Monday, March 24, 2008

Khalid Ibrahim failed to show resolute leadership?

Power sharing in a coalition government has always, throughout the world, been based on the contribution of each party in terms of the number of elected representatives.

In the recent Selangor State, the seats won by PKR, DAP and PAS have been respectively 15, 13 and 8. This means that the power sharing should be respectively 41.6%, 36.1% and 22.2%.

If we were to divvy up the ten exco seats (not including the MB), using mathematical rules of rounding out (where 0.5 and above is rounded up, whilst less than 0.5 is rounded down) , that should ideally worked out as a respective share of 4, 4 and 2 seats.

Considering that PKR grabs the MB position, on fairness, PKR could surrender one of its seats to PAS to make the spread MB + 3, 4 and 3 respectively.

Instead what we learnt today about the swearing in of the Selangor state exco members is that:

PKR gets MB plus 4 (equivalent to more than 5)
DAP gets 3
PAS gets 3

I see it as DAP losing out to a very greedy and race-conscious PKR.

Malaysiakini informs us that, in a move that’s akin to adding insult to injury to the DAP, MB Khalid Ibrahim, has obviously refused to appoint Teresa Kok as the deputy MB.

Instead, we keep hearing of the number of non Malays not exceeding the Malay members in the exco.

So is this race-conscious PKR practising its so-called new ‘change for the better’ brand of politics?

Khalid Ibrahim needs to answer some questions:

(i) Why is the power sharing not in accordance to power contribution?

(ii) Why is PAS with only 8 seats having 3 exco members, the same as a DAP with 50% more seats at 13?

(iii) Why is PKR grabbing a disproportionate lion’s share of MB plus 4?

(iv) Why hasn't Teresa Kok been appointed deputy MB when in Perak and Penang, we have exemplary examples of cooperative power sharing?

(v) Why has the ratio of Malays exco members to non Malay members been so important in Khalid's formation of his exco, in direct contradiction to PKR’s self-acclaimed multiethnic race-less approach?

Anyway, Selangor, your exco members are:

Khalid Ibrahim (MB)
Yaakob Sapari
Rodziah Ismail
Dr Xavier Jayakumar
Elizabeth Wong

Teresa Kok
Ronnie Liu
Ean Yong Hian Wah

Dr Hassan Ali
Dr Halimah Ali
Iskandar Abdul Samad


  1. Horse Trading.
    DAP's Teng Chang Kim gets elected to be Tuan Speaker.
    First DAP Speaker and first non-Malay Speaker in the country.

  2. PKR is different from DAP, a Chinese party and therefore it has to appoint two non-Malays unlike DAP. Therefore giving it 3 seats means giving nothing to Malays. I would consider greedy the person who is so blind that because he wons the votes of his race, he thinks he should get everything forgetting the hard reality on the ground.

    Secondly, DAP is to get the Speakers position and this amounts to a considerable weigh.

    Thirdly, the Sultan made it clear that the demographics must be respected. Rather than barking at Khalid, you should have audience with the Sultan. Khalid sent DAP representatives to the Sultan and didn't bulldoze himself on anyone.

    Fourthly, The Sultan is against the idea of Deputy MB. How many times you need to be reminded? Can't you even read newspapers? The Sultan said should there be one, then it must a Muslim. As arguments continued to heat up, the idea that it was unwise became the best. Th Sultan's secretary didn't mince his words on this and he said the "preffered" choice remains standing.

    PKR didn't grab a disproportionate lion’s share of MB plus 4 but it has shown a truly multiracial face where they have two Malays, One Chinese and One Indian. On other hand, DAP has 3 Chinese which can be considered big since they are simply race based for now.

    In Penang and Perak, the Sultan agreed to a deputy MB though he said it is simply a "formality" and has no power whatsoever. In Penang, the state constitution has no restriction on anything. But here is the hard reality. In the defated Gerekan led govt, Malays had 5 in the Excos. Today, in the Lim led govt, they have only two. How do you explain that? They didn't complain.

    "Why has the ratio of Malays exco members to non Malay members been so important in Khalid's formation of his exco, in direct contradiction to PKR’s self-acclaimed multiethnic race-less approach?

