Monday, March 17, 2008

PAS & DAP kiss and make up?

Everything is possible when Heaven wills it!

- Chinese saying … as believed by kaytee (if not true, it’s still damn good)

Based on news report from Malaysiakini & Star Online

Looks like there’s increasing encouraging signs of rapprochement between the two extreme positions in Malaysian political ideologies, namely DAP's and PAS'. The Chinese have always believe that the circle is the perfect as well as dominant structure, so if you back away from each other enough, you are sure to … oops … bump your bum into the other bloke's eventually.

Firstly, we read of Triple joy for Perak as birthday boy Nizar assumes post in the Star Online where suave sweet-mouth smoothie, State DAP chief Ngeh Koo Ham said the ceremony to swear in Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin as Perak 10th Menteri Besar at the royal town of Kuala Kangsar marked a historic occasion of triple happiness for the state.

“We are celebrating the birth of a prince, the birth of a new state government and the birthday of a new Mentri Besar.”

Wah ;-) for a prudish DAP member, Ngeh does have a few sweet words.

He even ratcheted up the parliamentary process by proposing the creation of a post for Opposition leader – though I am not too sure whether that’s also a subtle twist of the knife in the BN’s side – ha ha ha!

Yes, Malaysiakini tells us that PAS' Nizar (has been) sworn in as Perak MB. Obviously the earlier brouhaha has been consigned to the bin as mere teething problem inclusive of a bit of sandiwara from someone I have already mentioned.

With Ngeh’s new diplomacy, I hope the happy occasion augurs well for both PAS and DAP.

However, Ngeh missed another opportunity to lay it on thick and add on to the goodwill. He should have told Nizar that as the 10th MB of the State, he will be “ong” (lucky and prosperous) as the number “10” means “muah” or complete/perfect.

Even the Chinese newspaper Sin Chew daily has lavished praises on Nizar who unexpectedly turned up at a forum in Ipoh yesterday and drew applause from the mostly 3,000-strong Chinese crowd. Nizar then stunned the crowd by speaking in Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, Tamil, English and Malay at Sin Chew's 'What's Next' political forum.

Aiyah, I am jealous of his linguistic versatility lah. But Nizar has certainly won over the erstwhile-suspicious Perak Chinese.

Meanwhile, in Penang, PAS has come out in defence of Lim Guan Eng’s rather abrupt announcement to discard the NEP without qualifying exactly what he had meant by that. See what I mean by those humourless prudish monk-like DAP people who talk straighter than a ruler – as I once said, you can use Lim GE to calibrate a ruler ;-) but I hope he will learn a few sweet words like Ngeh.

Despite Lim GE’s faux pas, he seemed to have earned the goodwill of not only PAS but Malay welfare group Teras. Its president Azmi Abdul Hamid said the civil society groups were happy with their meeting with Lim.

He stated: "We are glad to have received a reassurance that the interests of the Malays in Penang will not be neglected. The Malays in Penang have been overlooked for far too long, including during the previous state government, and we hope all this will change."

Does its significance strike you? Azmi was virtually saying that under the BN, the Malays in Penang were overlooked. Hmmm, maybe not the UMNO State leaders. Now the ordinary Malays will find the new government is likely to be more fair.

Then the Penang Bumiputra Petty Traders Association virtually told the State UMNO leaders to shut up and stop being asses, and not to politicise the state government’s intention to practice an open tender policy for contracts and projects.

Its chairman Alif Abdul Mutalib Kader added significance to what had happened under the BN when he averred said such a policy would benefit all races, including the Malays.

He said:
“Through an open tender policy, we believe there will be equal benefits for all businessmen to have a share in the state’s economic pie. The state Umno leaders should think twice before demonstrating in the streets. They should give the new state government a chance to be transparent and fair in its administration.”

I hope spoiler UMNO will grow up and stop being spoilt brats. Their gravy train has been derailed.

Star Online also reported that Dr Farish Noor, a PAS member and also senior fellow of NTU Singapore's Rajaratnam School of International Studies said in Fear not if NEP is dismantled, Malays told: “There was no suggestion to do away with a welfare system that help Malays in need but a safety net mechanism that will help and protect all Malaysians who are poor on the basis of merit in the DAP's manifesto."

“I think the Opposition managed to win the support of the Malaysian public as a whole including the Malays because it was inclusive and took into account all sections of the society.”

Aiyah, Dr Farish, not ‘Opposition’ liao, but Penang State government lah.

He continued:
“It simply promises a fair chance to everyone because many Malaysians, including the Malays, have not been given an equal chance. I am prepared to give them a chance. I want to see the emergence of non-racial politics in Malaysia.”

Another ‘wah’ from kaytee – please read this article from Harakah titled Guan Eng enggan keluar RM100 ribu where Haji Mohamad Sabu, VP of PAS, lavished praises on Lim Guan Eng – told you Lim is not only a straightforward prude but honest as a brand new clean white sheet.

Mohd Sabu said: "Saya rasa sangat terharu mempunyai kawan seperti itu." (I’m moved to have a mate like … Lim).

;-) I hope PAS and DAP don't overdo the mutual admiration society bit ha ha ha! But it's indeed moving to see two 'prudish' strait-laced parties coming to realise they share the values of decency, justice, and integrity.

