Friday, March 14, 2008

Go apologize to Susan Loone!

Susan Loone.

Some bloggers just love to sink their claws into her ;-).

First there was the Allblogs affair last year, when a supposedly apolitical blogger association, set up to help bloggers, visited Malaysia’s most controversial opposition personality on its first semi-official foray.


Indeed, if the new association known as Allblogs (Alliance of Bloggers) had to visit a politician for the benefit of Malaysia’s growing bloggers community, surely it should have been the Min of Comm or Min of Info, regardless of the character of the persons behind those ministerial posts.

So … why Anwar Ibrahim? How could he have benefitted the blogging community?

Till today we have no answer to that inexplicable politically inclined visit.

Some bloggers who had supported two prominent bloggers, leaders of Allblogs, in their hours of besieged needs, were disappointed in what they saw as a ‘betrayal’ of what Allblogs had been set up for. In other words, why turned Allblogs into what was then seen as a political organization, visiting an opposition leader, one who was (still is), as mentioned, the most controversial political personality in Malaysia?

Those of us who saw through the incongruity, inexplicability and inexcusability of that visit decided not to be part of that organisation (which had actually grown from a blogger movement supporting the two besieged prominent bloggers).

Susan Loone was one of those who rejected Allblogs. I was one of the other, and there were others. Susan and I then decided to form an alternative, PABS (I’ll come to this in a while).

Mein Gott, as the Germans would exclaim, the moment we announced PABS, Susan was attacked by the usual suspects for daring to not conform!

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Then when she blogged on one of her passions, Shariibuu Altantuyaa, I was informed by not one but several blogger friends that Susan was ‘paid by someone’ to blog on that topic. Eventually I managed to trace the source of that uninformed bad-mouthing to a prominent blogger.

It was a disgraceful lie about Susan.

What is it about her that set the sharks of the Malaysian blogosphere circling around in anticipation of ripping into her? Why are they so scared, so envious of her?

Now, her blog on the EC stats regarding Mukhriz Mahathir’s win in Jerlun (also published in Malaysiakini) has evolved into an imbroglio because … of eager waiting sharks who didn’t & couldn’t be bothered to read carefully, but instead accused her of badmouthing Mukhriz, and then demanding that she apologised.

Apologize for not doing anything wrong?

The sad outcome of this unscrupulous attempt to embroil her with the Mahathir family, especially with Susan's friend and sister-in-arms Marina, has been the unnecessary hurt to Marina and Mukhriz’s family.

I bet those wonders were not doing it for the honour of Mukhriz Mahathir but rather for their own misguided sense of self-delusional honour or even delight.

One has even accused her of:

(a) dramatising the Altantunya case with all sorts of wild unsubstantiated accusation but ceasing when court proceeding began. The accusation went on to allude that she couldn't do her spin when fact were presented.

Hmmm, ever heard of sub judice? And please read my post Shariibuu-Altantuyaa, Susan Loone, Scumbags, Sisyphus and Sex.

(b) wanting to stand as a Parti Keadilan Nasional candidate but was not put forward.

Please see Seruan Keadilan Online - Wednesday, March 24, 2004 where she was nominated by the party as the candidate for the parliamentary seat of Sri Delima.

She didn’t stand for it because there were problems over the seat with DAP, when she was then asked to transfer to Bayan Baru. She rejected that on principle and opted out – not hard up lah! I would encourage the blogger to check with Dr Syed Husin rather than some lowly member on the veracity of what I have just stated.

(c) pushing her political agenda on Allblog. Hahahahaha I have just written above as to who was the one actually pushing the political agenda, much to Susan’s (and our) disgust. Now, I ask again, why would Allblogs visit Anwar Ibrahim if it was supposed to be apolitical?

And what about PABS? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah – go ask my bro Zainol of mahaguru58 – he’ll tell you, ke ke ke! Susan, Zainol, a few others and I were tickled pink at the consternation out there when Susan and I started PABS - aiyoh lah, those jokers masturbating themselves in self-abusive delight through their attacking a la lemak of Susan, and to a lesser extent, myself! What a bunch of hopeless under-confident bloggers, so scared of competition!

Now, those who have demanded of Susan an unnecessary apology should be men enough (note plural!) to offer their apologies to her for their wrongful accusations, and to Marina Mahathir for causing her unnecessary hurt.

Er … no need to apologize to me ler. I am quite forgiving ;-).

Oh, BTW, one joker ;-) left a note in my post The enemy within for Mukhriz Mahathir, saying:

“I think you are in love with susan loone but she spurned you. I checked the internet and it seems you are the only one who cares to write so much about susan loone. trying to get her attention izzit? try a different approach lah. definitely, you can't attract her with your stupidity.”

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha – is that best you can do?