    Unless you are being simply naive (as usual), I will say it is absolutely impossible to ignore the fact that Malay vs non-Malay related issues in forming a govt. You see, the idea that DAP should get everything because the Malay vote was divided can't be sustained because politics of representation and justice looks beyond simplicity and whims. Furthermore, in Perak, the MB will appoint a second Malay Deputy MB simply cool off sentiments and make things better. Blaming others of greed and being utterly greedy and insensitive is what you exhibit here. In Perak again, it will be 4 Malays against 6 with the MB having absolute powers to deny any Malay natonalist the right to make nasty moves and plant discord. The PKR idea of all malaysians doesn't mean ignoring anyone as well.

    This is a new idea, what we need is to prepare for the future with PKR increasing its hold in the Malay heartland so that Malays will not cry if PKR gives others substantial representation. We need DAP to go beyond Kinta and Klang Valley and "Chinese shools" ideas and come the centre, field Malay candidates and give them enough representation. WE need PAS to come to the Centre and shed its somehow rigid ideas. Going on this way can't be made to succeed through emotions, political greed, tribal mentality, grandstanding, hatred and prejudice and personal preference. Take few lessons, then come back later.

  3. Yes, the racial issue would be a non-starter if DAP had some credible Malay faces as well.
    There used to be, but none, zilch today.

  4. If there is a MB who did good, then that's Khalid.

    1. For the 1st time in history, Khalid appointed 4 women excos both in Selangor and Malaysia.

    2. Khalid appointed a 29 year old into the Exco making him the youngest Exco member in Malaysia for now.

    3. For the 1st time in Selangor history, Khalid appointed more non-Malays in the exco than any other MB in history. (Demanding more is being avaricious considering many facts. Your mentality reminds me the Kiswahili proverb: "Mtaka yote hukosa yote." (A greedy man who wants all will end up losing all).

    4. Rather than deciding himself alone, he allowed everyone to have audience with the Sultan and argue his case. Only after that did he make up the appointment.

  5. you have all unwittingly proven my point, even with the example that because PKR wants to put 2 of its non Malays members up for the exco, the DAP must make concessions for that. Why?

    Power sharing is based on political contribution and shouldn't be based on race. Those members were all elected by Malaysians, weren't they?

    And throughout your attempt to justify Khalid's poor cowardly formulation, you keep harping on race. Aren't we all Malaysians as PKR keeps chanting? Thus you have effectively showed PKR has failed miserably/hypocritically in its avowed multi-ethnic doctrine.

    And why blame the Sultan? Don't use HRH as an excuse. It's pathetic.

  6. "Why is PAS with only 8 seats having 3 exco members, the same as a DAP with 50% more seats at 13?"

    Perhaps this was done to dissuade PAS from breaking the coalition government later down the line, as there have already been fears that they would do.

    As for Khalid, if he should be faulted with anything, it's for taking so bloody long to settle things. I find it amazing that Perak managed to sort things out (touch wood) quicker than Selangor!

  7. ktemoc, you are being racist but you try to put on a different cover and face. It will not work. Politics is about representation. That can take along religious, race, majority, tribe line in any given democracy.

    It is mind boggling that you make repeated noise saying PKR should give more to Chinese DAP because "race" issue shouldn't be involved. Ha ha! Friend, your argument is very pathetic and petty as well. It ignores every reality, be it political or otherwise that can be thought of. My idea to you is that if you believe in "idealism" which small minds of your ilk can't believe in, the question should be simple: why did DAP end up having 13 Chinese assemblymen in Selangor and not 8 Chinese, 4 Malays and etc? Are they "idealist"? Malaysian for all? What made them appeal to Chinese only and not engage the Malays and give them a voice? At least PKR has 5 Chinese in Selangor and 9 Malays. Which one is race based and racist or hypocritical?

    However, that's not my interest. What I believe is reality. PAS was scared of giving DAP any chance in Selangor that it went into alliance with UMNO and then you will have gone singing in the valleys as usual but for heavenly intervention, it didn't happen. The fact is that DAP should leave its exclusive race idea, far more than you can blame anyone else. The fact again is that Malaysian politics is not easily constructed through cheap sentiments and dreamt of excellence hallucination. If there was excellence and idealism, you would have grown earlier and not remain standing at the same street crying and throwing tantrums always like an orphaned child neglected and denied parental love. I believe PKR doesn't operate in vacuum. Its actions are for people living on the ground just like PAS or DAP's actions are for people on the ground. If you always look at things from the prism of your bigotry and tendentiousness, then I'm sorry to say that such archaic mindset will not convince anyone.

  8. I personally thought the end solution (including "promoting" err..controversial...Teng Chang Kim to Speaker) was a very good example of creative problem solving, with due regard to sensitivities on all sides.
    Teresa Kok will be the Senior Exco.

