Saturday, March 08, 2008

kaytee in Bukit Bendera

A weary flight ameliorated by two kopi-or-peng's-kaw (but of course) and a ch'ar koay teow (huan cheow chay chay, tau geh mai sneo sek), after which I went to cross the 'X' for Liew - pity it's not Zulkifli again. I would have loved to see a Malay DAP MP.

I also 'X'-ed Guan Eng in Air Putih.

Best of luck to those politicians I have been keeping a conscious eye on and support full heartedly even though I pulled their legs (a couple with lovely ones too) from time to time:

DAP's Uncle Lim, Karpal-ji, Guan Eng, sweetie sassy ;-) Teresa, Tony, Jeff, Dr Rama, Chong Eng, Chow, Kulasegaran, Fong, Santiago and various other stalwarts contesting in federal and state seats, and

PKR's Badrul 'Chegubard' Hisham Sharadin, Tian Chua, Dr Jeya (of PSM contesting under PKR banner), Arul (also of PSM), and Elizabeth Wong (who deserves a parliamentary seat but ...)

I am not sure whether or where Michael Chong is contesting and notwithstanding he is an MCA bloke, I wish him well for his good work done for both Malaysian and foreign workers.

My thoughts are also with Zaid Ibrahim (UMNO - still?) and Loh Seng Kok (MCA). Stay cool, guys!

Now, I need to have a beer (cancel that, make it another kopi-or-peng-kaw) and relax before I leave - but first, where's that laksa stall? And plenty of hare koe and poh hoe please ;-).

Hmmm, Iwonder whether I may still have time (and the tummy) for a pasembur and mee goreng?


  1. Didn't know you're a Penang Knia...
    Welcome home!

  2. sorry Mr Ktemoc,this is a comment relating to your earlier post
    (in case JY misses that one haha )

    JY's alarming and unequal outbursts in response to our earlier little girl's friendly banter is sadly a reflection of her latent inferiority complex & inner torment ( reminiscent of a troubled soul) and unbecoming of one who arrogantly professes to be a self-confessed Christian ( presumably more clever , knowledgeable and holier ) than any food blogger in town or beyond and whose avowed duty is to spread understanding and tolerant Chistrian values and propagating the Sisterhood of Mankind in the MSM or cyberspace , to less mentally endowed/fortunate fellow human beings ?

    But of course we forgive her , for God knows what tensions , stresses and troubles she faces in her ambitious daily grinding ordeal to be accepted as a qualified highly ranked member of the elitis Malaysian Political Socio Network

  3. The way you describe food would tickle any one’s palate !! Bonne appetit !

  4. Eh, welcome back KT. From Oz-land?

    Be a bit careful with the local delicacies. Penang hawker food isn't a hygienic as what you may be used to....

    While you are back, you may want to open your eyes and ears to check out the "ground truth" of the political situation here, beyond Google journalism...

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  6. didnt know that you and i were from the same voting ditrict, AIr Putih. I used to vote there till the mid eighti9es when i changed it to PJ.

    MAybe can tapao fried kueh teow for all the Penang folks down here.

  7. aiyah bsg, no nid to call me "mr" - we leftwing socialist are virtually (and often accsued of being) communists ha ha ha - just call me kt or comrade ;-)

    and dun mind jed - she's sometimes a wee aggro but most times she's a real sweetie - she's probably having some crisis in her life right now ;-)

    lc, peterp and darern, no worries, kakilang can tapao - hey, better still, I can also eat for you too ;-) - just joking on the "eat for you too"

    kk46, ;-) still at me, no, I haven't changed my mind about your idol lah - but good news around the corner, seems raja bodek may be out - yeeeee haaaaa