Tuesday, April 01, 2008

When a resignation is not a resignation

Is a retracted resignation still a resignation? ;-)

As I understand the meaning of the word ‘retract’, it’s ‘to take something back or disavow it.’

I am of course referring to the retracted resignation of the ADUN from Buntong, A Sivasubramaniam of the DAP - as was reported by Malaysiakini.

He ‘… of the DAP’, meaning that Siva still is a DAP bloke ;-)

I discussed the case of a merajuk-ing Siva with a very knowledgeable sweetie who asked “Is he still in DAP? If he is, then where’s the resignation? The resignation would only be a resignation if Siva has gone from the party!”

O wonderful wise words from such a smart sweet sweetheart – gasp, gawd, omigosh ;-)

My dear cyber-mate, kittykat 46, believed I had been unprincipled not to acknowledge the woe to the DAP. He expressed the same ire as had many anwaristas in Sabah & Sarawak - Who dares promise wins?

I wonder whether they thought they were paying back in spades to kaytee who had the brazen nerve to question their fantastic fabulous (ideological) father ;-) about his extravagant promise of 20% royalties to Sabah and Sarawak on oil and gas extractions in the two States, or they had enjoyed the thought of DAP people leaving the party?

With them, I guess you can't really tell but isn't it a frightening thought, that if they had relished the bad fortune to DAP, then DAP wouldn't need enemies with such 'allies' ;-)

Anyway, let’s get back to Siva. He hasn’t been the first to throw a tantrum at what he considered to be an unfairness. I recall there was another DAP bloke who made that same sulk when he was not nominated for an ADUN seat. Then, Karpal Singh stepped in and solved the bloke's threat to resign by assigning him the state seat (sorry, can’t recall which seat it was, but he won).

When I read the Vox Populi column in Malaysiakini, I noted that many readers wrote in to lambast Siva. I am far more sympathetic and thus find reader Sathiyamoorthy Ramasamy had penned the fairest and most thoughtful comments. He wrote:

Sivasubramaniam's actions are, of course, not acceptable to the rational thinker. However, instead of castigating him, look at his point of view. He feels that he represents a constituency which is largely Indian. These people have been marginalised for 40 years. During the run up to the elections, they were promised better representation. All that is being asked for is for the elected representatives to keep to their promises. The political reality is of course different; it is not always possible to keep all promises, especially those made during campaigning.

To those who have been marginalised for so many years, this new turn of events, with just one Indian exco member, seems to be a continuation of the previous government's actions. A heightened sense of need, tinged with extreme bitterness has been created. The solution is to find ways to meet those needs, rather than to pass comments of racism or short-sightedness. The new DAP-PKR-PAS government has to meet these needs and assuage the pain felt, not just in Perak, but in all states where they now govern.

above & below underlinings mine

Well stated, Sathiyamoorthy!

I thought that was that, when I suddenly spied another reader, Job Dhanaraj, writing the following:

So this is the way Barisan Rakyat works? Any difference from BN? We got whacked, sprayed with acid-laced water and tear-gas fired at us and some of us have been sent to ISA detention. I dare say that no other race had the guts to break the thick-walled dam of oppression built by you-know-who.

But not even a month has gone by and you have forgotten what the first line soldiers did. You very wisely suggested that our new union would not be based on anyone calling himself an Indian, Malay or Chinese. But what is this sad turn of events? Please explain dear Anwar – we believed and still want to believe in your promises that all would be treated fairly.

You simply cannot say that A Sivasubramaniam is overreacting to the set-up of the Perak exco members appointment. It is downright ungratefulness not to recognise the role of Indians. It is now your turn, dear Anwar, to heal the new wounds inflicted on us by Barisan Rakyat.

Oh oh oh dear, anwaristas, it’s not kaytee who wrote that ;-)

Now, I never thought I would say this, but the poor de facto demigod has not been responsible for the circumstances leading to Siva merajuk-ing (hey see, I even defend Anwar, and I assure you it's not an April Fool Day's joke ... ke ke ke) …..

..… unless of course Job Dhanaraj felt Anwar should take the heat for poor Siva’s sulking since he is now the de facto leader of the Pakatan Rakyat ;-)


  1. KayTee,

    Permit me to clarify on the the DAP Indian leader who threatened to resign just before nominations and was persuaded by Karpal Singh to retract. It was not exactly the same circumstances as Sivasubramaniam, but nevertheless some similarities.

    This chap called R S N Rayer was eyeing the Prai state seat in Penang which eventually was allocated to Prof Ramasamy to contest on a DAP ticket. Rayer no doubt felt that he had a good chance to win by harping on the Hindraf issue as Prai was an MIC seat. Rayer was upset and threatened to resign from DAP and of course the mainstream papers like Star, NST gave him a lot of publicity. Karpal had to call him aside, and maybe through the DAP CEC allow him to contest in the state seat of Seri Delima which Rayer accepted and retracted his resignation.

    Now we are wondering whether DAP will deal with Sivasubramaniam in the same way as Rayer.Rayer was given something, but will Subramaniam be admonished, warned, or maybe given speaker's post in Perak assembly?

    If people like Rayer and Subramaniam are pacified and given something to keep them quiet, this will encourage all unhappy people to threaten to resign. If on the other hand, they are admonished, DAP will be vulnerable to charges of being no better than BN. Either way appears to be Hobson's choice for DAP in such situations. What do you think?

  2. O wonderful wise words from such a smart sweet sweetheart – gasp, gawd, omigosh

    What a desperation to create pseudo-intellectuals to hide behind! I love this. Sir, no need to sugarcoat anything. I think there is no one who has tortured you to tell them what happened! You can try another thing. There is one fact you can't deny: that you don't decide the course of action. Bitter...huh!

