Thursday, March 13, 2008

Perak Papadum Ping Pong Primadonnas

Here’s kaytee’s take on the Perak Papadum Ping Pong Primadonnas.


First the power-sharing facts of the new State government – call them Barisan Rakyat if you like but I would prefer to refer to them as a loose coalition of DAP-PKR-PAS.

DAP-PKR-PAS respectively hold 18 – 7 - 6 seats making a total of 31 seats against the BN’s 28. Based on proportionate ratio, the 10 State exco positions (leave the MB aside for a while) should respectively be made up of (18 – 7 - 6 divided by 3 =) 6 – 2 – 2.

That is usually the universal approach to power sharing, based on the number of seats each component brings along to the coalition.


But surprisingly, of all people, PKR deputy president Syed Husin Ali, objected to what he termed as “the agreement made between PAS and DAP with regards to the composition of the Perak state exco”.

Based on what I read in Malaysiakini article PKR threatens to pull out of Perak state admin PKR thought the DAP had done a dirty de facto deal behind its back, by splitting the 10 positions into 8 for the DAP, 1 for PAS and 1 for PKR.

Aiyoh how idiotic can the PKR be to imagine that. And why would Dr Syed think PAS has 'agreed' to secret deal with DAP where it accepts an 8 - 1 - 1 when the original agreement was 6 - 2 - 2? Just because the MB position has been assigned to PAS?

So, whoever had instigated Dr Syed to uncharacteristically raise Cain also proposed PKR pull out from the Perak state administration (unless of course PKR gets an improved share of the divvying up of the exco positions).

But what took my breath away was Dr Syed’s (or whoever batu-api-rised him) atrocious demand that (as reported by Malaysiakini):

“In the spirit of sincere openness, we stress that the composition of the exco must reflect the composition of the population of Perak and represent the interests of all ethnic groups fairly.”

“We ask that this composition be discussed again and if the composition is not altered to the satisfaction of all parties involved, PKR will not take part in the administration of Perak.”

Since stats tell us that in the Silver State, Malays represent 53.7% of the population, while Chinese 31.4% and Indians 13%, Dr Syed has effectively demanded for the exco a racial ratio of 5 Malays – 3 Chinese -1 Indian, and leaving one seat for the Malay MB.

Oh oh, we are back to ‘race’ again, and PKR has to be the one raising that damn curse again. Shame on you, Dr Syed!

As someone who has respected Dr Syed enormously, I was going to say I have been surprised by his demand based on the colour of the ADUN’s skin, but I have also heard recently that since he became PKR’s deputy president, he has been gradually Islamising the party. I was shocked of course to hear of this of the consummate liberal socialist. I hope it's not true, but alas, his racial demand has disappointed me ... er ... enormously too.

Malaysiakini also tells us that DAP state chairman Ngeh Koo Ham said WTF to Dr Syed’s unexpected demand. He stated:

"I don't know why PKR is making this statement because all this is still very premature. We have yet to make any decision on what the composition of the Exco will be so how can they say these kind of these (comments) now."

I hope it’s all chess moves within the coalition to get the best for one’s party but I certainly regret Dr Syed’s highly provocative and lamentable claims that “the composition of the exco must reflect the composition of the population of Perak and represent the interests of all ethnic groups fairly.”

But now PKR’s Jamaluddin, who incidentally is acceptable to the DAP as MB, has objected to the PAS member being selected as MB. This has infuriated Raja Nazrin who told the 3 parties he’s postponing the swearing in ceremony until they can make up their bloody minds - OK, he didn’t say ‘bloody’ but kaytee added that in to provide a bit of chilli padi to the Perak Papadum ;-).


When Lim Kit Siang made an equally provocative statement that he disapproved of the appointment of PAS Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin as the new MB and stated that DAP members would boycott the swearing in ceremony, many were outraged by his breaking of ranks.

I did advise in another post Patrick Badawi saying it with flowers ;-) that Uncle Lim has to make that statement for the consumption of the DAP constituencies who voted the party in but not expecting DAP to support a PAS bloke as State MB – many Chinese are still shit scared of Islam.

In fact Uncle Lim has since then apologized to Raja Nazrin and stated that the DAP ADUNs will attend the ceremony to formally appoint Nizar as the State Premier – that is, when PKR's Jamaluddin has made up his mind ;-).

