Friday, March 28, 2008

Go congratulate Marina Mahathir

Sweetie Marina Mahathir of RantingsbyMM recorded her millionth hit yesterday. Awesome!

She started blogging just slightly more than 1 year ago. Actually she would have reached that fantastic milestone earlier as she set up her sitemeter 4 months after she started blogging.

Congratulations to an admirable lady, Datuk Paduka Marina Mahathir - mind you, naughty kaytee thinks of her as a 'sweetie' ;-) kekeke, but one I hold in my heart with respect, and most of all, with dear affection of sincere friendship.

Syabas, Datuk Paduka Marina, and many more hits to come in yet years of happy blogging.


  1. ktemoc, you are gushing.

  2. you think of all ladies as sweetie lah. that's why someone said you are a ladies man. :)

    congrats to marina! she's a popular figure thus receive many hits. poor me been blogging for 4 years and can't even hit million yet. oh btw, from thursday onwards, looks like my blog had been hacked (by UMNO cybertroopers?). can't access it. never thought my blog is popular enough for people to hack! must been my constant criticising of UMNO.

    been 2 days i can't access my blog means i can't blog too! arggh!! am suffering withdrawal sympton already. anyway nobody (not even you) email me to ask what happen to your blog, i can't access it, is it down, blah blah. well this goes to show i'm not popular!

    sorry KT, i can't talk in my blog so am using your space here to talk - to let people (those who visit my blog once in a while e.g wits0, kittykat) know that my blog is down. hopefully i can get it back soon.

  3. 'gushing'? ;-) Well, everyone has a weakness, and kaytee's are 'sweeties' ke ke ke

  4. Lucia, you're most welcome to use my space

  5. Thank you KT, though I don't know why you had to post a pic of me that looks like I just rolled out of bed. :-)