  3. I think many people have talked about this man and the whole issue in MalaysiaToday and many other blogs. Trying to come to his rescue by underlining, few sympathetic words in order to ward off criticism is a poor showing. Worse, trying to pick one or two statements rom Malaysiakini that may give you solace in trying to desperately persuade anyone is a total debacle. In the 1st place, you are not obliged to explain the circumstances of his resignation and DAP's situation to anyone. You are just a poor scavenger. So why harras yourself in going to greater heights in looking for cheap shots to mitigate the nefarious action of the greedy man? Don't cry over spilled milk. The damage is done. Just have a glance at the newspapers. You will think there was an earthquake!

  4. It is April fools prank, 1 day early.. hmmmm.. ;)

  5. It is not possible for the Federal Government to give
    20 per cent royalty to the oil states. Under the
    Production Sharing Contract formula, Malaysia only
    receives 15 per cent of the oil barrels produced.

    The oil contractor, be it Shell, Exxon etc etc, takes
    70 per cent of the oil barrels as cost oil.
    The balance 30 barrels or 30 per cent is shared
    equally between the oil contractor and Malaysia.

    Of Malaysia's 15 barrels, five barrels or five per
    cent goes to the state government concerned and 10
    barrels or ten per cent is held by Petronas on behalf
    of the Federal Government.

    The Opposition should not hoodwink voters in Sabah,
    Sarawak and Terengganu. They should read the PSC
    before promising anything.

  6. It's 5% from Malaysia's share (15 barrels), not 5% from the 100 barrels sucked up from well.

  7. The contention has mainly been about your inconsistency in dishing out criticism.

    Very few of the comments actually targeted your take on Anwar so to label them all as Anwaristas just shows immaturity on your part.

  8. ;-) that part of the message was specially directed at the anwarista camp who have been complaining I kept hammering Anwar - 'twas not meant for those who aren't anwaristas

  9. “Is he still in DAP? If he is, then where’s the resignation? The resignation would only be a resignation if Siva has gone from the party!”

    Looks like political spin, sounds like political spin...kekekekek..

    Let me take a more common example. An employee resigns from a company. Only a current employee can resign.
    An ex-employee (gone from the company) cannot possibly be said to resign.

    Follow the logic ?

  10. ;-) now, you're spinning. A resignation is always/immediately followed by a departure/severance from an organization - like Ezam, Nalla, Mohd Rahman (PKR card No 3) and several other hundreds.

    So ... where's the departure/severance? ha ha ha - good try but alas, still very much off the mark lah

  11. From events, it seems those in DAP are more outspoken than PKR. People like Dr Lee, Tian Chua and Eli Wong seems to be more subdued when they are helped by Indians especially those in Sentul. They have not commented about those 5 Indians under ISA whereas DAP have been raising the issues over and over again. Overall PKR won more seats but have fewer Indian representations.

  12. Bah KT, more excuses to cover for Subra's actions, just because he happens to be a DAP man. Even if it was just some crybaby strategy to get what he wants, its still inexcusable as it sends a very bad message to people & the other partners that we're fickle minded.

    As a DAP supporter, I wonder why they have to resort to such tantrums to get their way? Don't wanna run for election, then changes mind at last minute. Don't wanna attend swearing-in, then changes mind again at the last minute. Now, its wanna resign... then make an about-face 7hrrs later.

    Now, had this been a PKR man, you'll be condemning him and Anwar to no end. We know how you like to nitpick on Keadilan and their candidates little faults.

    Shall you look forward to your "expose" of Anwar as a Jewish/Zionist/Decemberist agent?

  13. This Sivasubramaniam fler had a poor way of merajuk-ing, more like a threat as to put it crudely he thought he had the Perak ruling coalition by the balls.

    I just can't understand why people like Sivasubramaniam, Sathiyamoorthy, Job Dhanaraj is still fixated with the thought that with more Indian Excos ONLY then Indian interest will be safe guarded.

    Remember, Samy Velu the ex-minister was the Indian's taikor and did he safe guard Indian interest? So this jaga kaum sendiri thing does not apply, only UMNO used it to buy loyalty and to divide the races.

    Guys - remember, we are trying to move away from race base politics for the greater good of all.

    So, please please help Malaysia to plod slowly in that direction.

    1. Remember, LGE went to jail for a Malay girl ? How can that not convince you all that he is sincere about what he believes in.
    2. Kaytee - had this comment in whatalulu's blog - Just a thought - maybe can also add in Ktemoc's name as in his own words "I am far more sympathetic" - does that mean he condone this line of thinking?

  14. There are more people in Kamunting than just the HINDRAF 5. Tian Chua and Eli Wong have been involved in campaigning for a repeal of the ISA long before they became elected representatives. And a lot of others, including DAP leaders, have been victimised by the ISA before.

    Perhaps we ought to go down on the field and actually check with the various communities there to see if the various elected representatives have been doing their job within the 1 month that they've been elected?

    Sometimes I wonder what exactly do we want? Specific and isolated sets of rights for individual ethnic communities, or a larger package of legislative and policy reforms that would benefit everyone irregardless of their ethnicity or creed?

  15. "Remember, LGE went to jail for a Malay girl ?"

    Yeah right....

  16. Have nothing against Indians but sometimes they are so predictable.They let power creep into their heads and like a suspicious jealous husband ,rationality fly out the window .They forgot a cow would have won in Buntong and not him.All of a sudden this minority indians is asking more than he can chew!