Friday, March 28, 2008

Khir Toyo taunted Khalid Ibrahim

Poor Khalid Ibrahim is not having a good introductory run as the MB of Selangor.

Remember that Selangor is virtually the premier state in Malaysia by virtue of its located, political and administrative centrality, its history, host to the FT, industries, major airports, port, etc. It was where, and indeed because of it, May 13 occurred.

It’s a damn rich state and for obvious reasons every political party wants this luscious lucrative lolly, which means every UMNO bloke, chief of all Khir Toyo will be gunning for Khalid.

Khalid has, since becoming MB, not come across well on a number of issues the PKR had boasted about. My blogging mate Susan Loone has already blasted him for proposing to levy a RM9 fee per foreign worker on companies employing them – read her damn good post on this issue Selangor wants to exploit migrant workers?

Susan believes that the pathetic pissed poor policy will result in the poor worker suffering the loss of that RM9, and not those fat cats.

I do wonder whether Khalid as a former high riding CEO of a huge conglomerate actually understands the issues confronting poor workers or plantation workers? I recall in the Ijok by-election, the PSM was reluctant to endorse his candidature because the socialist party had perceived him as a CEO who had been less than friendly to workers.

Two other examples of Khalid's shaky start would be (1) the now-embarrassing topic of some State exco members not wanting to declare their assets and (2) the zero squatter policy.

Malaysiakini reported in Khir to MB, exco: Declare assets that former Selangor MB Khir Toyo has a field day in taunting Khalid.

Naturally Khir challenged Khalid and his state exco to declare their assets when he learnt that Khalid had voiced his having second thoughts on doing so.

I am not sure why, that after all the pre election boasts about transparency and accountability, Khalid revealed some exco members are having reservations on the matter. I am disappointed by Khalid's poor explanation and poor PR handling. He should have ordered those recalcitrant exco members to declare or resign.

Khir sniggered (well, if he didn’t he was certainly entitled to): "Before the elections, they (opposition parties) promised that they would declare their assets. I want them to declare now... if they cannot, that would be very unfortunate for the people of Selangor."

But when pushed against the wall, Khalid made a very wishy washy ‘would most likely compel ... exco members to declare their assets publicly’.

'Most likely ...' only? WTF!

… which of course led Khir Toyo into unbearable boasting, that he and his exco members had to declare their assets to the Chief Secretary to the Government once every two years.

He demanded: "All these opposition leaders should declare their assets and their debts. If they have settled their debts, tell us where the money came from."

Debts? Settled? Should it be something we ought to know?

Khir in fact targeted two particular blokes, Khalid Ibrahim and exco member Dr Hassan Ali.

I must ask Khalid to be more firm and instruct his exco members to declare their assets without fail, or get rid of them. He must do that to stop Khir Toyo from seizing the high moral grounds, which of course Khir Toyo has no right to be on, and wouldn’t have if Khalid has been more consistent and firm on his promise of transparency and accountability.

To be continued (squatter issue) …


  1. It is show time.

    I bet Khalid will buy time by bringing out the document shredding agenda. Expect there is more word exchanged and attack.

  2. kaytee,

    your writing is always enlightening, and certainly fun to read. but i think your anti pkr stance is over the top, in particular when you re putting emotion over facts.

    consider this. the headline Khir asking Khalid to declare his asset. While one point of view is, "wow, the opposition leader is finally doing something", like you have. certainly, another argument is, "hey, toyo, why didn't you and your consorts declare as well, like everyone else?". Khir toyo and the selangor BN is as corrupted as corruption gets in penisular malaysia. (east malaysia is different lah!).

    i don't like snakey behaviour of anwar too, but i think your vendetta to condemn people regardless of facts is just as bad.

  3. me anti pkr? aiyoh, where got man ;-) in fact I am giving good advice to Khalid lah. Didn't I write: "He must do that to stop Khir Toyo from seizing the high moral grounds, which of course Khir Toyo has no right to be on, and wouldn’t have if Khalid has been more consistent and firm on his promise of transparency and accountability."

    In that sentence, I was virtually critising Khir.

    Chinese would declare the way you have wrongly accused me as "uan ong" ;-) (or wrongly accused)

  4. The fact is that Khir Toyol doesn't have any moral authority to criticise Khalid. So seeking his support at this moment is cheap. I can't afford to buttress my points with stunts of Khir Toyol and his ilk. Selangor paid a dear price under Khir's leadership. For him to have the audacity and temerity to criticise Khalid when even things haven't statted and that councillors were not elected and that the Exco had its 1st meeting two days ago, then I will say that's buffoonery of the highest order and class.