    Tan Sri Khalid as well as Selangor DAP deserves the credit for pulling a solution together.

    Ktemoc, problem solving isn't just about calculator punching, though arithmetic is, of course, an important factor.

    Sim Kwang Yang has an excellent analysis on this, among other issues, in Mkini

  9. Well, I have got an idea. Since you think of yourself high so much that the only thing you can afford is to criticise them day and night, then why don't you join them to reform them and teach them honesty and integrity? [Don't forget to know what honesty is all about, ok?]. It means a lot, a lot and a lot. You will have to start with yourself. Mikhail Gorbachev was asked: Why did Russia collapse? He answered: "Because we always pretended to be intelligent and moral that the only thing we could do is criticise and blame others. It never occured to us that all starts with us."

  10. Hi K Temoc..No doubt now thou is the Devil`s Advocate. Question is which Devil ? Any more doubt dear readers which Devil..


    24 Mac 2008

  11. LOL.

    All I can see is trouble trouble trouble. I mean beyond the exco appointments.

    Oh my. Selangor is one rich states with human resources, but like many other Malaysia state, it is fall behind in human development.

    And Selangor still limit 10 EXCOs? What planet are we?

    I think some people will argue, "USA and Europe" don't have so many "EXCOs" in their states. Oh dear, first, you must convince me by showing me those country administration structure.

    Remember, there is only 365 days a years and 24 hours a day. I wonder how much works can the 10 EXCOs delegates without exhaust themselves to death.

    BTW, BN EXCOs do little, their MB/CM just distribute the pork barrels, so the number doesn't matters. And that's why the number stay for 50 years.

  12. Well…… Initially it started out as 1000 (Umnoputra) Malay organized a “Perhimpunan bantah hapus DEB” reported by Malaysiakini on 19th March.

    Equally interesting to note too………“Memorandum itu juga menggesa agar wakil bukan Melayu tidak dilantik sebagai timbalan menteri besar, manakala komposisi ahli exco hendaklah mengikut nisbah 60 peratus Melayu dan 40 peratus bukan Melayu.”

    What a coincidence?????

    Mind you, that happened BEFORE anything is finalized by the PKR-PAS-DAP!!!!!!!! ………..Does anybody have any interesting conspiracy theory here??.

  13. I just hope everyone gets down to work immediately.
    Selangor is nearly 30% of Malaysia's GDP, and a showcase of whether Barisan Rakyat can work - or fail to work.

    If you add in Penang, that's more than 40% of the national GDP.

    So , PKR and DAP - time to walk the talk and get to work...

  14. Zorro is wondering why are certain people good in blaming others and complaining as they...(sheesh)

  15. I fully support zorro. Race should not be a consideration when we are all Malaysians. And f* the stupid formula of 5 this colour and 5 'other' colours. Yes, why are we still so obsessed by such colour ratio?

    My dissatisfaction has been about the inequity of the power sharing. The majority of the excuses provided here thus far (some regrettably lacking even basic civilities but full of emotive accusations, not just against me but also against the DAP) have been argued along racist lines. Drop those racist lines and excuses and suddenly they will be without any plausible counter to many of my queries.

    You guys should be the ones who ought to be ashame of your racially orientated mentalities.

  16. KLANG (March 24, 2008): History was made when Selangor's executive council members were sworn in today, with half of its members being non-Malays and women power coming to the fore.

    The swearing-in ceremony took place at Istana Alam Shah here and for Teresa Kok Suh Sim (DAP), Elizabeth Wong Keat Ping (PKR), Dr Halimah Ali (PAS) and Rodziah Ismail (PKR), it was especially memorable as never before have so many women being given seats in a state exco.

    The other exco members were Yaakob Sapari (PKR), Dr Xavier Jayakumar (PKR), Datuk Dr Hassan Ali (PAS), Iskandar Abdul Samad (PAS), Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew (DAP) and Ean Yong Hian Wah (DAP).

    Effectively, the 10-member exco comprises four PKR leaders, and three each from DAP and PAS.

    Early last week, it was reported that the palace preferred a line-up comprising of six Malays and four non-Malays to represent the racial composition in the state.

    Kok, who was named senior exco member, was the first person sworn in before Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah. She will take the important porfolio of investment, industry and trade.

    The PKR-DAP-PAS coalition won 31 state seats in the March 8 general election. PKR garnered 15 seats while DAP and PAS secured 13 and eight, respectively.

