture is umno is an evil beast. !!!

    the really micro one is whether your arch-nemesis will become pm...

    what happened-lah. how much is your per post rate? ke ke ke...

  20. UMNO = U Must Not Object
    PKR = Parti Kurang Relevan
    DAP = DeAd end Party

    They are still playing out their roles right now, aren't they ?

  21. You are being undermined by your centric position. And may be that's why you are angry at those who vomit at your shoes not knowing that you fed them with them stinking shit. I’m one who is against any party switching unless someone seeks direct mandate again, but that’s different from me buying your argument which I feel is far from the love for general good.

    There is difference between Anwar, the anti-hopping law, the past, the present, the reality, the moral aspect of it, UMNO, the need for the new law, the qualities of the new law, the demand for such a law, the political expediency behind such a law, the political benefit behind such law, the MCA position, the Gerakan position, the UMNO position and etc. But the unfortunate thing is that your strong aversion to Anwar blurs and blinds you so much so that you can separate issues. I believe that's why people don't feel any tinge of honesty in your arbitrary work. Retorting to them through assembled words from the English dictionary augments their belief of the intellectual penury of your individualistic rants.

  22. KT,
    How come your never write about the Hindraf 5 ? They are still languishing in Kem Kamunting.
    Its a perversion of justice and all that is good.

    Unfortunately the blogging community has mostly forgotten them.

    Don't forget, Hindraf and Makkal Sakthi were among the key catalysts for the political awakening of many apathetic Malaysians

  23. KT,
    How come your never write about the Hindraf 5 ? They are still languishing in Kem Kamunting.
    Its a perversion of justice and all that is good.

    Unfortunately the blogging community has mostly forgotten them.

    Don't forget, Hindraf and Makkal Sakthi were among the key catalysts for the political awakening of many apathetic Malaysians

  24. James, KT has long been known for his Derangement Syndromes. Anwar Derangement Syndrome(ADS), Bush Derangemenr Syndrome(BDS), and of course, Jooos Derangement Syndrome(JDS).

    They only get to resemble more and more like paid advertisements aka propagandas because it is inconceivable that any intelligent and logical person would indulge so much excess time and wasted effort in harping on the same old tales otherwise.

  25. wits0,

    I agree with you. Honestly speaking I'm dead set against anyone leaving his/her party unless he seeks a new mandate. If a certain party leaves its ideals, then reason and reality dictate that one must leave that party. However, since he/she did join Parliament through his/her current party, then let the YB consult his/her constituents again on the way forward. This is something I have always believed in and not simply started today after UMNO feeling the danger of its exsistence started preaching it. However, there are many people who would disagree with such a legislation and definately they have many reasons. Probably, there is need for more time and so on depending on the situation at hand since we have started a new era.

    On your raised issue about Kaytee which you wrote: "it is inconceivable that any intelligent and logical person would indulge so much excess time and wasted effort in harping on the same old tales otherwise", then I must say it is a small truth that all of us are aware of. I'm here arguing concerning the main issue and UMNO's purported political maturity but not to convince Kaytee on how good or bad Anwar can be. I think there is a family problem or a personal tragedy that befall him or his family directly by Anwar, I think something of the sort. Otherwise, even a nut wouldn't find solace day in day out on harping on one person. This is because even a dog is useful. If you don't agree with someone on certain issues, there are many others issues that unite you. But as you can see, this man's case is different. My instinct tells me it is a personal issue and affair that may have caused him immense pain and distress. All what I can do it to argue about issues and leave the Anwar nightmare to him, after all, I'm happy with life and I can't dedicate it to a constricted, personal hostility. Just cheer him up!

  26. Hindraf 5? They were on my facebook for quite a while until just 2 or 3 days ago. I have blogged on them quite a fair bit, and I have never stopped supporting Hindraf nor attributing the success of Opposition victories in recent election principally (though not wholely) to Hindraf kicking us in the pants.

    But a blogger can only post so many topics per day or week and contemporary issues have to take precedence.