    Concerning the foreign workers, Khalid is not interested in harming anyone but Khir Toyol and his gang have flooded Selangor with Indons and Bangals to reside for free and work in illegal UMNO cronies owned factories. Tighting the grip on these hordes, seeking money to finance the jobless Selangor youth is worthy of praise.

    The squatter issue is simple. Khalid didn't threaten anyone but said we will not allow the mushrooming of illegal structures. He is not gonna demolish houses or relocate anyone unless he provides housing. He is against illegal squatters who have flooded Selangor due to cheap labour in the illegal factories. Khir Toyol has been harming them. Imagine, if he comes out to speak against? Is just like Khir said DAP is nepotistic and that's why they sidelines Teng. Yes, to some extent, but can't he remember what he did to Teng? Him taunting Khalid equals to a mad man laughing at you when you pass near his abode. It is interesting that you find that amusing. Oh, I forgot it was related to...

  5. I suggest that Khir Toyo should declare his asset as well for the fiscal year of 2004 to 2008. The public also wants to know how their money being spend during his tenures as MB in Dolah's administration.

  6. KT can't declare his previous asset bcos he'd them shredded. How convenience is that?

  7. KT can't declare his previous asset bcos he'd them shredded. How convenience is that?

  8. Khir Toyo is just damned mad and sore his fingers suddenly got locked out of the pantry..

    Do you not what is a Toyol ? A little imp which steals money.....hahahahaha..

    But I agree Khalid must resolve the assets declaration issue quickly. Its well known he is a very wealthy man. He was CEO of one of the largest corporations in the country. What's there to hide ? Just declare it.

    On the squatter issue....there is no responsible government of whatever stripe - BN/ PKR/DAP/ PAS etc. which can simply passively condone squatters. Yet the issue must be resolved humanely. Long established communities should be regularised, given at least leasehold to their land. Affordable housing for the poor is an urgent priority.

    Yet the squatter colonies which spring up overnight on any vacant piece of land...I've seen it myself..a responsible government has to draw a line somewhere, otherwise there will be plenty of future trouble.

  9. Ktemoc is simply a PKR critic-lah, no-more, no-less.

    Since when did he have any interest in the issue of governance in Selangor ?

  10. Since when did he have any interest in the issue of governance in Selangor?

    Ha ha! May be he should start reporting on the clothes worn by PKR members as well. He is literally behaving a disturbed sore loser.

  11. kittykat,

    "Since when did he have any interest in the issue of governance in Selangor ?"

    since PKR got into power..**snigger** **snigger** **snigger**

  12. ;-) thanks for all your "supportive" comments ha ha ha

  13. Hi Mates,

    This is a democratic society and views are brought out for readers to make their own judgment

  14. Now, do I follow your blog that thrives in innuendos and self delusion or the blog of the man who is in charge of squatters, local govt and etc in Selangor? Do I need to take your slanted explanation of prejudice or take the position of the REAL man in charge?

    This is what Ronnie Liu tells me in his blog

    "The zero squatter policy of the Selangor Barisan Rakyat govt would never be the same as the one implemented by the BN govt. The interest of urban pioneers will always be taken care of by the new state govt. That’s a promise.

    Watch this weblog closely and see how we are going to resolve the Jalan Papan squatter issue in Pandamaran."

  15. Ronnie Liu's blog:

  16. kekeke - I'm sure all must be waiting for my post on zero squatter policy anxiously?

  17. Not really. I don't think there is anyone waiting for your post on squatters or what, I think the "anon"`person who has posted the Local Govt Selangor Exco simply wanted to show that he follows the story from the man who is responsible for all that stuff rather than you who has no inkling of how he intends to do his work. I think that's right. I too should know more about Exco Ronnie and his steps, after all, he is the one. Giving Ronnie advise on how intends to solve that issue is different from preceding his actions and what he intends to do as if you know anything. Like someone said, your anti (...) shouldn't make you overreach yourself.

  18. kaytee,

    i just hate to see polemic arguments and one-sided vendetta took over the rational and sounded analysis of yours.

    sorry if i "wrongly judged' you, but your anti pkr/anwar stance is nothing new.

  19. yeah... his anti pkr/anwar stance is nothing new. agreed.
    but i believe he has got his reasons for that.
    just like most of us, anti bn/umno for our own reasons.
    so, what's the different?

    everybody has the right to say what he wishes. and after all, it;s his blog.

  20. Don't you know what politicians are? They are people who don't mean what they say, and don't say what they mean. That's why we call them low life forms.

    Professionals - well not all .. - are supposed to say what they mean and mean what they say.

    No prize for figuring out which category our friend Khalid falls into.