(BTW, why keep calling Raja Nazrin ‘Regent’ when his dad is still seating on the Perak throne?)


I wasn't surprised to read in a Malay language paper (the article has disappeared now) an UMNO bigwig using very rude word ‘biadap’ against Lim Kit Siang even AFTER the same paper has published Lim’s apology to Raja Nazrin.

Now, what about those UMNO ADUNs in Penang who insulted the Yang Dipertua Negeri by not being present during the swearing in of Lim Guan Eng? Were they then, by the UMNO bigwig’s standard, also deserving of that same description?


Now, why did the Sultan select PAS? I am speculating of course but I reckon for 2 reasons:

(i) To show the Perakian Malays that he is upholding Islam. Maybe he thinks PKR is not Islamic enough and could invite undermining accusations by UMNO. Not good for the State’s well-being.

(ii) To shore up the cohesiveness of the loose coalition (to ensure the State is not buggered around by an unstable minority State government) by bolstering up the position of the weakest link in the group, PAS. Now, bet you PAS will be more dedicated in remaining in the coalition.

After-note: I read somewhere, in RPK's M2D perhaps, that the PKR MB-candidate was only a postman, thus there could have been a wee snobbery or qualification-inclined in HRH's choice as PAS' Nizar is an engineer.

Hmmm, what about PKR's commitment to the coalition?

But leave that aside, kaytee believes the coalition has done something quite stupid. In submitting 3 names to the Sultan to choose it has unwittingly involved royalty in State politics in an unprecedented way. It’s not for the Sultan to choose from a list of three.

Certainly the Sultan can disagree with a name but he should only be given one name (at a time). For example, the Sultan could say no to DAP Ngeh and say, gimme another name! But it’s not for HRH to be given 3 names and decide on one he prefers. The choice of an MB is a political one and to be left to the political parties as elected by the rakyat.

A rejection of a proposed candidate is still a royal prerogative of HRH only if the candidate was found to be, say, a bankrupt, a potential bankrupt or even a previous bankrupt, associated with notorious social scandal (a suspected rapist but ...), believed to be of unstable temperament or have suffered mental breakdowns or depression, etc, but HRH cannot and should not be making a political decision by choosing one name from a list of three.

The Selangor Sultan’s approach was correct – one name Khalid Ibrahim was provided and HRH held his consent in abeyance until he could speak to the other two parties, DAP and PAS, to ascertain that the Coalition will be a stable one with Khalid as MB.

In fact this is only applicable in a minority government. The Sultan would not and should not deny a majority government’s choice of MB unless the State Constitution doesn’t allow a non-Muslim to be a MB.

But this, only a Muslim can become a MB, is of course another story.


  1. Ktemoc you really amaze me. You are behaving like Kalimullah the stupid spin master who because of his lopsided view and rants believes that he is smart but doesn’t know how moronic he is. First of all as a PAS member, I regret that I believed that DAP's Kit Siang can come closer while we too do the same and move forward but he is stuck in the past as indicated by Raja Petra in his latest entry today. You are blaming other parties and leaving the REAL problem here which is Lim Kit Siang. I'm amazed that you are talking about PKR and PAS which have no case here at all. It is Lim Kit who has caused the whole problem, insulted the Malay rulers, sniffed at their advice as if he loves Perak and Perak's wellbeing more than the Sultan. You don't start blaming PAS and PKR by reacting to what has happened but address the real issue. Definitely, I don't expect that because a leopard doesn't change its spots but don't imagine that you can deflect anyone from the real issue and the real culprit.

    Coming to our ally PKR, here is my take. They are simply worried of UMNO's chauvinism so they don't want to give ammunition to UMNO. What did Utusan do? You have already quoted it, then why don't you get the message of PKR? Penang UMNO Secretary blamed PKR for "collaborating" with an "enemy" party. Now, if PKR allows DAP to take 7 or 8 Excos and it really wants that, what do you expect UMNO to say? It will be going to the villages and we might not be able to survive that long. So PKR wants to have a substantial Malay presence in the Exco to deny Utusan, Bernama and UMNO any reason for them to play with the race card. PAS too supports that. Your spinning is petty. Pettier than what the new Penang Chief Minisrer complained of today in relation to Bernama and Utusan.