    In a press conference after the ceremony, Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, who is the PKR secretary-general, said the exco will decide whether to create the post of deputy mentri besar. “The state had a deputy MB years ago. But at this point of time, we feel that for effectiveness and cohesion, we should not dwell on the subject of the deputy MB.”

    Khalid said they will have a press conference every fortnight. "Every fortnight if you continue to ask the same question, we will continue to give the same answer,” he quipped, indicating that they wanted the heat on the post to cool off.

    It was reported that the DAP had been lobbying to appoint a non-Malay from the party as deputy MB.

    Khalid also did not want to confirm speculation that Sungai Pinang DAP assemblyman Teng Chang Kim, a lawyer, will create history for being appointed as the first non-Malay Speaker in the state assembly.

    On why the exco members’ portfolio mainly focused on urban development, he said this was because more than 60% of the state’s economy had been urbanised.

    Asked what the main objective of the new state exco was, he said the exco members should be given time to study the magnitude of problems such as illegal factories.

    “We are not trying to stop business. We just want to make sure they operate within the requirement of the state,” he said.

    Khalid said the date for the first state assembly would be between April and May.

    On why many of the state assemblymen, including those from the ruling coalition, did not turn up for the ceremony, he said: “They are (all) invited.(This) doesn’t mean that they have to come. Only the exco members have the formal reception.”

    Among those absent was Teng, who is the most senior assemblyman in the PKR-DAP-PAS coalition.

    It is an open secret that Teng, a Selangor assemblyman since 1995, cannot see eye-to-eye with party secretary-general and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

    Kok, who is the DAP publicity secretary, said she had a meeting with Teng last night.

    “He said he did not receive an invitation to attend the ceremony. Teng never said he was dissatisfied (for not being appointed). We should congratulate him if he could be made the first Chinese Speaker in the state assembly.

    “The speaker has a lot of power. I believe he can be an outstanding Speaker."

    Some new exco members appeared to be surprised when they were told that Khalid had announced their respective portfolios.

    “We were not told about our portfolio beforehand,” one of them said.

    Former Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo, and Rural and Regional Development Minister Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib, who is the new Selangor Umno and Barisan Nasional chief, were also present at the swearing-in ceremony.

    PKR Youth chief claims Umno MPs ready to join PKR
    KUALA LUMPUR (March 24, 2008): Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) expects to welcome “15 or 16” newly-elected MPs with open arms in the near future, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Youth chief Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin revealed today.

    He told a media conference that the MPs were from all over the country, including “many Umno division leaders, especially those in troubled states like Selangor, Perlis and Terengganu” who are planning to jump ship.

    He said he had received numerous calls from grassroots leaders and the main factors influencing their decision were because they were disappointed with the Umno leadership and the performance of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    Asked when the MPs would be making their stand on joining PKR, Shamsul Iskandar said that it would be “soon” and that “maybe they’re waiting for Anwar to be in Parliament”.

    “We believe the people’s mandate was one asking for change, so the betrayal of voters does not arise,” said Shamsul Iskandar.

    He added that PKR will accept defectors if they “can accept our agenda” as stated in the party’s manifesto.

    The PKR Youth also rebutted Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor’s allegations that PKR was trying to buy over Umno members and questioned Tengku Adnan’s integrity following his implication in the brokering of judges as portrayed in the Lingam video-clip last September.

    “We will give Tengku Adnan 14 days to provide evidence of his claims. If he fails, we demand an open apology or we will institute legal action against him,” he said.

  17. Ktemoc, you said the Palace is not involved. Well, that's how you would like to argue it out but the fact is that it was involved. Just read the Sun newspaper of today.

    On your argument that others are blaming you along racial lines, well, I tell those guys to tone down and be civil. But remember, they have got a clue from you. Otherwise crying that they are unfair and emotive is a scandal that can't be covered or an excuse that can't be entertained. Your argument too is very, very personal more than it is due to any other reason. Otherwise, I believe, people may have considered your argument and compared notes but merely they may be arguing along the same lines that you have incessantly adopted which is personalised politics.

  18. ;-) ok, syed, you made an allegation about my personalised politics - enlighten me, where is the personal involvement or issue?

    & I ask again my basic question of this particular post, has the power sharing been equitable, based on power contribution - a very simple question which everyone is avoiding. Try and answer it without resorting to the "wonderful" Khalid's formule of 50% this and 50% that - let's talk "Malaysians" and not racism.

  19. I'm not accusing you as such, what I have simply stated is that your line of argument is personal preference, just like everyone knows your political position which is basically tied to anti-crusade of a single given politician. So still, that's influencing you without you looking deeper into reality.