I suppose there is no point in explaining to you such issues as objectivity, facts through careful reading, an open mind, friendship, and loyalty, because you would degenerate this entire spectrum of qualities into baser motives ;-)

Now, run along and apologize to Susan Loone and Marina Mahathir, two great sweeties who have my respect and friendship.


  1. First of all, what has your new subject got to do with the happenings of today? Secondly, I agree with the person who told you that despite your strong Susan Susan rants, she is not amazed with your intellectual poverty and lopsided mentality. As much as she is a good woman who is cool, she definitely fails to consider petty elements of your ilk who have nothing to contribute apart from their intellectual poverty and personalized politics. She feels shy to sniff at you because it may add to your agony and you may commit suicide. Knowing that Susan is a woman of principle unlike distraught elements of your calibre, then I would say you can try another woman. And by the way, when you write your gibberish talk, why do you use (heheheh, ke ke ke ke ke) on million times like a tickled prostitute? Or is that you are trying to gain consolation through your forced laughter? Anyway, it is good to force oneself to laugh. And since you are very disturbed and challenged, forcing yourself to laugh and looking for a friend may give you a momentary relief. Hope you get over it.

  2. quote: "First of all, what has your new subject got to do with the happenings of today?"

    hahhahaahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahah kekekekekekeekekkekekekeekeke

    happenings of today HA HA HA! who says I have to blog on these HA HA HA

    aiyoyo, cabai pedas ka? hahaahhahahahahahahahahahaah

  3. Who should apologise?

  4. kaytee, u do sound overly emotional, like your girlfriend has been attacked. wow. u sure wrote a lot for her.

    anyway about that comment that alleged u r in love with susan, it must be the same person going around. i've received similar comments/threats. all deleted. so they don't get paid? ha ha ha. they can't take it if ignored.

  5. what happened to PABS anyway? was it like some sarcastic joke or a real association? how can u sit on the protem if u r anon? how many members now?

  6. "go apologise to susan loone!"
    whoa! an order from susan's bf! lol!
    well it does sound like you are in love with her when you keep mentioning her so many times, what accompanied with 'sweetie' too ( and forming a secret alliance - PABS - with her alone). but then you did that to almost all the ladies - that's why someone remarked you are a lady's man. :)

    ok ok since you label many ladies as sweetie, you are not in love with susan... but one step to that? haha. ok ok. sorry. just teasing you. i don't mean all that.

    i agree with you that many bloggers (popular prominent ones too) had been giving susan a hard time. and you know what? seemed like they managed to indirectly (unknowingly) influence their visitors too. i found out some small unknown not so popular (like me lah!) bloggers had also hit out at susan... and they were those who visited the prominent blogs regularly.

    never mind, susan is a strong person. apology or no apology doesn't matter to her. she blogs with passion and i believe in her.

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  8. weird comments (completely out of topic) deleted

  9. Susan Loone is a DRAMA QUEEN who suffers from Acute Lackofattentionitis.

    She did start a new blogger fraternity, when she fell out from All Blogs, which never received support from Malaysian bloggers.

    She did post 63 stories about Altantuya 'murder' and how it linked back to DPM Najib Razak 63 TIMES between the headline of her murder appeared on MSM (Nov 2006) and the beginning on the trial (June 2007). She was not even at the court for the trial, for crying out loud!

    And now this Mukhriz-winning-in-Jerlun thingy. Obvious SPR made mistake (typo error) about the turnout. Had she checked her facts first before putting up that posting, in 2004, Jerlun voters are 44,148. So how could this round, it be 37,000+ ONLY? It should be more!

    What is the purpose of that posting? Mukhriz cheated? SPR made a mistake? Is it a cardinal mistake? Had the turnout be 99.85%, why PAS or Idris Ahmad had not challenged it yet?

    I agree with Jed Yoong. Your posting here in pointless.

    Its just typically Susan Loone, the QUEEN of DRAMA BLOGGING! She gravely suffer from Acute Lackofattentionitis!

  10. "... She did post 63 stories about Altantuya 'murder' and how it linked back to DPM Najib Razak 63 TIMES between the headline of her murder appeared on MSM (Nov 2006) and the beginning on the trial (June 2007) ..."

    you mean like Tian Chua condensing all into one nonsensical photo?

    or, she was genuinely compassionate about a 'sister' murdered

    Now, how was she going to attend court hearings when she works outside Malaysia?

    OK, where was it that Jed Yoong said it was pointless?

  11. Dearest Kaytee;

    I must thank you for your most endearing support for a nobody like me. My thanks go to Lucia too, for declaring that she belives in me. I am blushing already and feeling very blessed to have good friends like you all around.

    I would like to keep on blogging, and blogging fiercely, too. Uh-huh, I don't think nobody can stop me doing that, least of all those pro-M-M-N bloggers.

    Too bad for you, guys.

    Love you all,