  2. PKR and PAS have every right to demand 4 or 5 seats in the new Perak government if Barisan Rakyat is to survive. UMNO has 26 assemblymen sitting outside. When DAP gives 2 or 3 seats to PKR and PAS, and PKR gives that seat to an Indian who should be the 2nd Deputy Chief Minister, and then PAS takes the remaining one seat, Malays have no presence at all. It wouldn't work. DAP should think and they shouldn't look at the 18 seats they have. PKR and PAS and UMNO have 40 seats (Malays) combined in Perak. How do you expect that vast population to be represented by 2 or 3 excos?

  3. johari, where did I blame PAS?

    & where did I not blame Lim KS?

    aiyoh, please read carefully lah

    as for RPK, he's entitled to his opinion, which I sometimes (maybe most times) don't share at all ;-)

  4. padan muka korang sume...undi lg dap...hahahhaa

  5. anon, as I said, we are back to race again - sad lah

  6. Lim Kit Siang put in the Chambers for misbehaving. I'm sorry blaming other parties will not help you.

  7. "Now, if PKR allows DAP to take 7 or 8 Excos and it really wants that, what do you expect UMNO to say? It will be going to the villages and we might not be able to survive that long."

    I'm getting quite tired of the "Malay kampung" trump card, which is of course similar to UMNO's "Malays in Kg Baru" trump card. Do you mean to say that PKR/PAS has no influence in Malay kampungs, OR that it simply will not use it's influence in Malay kampungs to ensure a stable government unless it gets more EXCOs?

    MB tak cukup??? Friend, MB is a very high position la, I can't even name any EXCOs from any of the previous state governments. EXCO is a working position, hardly any glamour or prestige or publicity. The EXCO lionshare is just about a consolation prize for DAP's grassroots. So let's cut the crap, both sides have had their pissing contests, now get to work.

  8. Dear int, you can't name any exco from your state because they ARE SO DETACHED to the people. Duh!!!!

    I think mindset change will take sometime.

    MB are suppose to set state direction with help of excos. Malaysia are too use to MB/CM one man PR show.

    Of the Perak. Damn, DAP,PKR and PAS are make me sien lar, so simple they can't get it out from the deadlock.

    Why bicker? Create 15 excos. 8-DAP, 2-PKR , 2-PAS, 3 for freely appointed NGO/commerce group/etc.

  9. Kaytee,

    In my opinion, you summed up the whole scenario accurately and objectively.

    Hopefully, the 3 parties can resolve situation objectively ie achieving the bigger agenda of serving the rakyats better then the previous administration.

    Stop the bickering and get to work fast.

    4 years goes by very fast when there's lots to be fix !!

  10. "But leave that aside, kaytee believes the coalition has done something quite stupid. In submitting 3 names to the Sultan to choose it has unwittingly involved royalty in State politics in an unprecedented way. It’s not for the Sultan to choose from a list of three."

    'Quite stupid' is too mild, Sir KT.
    It is 'bloody' stupid.

    And 'a Muslim only can become a MB' and they blah blah blah about democracy all the time. What blatant hypocrisy and deception.

  11. There are no ifs or buts about it.

    Lim Kit Siang did something very insensitive and stupid, whatever was his reasoning.

    Its going to take a lot of work to repair his standing, especially among the Malay population.

    In the meantime, DAP Selangor is doing a pretty good job clawing at each other to get into the corridors of power, only a bit more quietly.

    I'm really Very disappointed with DAP right now.

  12. If those three warring selfish bigheaded parties do not stop bickering and wash their dirty linen in public, I won't be the least surprised if the the Perak Sultan just says: Okay, bn, you form the minority government and choose an mb from bn.
    That I will say, serve the three parties right!
    It's shameful that they are bickering after only a few days; how are they going to last 4 -5 years?


    have read - see if u agree?If u do maybe circulate and translate?

  14. Here's an account of what happened in Perak from

    Aku cepat-cepat pergi pekan Kuale bila dengar ada kecoh. Sampai kat bulatan Jam Besar, jalan masuk ke Bukit Chandan ditutup.Lebih kurang 500 orang berkumpul kat Jam Besar, kebanyakannya reporter. Aku terus pergi kat Tebing Sungai dan tiba-tiba ada sekumpulan manusia kepala botak mula lari berkeliaran. Rupa-rupanya geng Pekida sudah bersedia untuk buat kacau. Tapi tak ramai, lebih kurang 30-40 orang.