  27. damn decent of you James after your "... the intellectual penury of your individualistic rants ..." ;-)

  28. Bodowi today said "The government will respond effectively" to the challenge from blogs.

    That means there's going to be plenty of openings available for pro-government blogs.
    As usual with anything that UMNO touches, there will be $$$ to be made.

    Any takers ?...nudge, nudge, wink, wink...

  29. Kt.. KT... kt..

    I admire you for your courage and your strong point of view...

    But unfortunately, I must say that i disagree with you all the time...

  30. I woke up to a beautiful day today. Nik of PAS deliberated his stand on the ship-jumping culture. Essentially translated as Anwar STFU. Sdr LKS news release on DAP’s support of the anti-hopping bill proposed by BN just top it all. True democracy in the making. Constitutional or not it’s up to the Malaysian lawmakers to circumvent. Anwar should dig a hole and do the two-toed ostrich for making unilateral decision to go fly fishing. He has shown disrespect to Tun M, UMNO, DAP, PAS, PKR and Malaysian in general.

  31. KT, it's the black background that's attracting all the negativity. try changing it to pink-lah. ;) your new fonts are also too big for your column width. why dun u add some subtitles to such a long post esp when you jumped quite a bit...or a bit of COLOUR...maybe a photo or two...

  32. Whether you like it or not, there's a fairly strong possibility Anwar Ibrahim will be the Prime Minister of Malaysia before the end of the year....

    Poor Ktemoc is going to have convulsions when this happens...

  33. convulsions only? He'll wrap himself in his Buddhist monk robes and immolate himself in front of Anwar's house.

  34. Essentially your whole site has devolved into "The I Fucking Hate Anwar Webpage"...

    Some unhealthy obsession.

  35. Wow. Great stuff you have here ktemoc. Glad to have dropped by. Good job, bro/sis!

  36. Hadi Awang today rejected the BN trap of anti-hopping law saying that "this suggestion was raised again to save UMNO and not save democracy." He added that "Whatever it is, they (MPs) have the right to switch parties if they feel that their original parties were no longer championing their oginal cause."

    Well, that's the truth. At least most of you raised that honest issue because you were objective. PAS will not support such an UMNO and BN law.

    Read the rest in Bernama.

  37. fair minded, did u read what Nik Aziz said about party hoppers?

    Pak Haji: "Elected representatives should not disappoint the people who had voted for them.

    "Party-hopping is not the work of politicians but those who makan upah (accept money)."

    see http://www.nst.com.my/Sunday/National/2193682/Article/index_html

    ke ke ke!

    So ..... 'fair minded'? ;-)

  38. Anyone who starts a blog naturally writes about whatever interests him/her or whatever is within their sphere of expertise.

    Therefore, it is unnecessary to get all riled up just because the reader disagrees with the writer's viewpoint. The solution is so simple -- if you don't like what you see then don't come here to read it.

    Having said that, it really is good to see all the arguments and disagreements here. That's democracy at work! It adds flavour and spice to the commentary section. Imagine if everyone is in full agreement with each other -- that would be like totally boring!

  39. Nik Aziz didn't object to party defection. He has objected to money politics and outright buying in broad day light. He has UMNO members just like UMNO has PAS members. He has PKR members just like PKR has PAS members. Hadi Awang called a press conference to state the Party's position in his capacity as the political leader of the Party while Nik Aziz made an off the cuff statement as a politician. That's the difference. Hadi Awang made it clear that the new law was a ploy to save UMNO and gave instances where UMNO rejected that law earlier. Your mind shouldn't be clogged. This is an issue as old as Malaysia.

  40. "He has objected to money politics and outright buying in broad day light"

    UMNO is also against buying in broad day light... like that people can see la, better if noone can see.

    The problem is, how do you jump and prove that your jump is in line with the people's wishes? The only way I can think of is for the jumper to step down, and have a by-election. That is the right way to do it.

    And that is why Nik Aziz said orang yg lompat parti tidak bermaruah.

    "Hadi Awang made it clear that the new law was a ploy to save UMNO and gave instances where UMNO rejected that law earlier."

    So it begins then... the first breaking of ranks within the "Barisan Rakyat", with more to come I am sure. DAP has been calling for this legislature since 1978, and it doesn't seem as though they are going to back down now.

