Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The enemy within for Mukhriz Mahathir

Funny that those who ran down the SPR previously now believe so wholeheartedly in their numbers? How is it that the SPR officer at Jerlun announced an 81.95% turnout and yet SPR publishes on their website the turnout as 99.85%, higher than anywhere else? Why was there a three-hour delay in announcing the results? Somebody not keen on Mukhriz winning? Especially when they might be losing themselves?

~ Marina Mahathir

Currently there is an accusation, and a questionable one, that Mukhriz Mahathir had allegedly cheated in the election when he won the Jerlun parliamentary seat in Kedah with an incredulous voters turnout of 99.85%, just short of, as a comment in another blog said, Saddam Hussein’s 100% perfect turnout as well as majority. I read this in the bloggers corner in Malaysiakini.

Some unknown bloke even attempted to provide “proof” which had since then been smashed to smithereens

The electoral list for Jerlun electorate shows a total registered voters of 45,513. The turnout was 37242, making it 81.8% and not 99.85% as was vigorously marketed around.

Another set of figures that I obtained showed a turnout of 37297 making it still around the 81 percentile (81.9%).

I heard Mukhriz has been furious at this fabrication cum insinuation and has made complaints to the EC. His PAS opponent has accepted the result and hasn’t even bothered to comment on the 99.85% turnout.

C’mon, does anyone imagine for one instant that PAS would let such a dodgy figure slip by unquestioned, if it was true?

Let’s take one step backwards – it’s just for me, kaytee the lover of conspiracy theories ;-)

When Mukhriz was assigned Jerlun instead of Langkawi I thought he was a goner as he was stepping onto Moon Land. I told myself yes, there are people within UMNO who obviously didn’t want Mukhriz to win.

But miraculously he won!

Why ‘miraculously’? Because the tsunamic wave that swept the Malaysian landscape on Saturday had surprisingly and benignly left him untouched. Much as he was placed in a danger zone to contest, a sufficient number of voters decided they would back his candidature. He was meant to be dead meat but he walked out as the victor much to the chagrin of his ‘real’ enemies.

Now, why have the rumours of the unbelievable percentage turnout been circulated when his PAS opponent hasn’t said a single word?

And why hasn’t the incorrect statistics (with an intended insinuation) not being promptly corrected?

Could it be what the air force call ‘electronic counter measures’ (ECM), the emission of diversionary signals to distract our attention from an attractive target?

Yes, was the fabricated but deliberately aired 99.85% turnout in Jerlun meant to mask another set of statistics in the Land of the 9 Kingdoms, a Sun Tze tactic to ensure nobody would pay attention to a higher profile parliamentary constituency which suffered allegations of dodgy figures?


  1. There's such a thing as a "deliberate error" hahaha...

  2. Waiting for you next piece of blog.

    Let's talk about uncle LKS plot to collect the most comments with the Perak MB agenda.

  3. LOL.

    Intended insinuation?

    Are you anxious for some free publicity?

  4. Anyone with any primary school level mathematics would have spotted this inconsistencr.

    But no ... Susan Loone the drama queen is at it again, creating controversies out of mere printing error.

    Has she yet to apologise? It wud be a tsunami miracle if she aever did so.

    I despise writers taking personal hit at other writers but can't help it when one is glaringly not practising what one preach.

  5. Oh really? You must be a real genius, voice. Did you make it past primary school?

    It's not mere printing error. The SPR website is supposed to have accurate results of the elections. Where else should one refer if not there? The random SMS?

    I see absolutely NO reason why Susan Loone should apologise. She has every right to question inconsistencies and get clarification.

  6. I don’t agree that Susan has been wrong. She didn’t, repeat DIDN’T alleged that Mukhriz had cheated. She merely posed a query on what was obviously a piece of incorerwect stats or perhaps 'dirty tricks' misinformation.

    The reader has a responsibility to read her post intelligently and not wildly accuse Susan of being the shadowy culprit. Then and only then may they comment on that offered EC statistics ... and hopefully not jump (oh so eagerly) to predetermined conclusion. ;-)

  7. a voice,

    i think you are in love with susan loone but she spurned you.

    i checked the internet and it seems you are the only one who cares to write so much about susan loone.

    trying to get her attention izzit?

    try a different approach lah.

    definitely, you can't attract her with your stupidity.


  8. As Mahathir's son, don't you think Mukhriz has special rights??

    SPR changes their figures only because Mukhriz is the son of Mahathir Mohammad.

    That's all !

  9. The trouble with Mukhriz is that he won. He was put into Pas country and was dead meat for sure. But the poor people of Jerlun are much more intelligent thaan the Oxford educated Male Monkey

  10. Very true! The Male Monkey thought he could do what he did with the Langkawi balls suckers.