    Salah seorang daripada mereka cuba cari pasal dengan seorang pegawai polis tetapi dapat dikawal oleh polis Kuala Kangsar.

    4.20pm: Geng Pekida mendapat 'arahan' supaya beredar dan 'berkumpul dirumah MB". MB mana aku pun tak tahu.

    4.30pm: Reporter mendapat maklumat, upacara angkat sumpah ditangguhkan.

    5.00pm: Line Clear. Kuala Kangsar kembali normal.

    Sana sini aku dengar, masing-masing menyalahkan DAP, tapi bila aku tanya kat seorang Ketua Bahagian PKR, lain pulak ceritanya. Punca sebenar adalah bakal MB Perak sendiri: Nizar Jamaludin.

    Hari Ahad lalu, selepas keputusan rasmi dikeluarkan, Pas, PKR dan DAP telah bermesyuarat dan DAP telah memberi laluan kepada PKR untuk menjadi MB, tapi PAS tak bersetuju. Sebaliknya Pas telah mencadangkan Nizar menjadi MB. PKR pula ketiadaan calon yang layak dari sudut akademik untuk menjadi MB dan bersetuju memberi laluan kepada Pas, tapi DAP pulak tak bersetuju.

    Akhirnya, satu formula dicadangkan, Nizar jadi MB, DAP jadi TMB 1, dan PKR TMB 2. EXCO pulak, DAP 6, PKR 2, PAS 2. Walaupun formula ini nampak merugikan kepada PKR, tapi PKR menerimanya, tapi DAP pulak tak suka. Kerana memberikan kelebihan kepada PAS. Lalu Kit Siang mengugut nak boikot.

    Bila Kit Siang buat statement, Nizar ketaq lutut, takut-takut jawatan MB terlepas. Dalam-diam-diam, dia buat agreement dengan DAP. Jawatan EXCO, dia bagi DAP 8, PKR 1, PAS 1. Nizar buat seolah-olah dia dah jadi MB dan buat keputusan sendiri, tanpa merujuk kepada PAS Perak dan PKR Perak.

    Bila senarai EXCO disediakan untuk upacara angkat sumpah, PKR terkejut bila kerusi EXCO tinggal satu! Itu sebab Syed Husin buat kenyataan bahawa PKR menarik diri dari pentadbiran Perak, kerana ditikam oleh Nizar dari belakang.

    Sekejap tadi, Anwar terpaksa turun keIpoh dan berbincang dengan Raja Nazrin. Setakat yang aku tahu, semua sudah selesai tetapi tak sempat untuk sampai diKuala Kangsar untuk Upacara angkat sumpah. Apa yang selesai, tunggulah malam ni.

  15. Close the case. It has been solved. PKR takes 3, DAP 5 and PAS 2. End of the story.

    HOwever, klpos says PKR will take 3, DAP 4 and PAS 1 since the excos will be 8 only.

  16. kk46 of coz I expect you to be disappointed with DAP ;-) you PKR people are like RPK, always looking for an opportunity to bash DAP, but hey, after all I have always believed that RPK is an Anwar Ibrahim man. RPK's posts are good entertainment but I read them for what they really are, his selection/choices according to his personal worldviews, proclivities and affiliations.

    But I am disappointed in you not commenting on Dr Syed's demand based along racial lines, namely the exco positions to be divvy up i.a.w the ethnic composition of Perak.

    Looking at the compositon of the exco in Penang where there is a PKR Malay dep CM (as well as Indian dep CM), and in Perak, where DAP has been prepared to accept a PKR man being appointed as MB of Perak, PKR is by far more racially conscious than DAP.

    ;-) tell me why I am not surprised!

  17. I am a DAP guy myself, but since 838 I have tried hard to keep all my comments and criticisms as non-partisan as possible; in particular I tried to never express blanket judgement on any group - for the sake of the fledgling and still unstable coalitions. I am disheartened that the favour is not being returned by so many PKR and PAS supporters. Oh well, such is life I suppose, when you are widely regarded as a "no future" party since you only have widespread support among the ethnic groups whose population is shrinking, folks have the feeling that you just have to "shut up and take it". No future party?... we'll just see about that won't we.

