Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Patrick Badawi saying it with flowers

When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.

~ Chinese Proverb

Hey, read this one from Malaysiakini (just extracts of PGCC project 'not even approved yet').

Despite the fanfare in AAB’s launch of Patrick “Badawi”’s multi-billion ringgit Penang Global City Centre (PGCC), new CM Lim GE discovered that the project hasn’t been approved yet by local government agencies. So the project is now what it actually has been, just a mere “proposal”.

Aiyoyo, ke ke ke ke ke

Malaysiakini said:
“At a cost of RM25 billion, PGCC has been billed as the country’s largest private-sector development project. It is also the single-biggest component of the Northern Corridor Economic Region development plan, launched last August.”

“The developer is Abad Naluri Sdn Bhd - an associate company of Equine Capital Bhd controlled by the premier’s ally, businessman Patrick Lim. Equine Capital holds 25 percent of Abad Naluri.”

So what happened since Saturday?

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Abad Naluri with alacrity sent Guan Eng a bouquet yesterday, perked up with small DAP flags. Hmmm, a case of "roses are red, violets are blue, I heard you won, so am thinking of you"

Ha ha ha ha ha, again!

The developer was so fast with his congratulatory gift that its bouquet was the first to arrive at the CM’s office, to congratulate Guan Eng on his “historic win” in the elections.

Guan Eng politely expressed surprise over the gesture (I wonder what he must exclaimed in private): “We can’t stop people from sending us bouquets. Before the elections, when our representatives want to meet them for dialogues, it was very hard. This is definitely a departure from their previous attitude.”



  1. I'm so happy that the Opposition won big time in several states but now, I'm quite worried. I hope DAP, PAS and PKR won't gaduh2 with each other on who shall lead the states.

    Also, I hope these people won't fall for those @$$ kissers also.

    Eh, I noticed the mass media has tone down their @$$ kissing on Be End lah!! Good, they probably got scared if the Opposition win Malaysia their newpapers and TV are going to be bungkus.. ahha..

  2. You've gotta love the shamelessness of some of these people. :)

    I find Guan Eng highly amusing. Did you notice how fast he asked for the Petronas Cash to build the 2nd bridge??!

  3. Wishing LGE and DAP great wisdoms and courage to bring out the best for Penang.

    Time to show that a race based ruling is outdated and irrelevant now in Malaysia.

    Strength and honour to LGE and DAP

  4. Hi KT,

    I am getting worried about this DAP/PKR/PAS coalition.

    Just read Unlce's Lim's write-up

    And not appointing DAP rep in Kedah.

    I hope they can resolve issue amicably and does NOT lose sight of the bigger objective.

    Anyway, anybody can diffuse situation?

  5. In fact I was anticipating a PAS person as MB, but I was surprised that Raja Nazrin went down that way - mind you, it's OK with me personally. But I heard the Malays/Muslism in the State are worried about a DAP-Chinese MB. Situation seems to be rather tense. Maybe that's why Nazrin appointed him.

    Uncle Lim has to make that statement for consumption of the DAP constituencies - bet you MCA will be harvesting the benefit of this embarrassment for the DAP.

  6. why didnt the Sultan select the PKR candidate who is also Malay/muslim?? this is the $64 question.. PAS has the least number of seats. Why choose PAS to create this potential disharmony. what is the basis for the Sultan's choice?
    I wonder.

  7. maybe to keep the weakest link in the informal coalition in the safest secure (unmarginalised) place? Don't forget the opposition majority in Perak is razor thin.

  8. Insider story about PGCC - Abad Naluri is so heavily entwined with the Badawi regime they assumed whatever final plan they submitted would be automatically rubber stamped and approved by MPPP.
    Indeed, that would have been the case if Penang remained in Barisan hands.

    This is just another case of the arrogance, abuse of power and cronyism of the Badawi regime.

    On the Perak MB case, this is really , really stupid. DAP , especially Lim Kit Siang has to learn to live in 2008.

    I have a bad feeling the coalition is finished, and Perak will go back to Barisan Nasional - the Sultan will have no choice but to call on the next party who can form a government.

    Wow, TV3, Star, NST etc, etc, will have a field day on this, with Tajol Rosli's triumphant return as Menteri Besar.

  9. Astute businessmen will bend with the wind. That's exactly what Patrick Lim is doing. What remains to be seen is Guan Eng's response. Have we really seen the end of cronys?

  10. What on earth were you thinking Raja Nazrin. You should pick a PKR man for the job to neutralise things there.

    Make it right, please.

  11. Starry ... for all our sakes, I hope Raja Nazrin reads or has some minders who reads the comments in this blog.

    Raja Nazrin - we beg you to make it right. Remember all those comforting statements you have articulated ?

    Please ...please ... before BN has a field day on this.

  12. Sekarang tiba masanya bedawi bungkus,
    Dulu dia bungkus projek 'mulia' mahathir sekarang kita bungkus projek 'mulia' bedawi

  13. And why can't a PAS rep be the MB? LKS is from the old school. Especially with the present scenario, he has to do a re-think. A PAS MBship is the safest. A PKR MB can be accused of being un-Malay or non-religious in its dealings and people may believe the spin. But try accusing a PAS MB of such a thing and you'll be laughed off your chair. DAP has got the Perak CMship, PKR, the Selangor MBship and why not Perak get a PAS MB? I would support anybody who is honest, earnest and has the interest of the people at heart.

  14. global city as planned by patrick badawi is gone for sure. at most, a water down version with density drastically reduced. patrick badawi's dream of RM25 billion revenue now remains a dream no matter how early or many bouquet of flowers he will send to guan eng. hey, a lesson aint it. you an plan all you want but at the end of the day god disposes.

  15. Crank, after reading that link, I came to a different conclusion.

    It is quite possible for the BN to try and ‘punish’ the people of Penang by canceling the 2nd bridge citing ‘lack of funds’. LGE is only trying to pre-empt this by suggesting “addressing the needs of the people“, etc.

    After all, this a federal govt project and LGE is not even going to see the money!

  16. Hey Peter P.

    When BN was the huge majority with a random sprinkling of Opposition members, it would have been very easy for them to ignore requests like that.

    Now there is a very formidable bunch of extremely verbal lawyers among the Opposition. Most of them I hear, have their facts at their fingertips.

    BN on the other hand, has gotten so complacent that they don't know what's going on half the time.

    Now when the Opposition starts digging for dirt as to why those funds are 'lacking' or 'depleted', BN is going to find itself in a spot.

    It would be much easier at that point to just give in rather than attempt to punish, simply because if you have your facts there, in Peninsular Malaysia, the majority is the Opposition, NOT the current Ruling Coalition.

    Excuse the condescension, but Sabah and Sarawak voted in BN only because they didn't know better.