Oh, PAS is PAS, and DAP is DAP, and wunderbar, the twain did meet - with apologies to Rudyard Kipling ;-)


  1. The fact is they cannot appear kawan-kawan all the time until PAS (with DAP's help) can convince the Chinese that they will not force Islam down their throats and DAP (with PAS help) must convince the Malays that they are not anti-Islam or anti-Malay. Until then, they still need to have a bit of wayang like the one in Perak which seemed to have sorted itself overnight.

  2. Oh yeah. Speaking Chinese to a Chinaman usually wins him over.

    Good ole Nizar. They certainly fielded the right guy in the right location. Perak.

  3. ROFL. Seems Chinese are easy to be "bought over" by people that speak some their tongue language. You don't even need to be a believer to do that. Just imagine he start talking about some Chinese philosophy corner stone name, I bet it will give many Chinese an euphoria.

    Nevertheless, Chinese are a race of easy going. And such easy going mindset are none other than Taoism teaching than Confucian.


  4. aw. so cuddly. what cuddly post. the two dead-serious parties are getting all cuddly. *goosebumps*

    then will PKR be redundant? ha ha ha...

  5. Don't knock it. DAP and PAS may each well be having a Deputy Prime Minister (to AI) soon.

  6. soooooo happy !!

    At least tonight can sleep peacefully without having nightmares about the coalition breaking up and we are back in the evil clutches of BN.

    So, PKR/PAS/DAP .... please get cracking to the business at hand.

  7. there's a choice now. between the cronyism and corrupt tendency of BN and open and clean new coalition. Your choice, people.

  8. I certainly can sleep well tonight!!

    I was worried since election night until all our BR governments had been sworn in!!

    When I heard the news that the DAP-PKR-PAS Perak Caolition had been sworn in at 1145 am, I knew I can relax!!!!

    It is quite somethng to see the old man of the DAP, LKS, sitting in the front row during the swearing in of the new Perak MB - a sight I never though I will see this in my lifetime!!.

  9. Gan said...

    soooooo happy !!

    At least tonight can sleep peacefully without having nightmares about the coalition breaking up and we are back in the evil clutches of BN.


    ROTFLMAO! Thanks for making my day, Gan. The way you put it... so simple and spot-on... hey, man, there's a future for you in scripting sitcoms :-)

  10. Aaaah a happy posting! Yay!
    Sometimes we concentrate so much on our differences that we forget we have common values of decency, justice and integrity.
    Dr Farish Noor (of the other malaysia fame) is a Pas member? Is this true? Wow.

    -- Optimis

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  12. so the PAS MB can speak so many chinese dialects... but what we want to know is did he speak using the different dialects (and tamil) for say 5 mins or was it just a 5 secs of 'how are you', which almost everyone knows (including me).

    re: LGE refusing to move in the official CM residence because repairs work had to be done... but what about the ex CM, who had been living there all along? he had been living there all these years, and suddenly when LGE wants to move in, repairs works must be done? was ex CM living there with lubang here and there, cracks here and there?

    what LGE could do was to still live in the official residence MINUS the repairs, if he really don't want to spend the rakyat's money.

    anyway i'm sure if it is minor repairs, the rakyat won't mind him spending the money as long as it is not extravagant like a few of the previous MB in selangor and other states. (eg khir toyol - see 'cakap tak serupa bikin's blog).

    btw, i'm not saying the above because i'm not a supporter of LGE, ok. i am! and being a penangite, very glad he is the CM.

  13. oh sorry forgot to add this footnote.
    just my own personal opinion.

    the coloured fonts in your blog is terrible for the eyes. why use so many colours? and why the main part is not in white (but in brown! brown against black???)?

  14. PKR-DAP-PAS should work fine on a day-to-day basis as they have common ground on many issues. What will split them will be on religious matters.
    How will they handle the next case like Lina Joy or "body snatching" or BM Bibles or the Islamisation of natinal schools ? PAS will go one way, DAP will go another way, PKR will say whatever is expedient.

    Of course, the public is starting to understand that BN appears united only because the rest simply obey whatever UMNO rules.

  15. "so the PAS MB can speak so many chinese dialects... but what we want to know is did he speak using the different dialects (and tamil) for say 5 mins or was it just a 5 secs of 'how are you', which almost everyone knows (including me)."

    According to [1], he studied in Sekolah Rendah Anglo Chinese Kampar and Sekolah Menengah Anglo Chinese Kampar... I guess these are Chinese schools? Tamil maybe he only knows 5 seconds-worth la :P


    "However, Ngeh missed another opportunity to lay it on thick and add on to the goodwill. He should have told Nizar that as the 10th MB of the State, he will be “ong” (lucky and prosperous) as the number “10” means “muah” or complete/perfect."

    Aiseh, friend, there is such a thing as overdoing it la :P A good speaker knows when to turn it off... you, sir, go too far :-D

    I think Ngeh's delivery was perfect, either he got lucky or he is someone who really understands the press very well... triple happiness for us, sucks to be you (opposition leader!) for them!

  16. hey Lucia, hope you like the new white fonts in my new postings on 18/03 ;-)

  17. Alo, alo.. r usure Farish Nor is a PAS member? Both doesn't c eye to eye earlier ..hmm..

  18. If UMNO is racist then DAP also racist. This is fact.