  18. Many of the words said and opinions offered en masse seem to be at variance with the ideology espoused and strongly campaigned for by Anwar Ibrahim. And which evidently had been supported by the alternative coalition parties.

    My question - If race is not the criteria and we are all Malaysians, why are we now talkng the same tired cliche about race and racial representation, and then Chinese bashing in the form of LKS bashing?

    Many so called arguments and opinions about LKS are highly debatable if not downright bunkum in many blogs, especially bias ones like Mahagurus' which patently and blatantly censors effective opposing views to his. [Shades of Utusan Malaysia in the hey days of Syed Alba]

    I do not like what I read. Too many arguments are selectively applied. It appears the same does not apply to the race of the ones spouting the spurious arguments against LKS.

    If as Anwar Ibrahim stressed that this is a new Malaysia and we are all Malaysians, why all this shrill concerns about race? Are we to continue to belie ourselves and say Malays first and others second? If so, perhaps BN has carried out an effective psychological warfare brainwashing many to continue to believe or instinctively feel, their human rights are superior to others! Much like how the American Bush's Administration would like you to believe that this is their century and they have more righs than you.

    Or is it just the rotten politics in the bigotted writers?

    And Anwar Ibrahim being the keystone to the election results for what it is, should, I think, say something. The interested public are waiting to see what he has to say. Malaysiakini should give hime more space and interview him more. The interested public expect it.

    Constitutionally, I'd like to know if the Perak's Constitution is ultra vires the Federal Constitution. Can a State enact an clause like that? Whichever, if the coalition subscribes to Anwar Ibrahim's non racial ideology, then it is only logical it should work to remove that. The Sultan by convention should be Muslim Malay, that is fine but the MB?! To have in existence a provision specifying race and religion for an MB goes against universal human rights, smacks of demagoguery, and makes a mockery of democratic prinicples. This last point raises the question - why go through the whole exercise if the Westminster parliamentary democracy has no meaning or application here? Can BN preempt their citizens their natural right of choice? Can a ruling party amend a Constitution to its own advantage? The new generation will have to work this out.

    Also, as in Selangor or Kedah or Kelantan or Malaysia for that matter, the majority principle rules applies (but not tyranically), and in whatever the context. This means it is the majority's call to decide in principle, who should be MB or PM. Do we deny this selectively? Whether in the states, Malaysia or the world?


  19. Dr. Kua Kia Soong has written a thoughtful critique of the DAPs behaviour in the ongoing fiasco over the Perak and Selangor state government appointments.

    I'm pretty sure he's not a member of Keadilan :-)

  20. DAP is one bastard liar! It will remain to be a chinese supremacy based party.

    The Malays will no longer believed in DAP! Come next election DAP will lose Malays votes, that is for sure.

    Just when we thought DAP is a Malaysian Party, now we we know that DAP is a Malaysia for Chinese Party.

    Thats the end of the story.

    So sad.

  21. PKR is talking about race because it is realistic and informed. These DAP elements and PKR and Anwar bashers don't get it all. Boys, Malaysia has a constitution and it must be respected. That said, race element is a hard reality in Malaysia. the fact that the opposition won few states doesn't mean it is dead. So you MUST move slowly and take things as they come and take step by step into full blown Bangsa Malaysia. That's why PKR is moving slowly and wants race issue solved so that racist parties like MCA and UMNO are denied any reason to throw tantrums. Some people are very naive here. They start asking why this, why that. Idealism don't work in a night and neither was Rome built in a day. Ktemoc is simply the same silly man he was. But my address it to those who are honest and want real solution. Yes, race is there and surmounting racism doesn't come easily in one month after 50 years of racism and tribal parties. So take your time and wait for things as they move to the better. DAP too must be realistic and understand sentivities and move slowly lest it loses everything and we go back to square one.

  22. "racist parties like MCA and UMNO are denied any reason to throw tantrums"

    Malaysians voted against those parties. So why are we supposed to bend over backwards to look like them? Are we supposed to do what the rakyat wants, or what UMNO/MCA wants?

    Idealism? Nobody wants sweeping constitutional changes. We want some measure of progress. Rejecting Teresa Kok as a potential Deputy CM because she is a Christian is more of the same, not progress. Telling Indian voters that a Malay can represent them but telling Chinese voters that a Chinese cannot represent Malays is more of the same, not progress.