    For DAP and PKR power-sharing formula, it might not be the best that could have been imagined but it is the best in the current circumstance. That's what I believe in. One more thing is the fact that any input is affacted by many external factors that we can't ignore in our search for a good politics of Malaysia in the long run.

    I'm aware that the 1st line up was 4 DAP, 4 PKR and 2 PAS. I'm alsoa aware that the Sultan objected to this. This is because PKR would only appoint two Malays and adding to the 2 of PAS, that would have been 4. You may say what's wrong with that. If politics and particularly in Malaysia, things would have been simple like that, we wouldn't have been here.

    I'm not privy to anything apart from generalities and also ground sentiments. That said, DAP too is happy with the arrangment and that's why they agreed to it. They too know the local politics. In searching for better results, you must tread carefully and intelligently otherwise prepossessed ideas and personl phobia of certain parties or politicians can't buttress an argument. In Penang, DAP too 7 alongside the MB post, while PKR too 3. I will say despite that being unfair from general outlook, the future and playing politics of realism is far better than destryong the whole thing in the name of equity. Remember, equity can take differnt shapes and it will backfire. That's how I see it.

  20. Ktemoc,
    Khalid cannot work on his own.. there are various pressure group he has to listen to.

    Sol let us be realistic. Under very difficult circumstances, we have got a better deal than in the past. Let us hope it only gets better.

    Though more than that it is vital that all the various races at the ground feel they are getting a better deal and treated fairly than the state govt.

  21. Wow, very good commentators on this posting. Even if i don't agree with your argument on this, I say congrats ktemoc, for having a blog that attracts that kind of "quality" readers.
    I despair when I read comments on the "popular" blogs.

  22. this coffee shop rountable phd thesis is getting pretty ridiculous !if your logics apply as you think they should we would have been a first world country in the likes of singapore Taiwan etc tomorrow !
    but alas we have too many armchair theorycrats like your enthusiastic gang here !

  23. ha ha ha ..another racist comment by a DAP Chinese Supremo...

    Cheers for this guy...

  24. The problem with Malaysia is our political system too complex. Most of our political parties are based on races support. Besides that we have 9 rulers in 9 states, and East Malaysia issues. Each party has their own agenda. Without a common purpose of ideology among these parties, the future is always bleak.
    Finding a common purpose of ideology among Malaysian and the process of implementing are the real issues that we should be debating among ourselves.
    I'm a Chinese. The fact is majority of the population in Malaysia still remain Malay. Today, you win. It doesn't means tomorrow you are still a winner. We are in Malaysia. Let us face the fact, we can't deny the fact.

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. Warped PKR, insane PAS, murderous Palace ... Next GE, semuanya boycott!

  27. Time for DAP to get in more malays and run for election. But looking into history, how many malays join multi racial parties like Gerakan, PPP and DAP but on the other hand one can see Chinese joining Malay base party like PAS and PKR. Something wrong in the minds of Chinese and Malay. Can anyone disgest them?

  28. Before the GE, everything boleh but when power went the heads they act differently. Fairplay went down the drain! PKR is acting like UMNO and no better than before.Lets remind them we gonna boycott them with peoples power if they persists with this unkind actions.

  29. For all that is said, the power sharing in Selangor and Perak and Penang seems to be at the expense of DAP and to the benefit of PKR and PAS. A BN in the making again? Non Malay DAP become "adik" to Malay "Abang" PKR in particular?

    Listening to the PKR's supporters twisted reasoning, yoou can say good bye to AI's non racial Malaysians' platform. Its all about power. DAP is just another MCA now. But what does it matter to PKR now that they have got the Parliamentary and State seats that they want? It is just perfect for them.

  30. DAP should leave the coalition and let BN rule. At least AAB is a more principled person and a gentleman. I think I wold trust hime more than the "abangs" lurking in the shadows in PKR.

  31. ktemoc, and others,

    as I see it, you are blaming each other as being racist - and you know what? You are all absolutely right! And wrong at the same time! Strange you see neither.

    When ktemoc argued along the power-sharing among the coalition, the other people still see DAP being TOTALLY chinese and PAS being TOTALLY malay - which of course ktemoc doesn't see it as such but purely on the parties they represent. If you see each party as a party and not think of the majority race it represents, then people, you should understand where ktemoc is coming from.

