Thursday, March 20, 2008

Royal words of wisdom

While I normally don’t hold much store for the words of monarchs, I find Raja Nazrin’s message at the Perak Maulidur Rasul celebration very relevant, timely and inspiring.

Malaysiakini reported Raja Nazrin advising Malaysians to Learn from history.

HRH said that history demonstrated that while many people were given the opportunity to become leaders, only a few succeeded to be real leaders who charted history and built civilisations.

He stated:
"This happened because many of those given the opportunity to lead allowed the joy and passion of having power to lead them astray.”

"Some among them became complacent, some went astray, some were ill-advised, some adopted wrong decisions and some made miscalculations.”

"Such are the historical accounts available on leaders and leadership which the ummah (people) of today should use as the basis of reference so as not to repeat the mistakes."

"The act of leading is a responsibility that should be fulfilled with trust,"
and that’s because a leader was responsible for setting the direction for his followers and was accountable to those under his leadership.

Responsibility, trustworthiness, setting an example, accountability and the dangers of euphoric arrogance (drunk with power).

Words of wisdom indeed.

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