    Moving slowly is not a bad idea per se, but is installing a PAS candidate as Menteri Besar of a state where PAS has a very small number of seats an example of moving slowly? That's quite a leap if you ask me. Unfortunately, it was a necessary leap, hence the drama that ensued, but now all have accepted it after making sure the gravity of the situation is understood by all, most importantly Nazir and the Palace.

    For what it's worth, although I think Guan Eng made a strategic error in mentioning the NEP in his press statement, one good thing did come out of it: UMNO wanted to protest, he said "Anybody who wants to protest, we have no qualms about it...". Now, THAT is progress. THAT is something different. THAT is how the voters know "ahhh... this is something new". Let UMNO protest. This is good. This is democracy. Let's have some faith in law enforcement - apparently they did a good job in Komtar today and Kuala Kangsar yesterday. This is not 1969, if there are mass riots UMNOPutras will lose big bucks, having said that we should of course be careful.

    I've been told that Teresa Kok fielded community questions recently where she adopted the "all in good time" approach. The audience was so disappointed with her because it came across as more of the same. Baby steps? Do you not realize the BN has been saying that for 50 years?

    Mahathir said 2020, last Merdeka Badawi said 100 years from now. Enough postponement. The time for change is now. That's what Malaysians voted for. Let's start making those changes. Of course we should do so step by step, but we better get started. 5 years is not that long. In fact, it may be as short as 3 years... Badawi only has to wait that long to call for the next one...

  23. kk46, Kua is hardly unaffected emotionally when talking of DAP headed by Lim! ;-)

  24. To 'the way I see it'
    The DAP victory in this general election has more to do with the fact that many Malays voted for PKR than the Malays voting for DAP.In states where PKR does poorly such as in Johor the DAP's impact is very limited. The DAP has never lied about the fact that it does not want NEP like affirmative action policies which is skewed towards one particular race rather than all Malaysians. Nor has the DAP ever lied about the fact that it will never accept an Islamic state. The DAP has NEVER said it will not accept a Malay Perak MB. DAP refuse to accept a PAS Malay MB for Perak. However, it is also willing to work within the constitutional framework of Malaysia in respecting the right of the MALAY RULERS to influence the choice of a MB. Lim Kit Siang has already apologized to His Majesty for his indiscretion. The same cannot be said of the UMNO men in Penang who snubbed the swearing-in ceremony.

    Moreover, the DAP only refuses to accept a PAS Malay as Perak MB while it is willing to accept a PKR Malay as MB. In the same vein PAS refuse to accept a DAP Chinese as an exco member while it is willing to accept a PKR Chinese. The glue here being the PKR. This seems to be a new reality in Malaysian politics.

    Your inability to grasp this new reality is your failing.
    Please sow your attempts to divide Malaysians elsewhere. The people who will fall for your disinformation are your BN clowns. Malaysians have woken up.

  25. If the majority principle apply, the MB then should rightly be elected from UMNO/BN who has won the most seat compared to DAP, PKR or PAS, which has never formally form a coalition, apart from the agreement not to contest in the same localities. Several weeks before election we could still hear DAP making statements that they wont be working with PAS and vice versa. Coalition?? until now, no official name have been announce to represent these three separate parties. Each party appeared to be campaigning under their own party symbol, unlike UMNO,MCA, GRAKAN, MIC and others that campaigned under the "dacing" symbol to represent the Barisan Nasional.

  26. yes, campaigned under one symbol dacing but same as DAP-PKR-PAS, always quarelling but unlike DAP-PKR-PAS, only one allowed to make noise, so which group is better?

  27. Yeah right...

    Its up to DAP and their supporters on how their analyse the situation. Are you saying that DAP does not require Malays Vote?

    OK... noted and TQ.

    That's a reality? OK then.. TQ very much...

  28. To 'the way I see it'

    Please try to read carefully what I wrote. I NEVER said the DAP won without the support of Malay voters

    Please try not to browbeat others into accepting your point of view.
    It is this king of attitude which led to the BN's losses in the first place.

    Like I said a new reality has dawned but it looks like there are many out there who cannot fathom a multi-racial party with Malay, Chinese and Indian Wakil Rakyats actually suceeding in bringing political parties as diverse as the DAP and PAS into one government