Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The lion kissed the moon!

Hey, diddle, diddle!
The cat and the fiddle,
The lion kissed the moon;
The little dog laughed
To see such sport,
And the dish ran away with the spoon.

- with apologies to a Mother Goose nursery rhyme

It’s a truly new Malaysian world when the Lion of Gelugor defended a PAS man.

Malaysiakini reported in Karpal: Consider it a form of amnesty that “Karpal Singh has defended the decision of the new Perak and Penang governments to waive summonses for hawking and parking offences.”

It was stated that Karpal shot down detractors, including some lawyers, for criticising Lim and Nizar unfairly.

Don’t worry how he defended them, but yahoo, Karpal Singh has unbelievably defended a PAS man.

Either Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin, MB of Perak, is a very special person or Karpal has mellowed - ke ke ke!

Now who says the Sun doesn’t rise in the West, when the lion could kiss the moon?


  1. ktemoc, I have a sideline question. Why is it that both PABS and All Blogs are both still unregistered bodies?

  2. He din't defend anyone but clarified the action of two state governments as he saw it. Don't you think you are being childish here? And do you think if was a personal decision made by a PAS person, doesn't that person deserve constitutional right and be supported by everyone when he is right and disagreed with when he is wrong? Emotional? Maah?

  3. It is good. A good sign. May the Lion roar.


  4. WTF !!!! No Anwar slamming today, Mr KT ?? U had a bad day, huh ?

  5. haha anony 10:58. maybe on the contrary, KT had a very good day that he decided to let anwar off. :)

  6. Anon 10:58 and lucia, I really fell from my chair laughing. Bad day, no, may be good day! Ha ha! My ribs...I can't laugh anymore.

  7. :) tks for the nice post on me. :)

  8. If there's any PAS person who can make a PKR-DAP-PAS alliance work, it would be Mohammad Nizar.

    He's not your typical PAS fella.
    Engineering graduate from UK, speaks 4 languages. Mother is Chinese.

    There's a YouTube posting of the speech he gave in Ipoh. Part of the speech was in Mandarin and Cantonese, not just basic greetings. He really wowed the crowd, which predominantly comprised traditional DAP Ah Pak and Ah Yee supporters.

    Good start. If they can make it work in Perak, BN will have trouble in GE13.

    The power of incumbency isn't just Barisan Nasional these days..

  9. "Good start. If they can make it work in Perak, BN will have trouble in GE13."

    YEAH! If he can make it work, I see a PM-candidate in the making... maybe a suitable substitute for Anwar Ibrahim? ;-)

  10. A cheeky Ktemoc : lots of responsible reader.
    A mild KTemoc : nobody bother. ;)

    What Karpal did is no different than a doctor that treat a patient held a different ideology.

    Lion kiss the moon. hmmmm ;)
    Lion also kiss the dacing, since Karpal say he support the anti-hopping rules.

    What next?

  11. Karpal becoming a Renaissance Man-lah.
    He has to keep up with competition from the Other Renaissance Man..hihihihihi..

  12. All of you got wrong - DAP in Perak has the most Excos and therefere Karpal is protecting the DAP lead Excos.

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  14. anon of 3:56 AM, March 28, if you want to make libellous comments, please put your name and evidence up - I don't want to be sued like RPK ;-) and disappoint the plaintiff as I don't have millions ha ha ha

  15. Mohd Nizar may turn out to the best and most appropriate MB the DAP/PAS/PKRM coalition put up in Perak. Given his background and the strong DAP exco represention, I would not be surprized that Mohd Nizar will implement many of the coalition's policies and the main beneficiaries would the Chinese supporters of DAP and PKRM. Mohd Nizar is not likely to introduce the policies of Kelantan and I think he will never even mention Islamic state, let alone implement it in Perak. Let's all give Mohd Nizar a chance and see how he performs. I can sense that for a start, he is already performing much better than Tajol Rosli,his UMNO predecessor MB

  16. Libellous? Tell me when whene and where u want the evidence. IMHO your piece glorifying and kissing the asrse of a someone who is not as great or principled as you think they are, doesn't go down well. You deny me my differing views?