  41. one can defect but not take along a seat won on a party's ticket - so if they are not MP or ADUNs, there's no stopping a DAP chap from joing MCA or a PKR sweetie from joining UMNO Wanita, or vice versa.

  42. It's not such a simple issue, actually.

    I've done my own little research on nearly 800 years of Parliamentary history in Britain, and newer elected houses like the US Congress and Australia.

    While party hopping is always condemned by the "aggrieved" party, but there are good reasons why none of these older democracies have chosen to enact anti-hopping laws.

    A parliamentary seat doesn't "belong" to the party represented. By accepted principle, it is really a combination of the person and the party. That's why when a representative dies, or gets convicted of a serious offense etc., the seat becomes vacant and there has to be a by-election.

    Otherwise it would have been acceptable for the party just to appoint another representative in his place, no ?

    In the long course of Parliamentary history, especially in Britain, there have been legitimate cases of parties merging, parties dissolving, representatives expelled from a Party (so they either become Independents or join another party), representatives who simply could not accept major changes in their Party policy.

    It is morally arguable that in such cases, the representative should resign and allow a by-election to take place.

    But to legally enforce a low making it illegal to leave a party or force a by-election - No, none of the long established democracies have taken that step.

    On the buying of "Katak"s
    Aren't there ample laws and long jail sentences available as a detterent to corruptly "buying" MPs ?

  43. "A parliamentary seat doesn't "belong" to the party represented. By accepted principle, it is really a combination of the person and the party. That's why when a representative dies, or gets convicted of a serious offense etc., the seat becomes vacant and there has to be a by-election.

    Otherwise it would have been acceptable for the party just to appoint another representative in his place, no ?"

    You've said it yourself... voters vote for the candidate AND THE PARTY - that is why the ballot sheet has both the candidate's name and the logo of the candidate's party. So when a voter votes for candidate X of party Y, we must conclude that both X and Y were factors in the decision.

    In the event that either of the two criteria should change (i.e. if X changes party to Z or, if as you say, X dies or otherwise becomes disqualified), then there should be a new vote as the ballot has essentially been changed.

    As for why anti-hopping laws have not materialized in some other major democracies (in India I think I read somewhere that it was actually put to legislators but didn't survive scrutiny)... I must confess I don't really know much about it.

    But can't we all at least in spirit agree on the basic principle that party-hopping per se, barring some extenuating circumstance, is a violation of voter trust? As for the letter of the law (and extenuating circumstances), we can debate all that. All parties have capable law makers, and all parties have a vested interest in this legislature passing or failing, so we can expect heavy debate on the matter... which is good.

    "On the buying of "Katak"s Aren't there ample laws and long jail sentences available as a detterent to corruptly "buying" MPs ?"

    There are so many ways to circumvent such "laws" that they are essentially meaningless.

  44. If the BN plans to introduce an anti-hopping bill in Parliament, it better make sure that all their MPs will vote for it.

    If there is a group of Barisan MPs waiting to lompat, all they have to do is defeat the bill when it is tabled and demand a vote of no confidence in the BN government.

    What can the BN whip (I presume Najib is still the whip) do in such a situation? Sweet nothing!

  45. Nik Aziz on party hopping:

    “Saya pergi ke rumah Zahid ialah kerana dia sebagai seorang Menteri dan kita kena pergi. Kebetulan pula sebelum itu beliau ada buat kenyataan untuk melaksanakan peraturan dan menggubal undang-undang anti lompat kerana kebetulan anti lompat itu dulu itu kita yang mula bukan dia.
    Ekoran timbul masalah itu kita sudah pun baiki dah peraturannya malah kita bawa masalah itu pergi ke mahkamah bagaimanapun mereka tolak kita dan kita kalah."


    So, even if many in BN don't vote for the measure, there could be more than enough to compensate for it from DAP and some from PAS, and a few PKR reps who would seriously look like assholes to their more metropolitan constituents if they don't vote for it (including Nurrul Izzah).

    Of course, this is assuming the exact terms of the legislature are broadly acceptable. Wouldn't it be funny if the first draft is worded so that, effectively, you can jump into BN but not out of it :P