    Whereas, since the other commenters already see the racial lines along these Barisan Rakyat Parties as race-based (except PKR) so for ktemoc to argue the need for a "fairer" sharing of power simply smacks of racial-slur. And ktemoc insistence on the fair-distribution of exco seat is being seen not based on party, but on race. The sad reality is that this is true - that DAP and PAS still race based. So, ktemoc, you can't blame them for being racist, equally, people, you can't blame ktemoc being one too.

    To see from ktemoc's view, is it possible for PKR to "give up" Elizabeth Wong (a chinese woman) - to be replaced by a DAP candidate (say another woman chinese) so that composition of chinese-malay-indian as well as DAP-PKR-PAS sort of satisfy everyone, including the women-power and the Tuanku?

    This perhaps disregard certain assumptions:
    1, PKR wants to potray a more universal representation of the races by electing a multi-racial team
    2. there is this certain chinese elected representative who is a lady in Selangor;
    3. The Sultan is agreeable.

    From the other commentater's perspective, ktemoc, perhaps their bearing is already on PRU13 - so to allow whatever current composition to work first - after all it obviously show that DAP agreed, no matter how you felt about them being short-changed. I suspect none of the opposition actually expected to win - remember LGE's interview pre March 8? - that to deny BN 2/3 realistically. What now they get to be in Govt exco in three states - and CM in one - so all these must come as a bonus - perhaps even unprepared. To argue further that DAP deserves more means we fail to contemplate a question that "If the malays / muslims know that there will be more chinese in the Exco by voting the opposition, would they have done so?" - No. I'm not talking about the blogging community where understandably there are malsys-muslims who are more open minded. No - those others not exposed to other ideas.
    This is a question we will never really know - my take is that those malays who have given their protest vote may not actually have done so, but then it's only my hypothesis.

    Since 1969 till 2004 - we chinese have been given the propaganda that if we vote for any party other than BN, we would have lost our voice in Govt. We wise up on March 8, but I believe the malay majority may need a bit of convincing if they were to be bombarded with such fear tactics. I suppose the BN is already preparing the minds of the less than techno-savvy malays about how much they've lost in PRU12 for PRU13. So the same fear propaganda that they've used on the chinese / indians previously will be used on the malays in the next election.

    My point here?
    You (ktemoc and the commenters) have the right to your opinion, no doubt about it, and rightly so expressed, but in expressing, let's devoid of all "abusive" emotions (racist slurs).

    My humble opinion,

    Philip L.H. LIM

  32. I'll wait for the chinese chauvinist DAP leaders heads to shrnk back to its original size before giving my comment.

    DAP never win a state before, and i beleive this is where the problem starts. They're like monkey getting flowers.


    when i vote, i dont care which party you come from, as long it is not BN.

    So, when you win that seat, dont treat that as a Party D's seat, it is the Coalition's seat.


  33. Ohh??!!

    So PKR controls DAP and PAS now? They probably were ivolved in the selecting of the candidates for the election too?
    And without a thought to their race and representation. If so, please say it publicly, PAS, DAP, and PKR.

    If not, it was just a coalition of the willing. you accept my elected represenatives since its my call in selecting the candidates, not yours, right, Mr PKR Khalid?

    You selected your own candidates irregardless of race - which is indeed commendable and walking your talk - but why change the tune now? Why change the rules and shifting the goalpost now and start laying a new line by arguing that racial representation should be the order of the day in forming the Selangor EXCO? Don't forget DAP sympathisers also voted for you. Recall this argument you used against DAP but selectively applied now by PKR's supporters?

    Isn't it a bit to rich to change the rules after the seats have been won? Come come. You are just unfair to DAP just now. Your bottom line is a "heads I win, tail you lose" type of argument - reminiscent of UMNO's style. With this kind of mentality, DAP will be a loser in this kind of arrangement with PKR.

    Just listen to this preposterous claim now that the electorate voted for Barisan PKR and not DAP per se?!!

    Can you beat that? Or should I ask - is that true, Mr LKS and Nik Aziz? Was that the deal between you two and PKR? DAP, PAS and PKR leaders better enlighten us dumb electorate.

    DAP especially, you'd better say something. Afterall you are the one who have been short changed.

    I do not like wily, twisting, dodging politicans. PKR is making too many unjustified claims to their claim to power and down grade DAP in the process. As an interested voter, I demand to know the reason you accept your treatment. For I certainly won't vote for you again, just like how MCA lost my vote.

    So either show me now you are not the weak spineless representative you are, craving for office at the expense of your voters, or you are not? Consider this my first demand for accountaility.

  34. I remember PKR had only one seat before the GE.