Saturday, March 22, 2008

Can defections & deceit be sincere?

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Anwar Ibrahim boasted in Star Online article Barisan MPs want to defect that he had been making good progress in talks with BN MPs from Peninsular Malaysia as well as those from Sabah and Sarawak, but he was in no hurry to form the Government.

‘No hurry to form government’?

Being Easter, may I ask, “Is the Pope Catholic?” Ha ha ha, it’s so vintage Anwar.

As I blogged in PAS's unease as Anwar Ibrahim looks for 30 crossover MPs? many supporters of PKR-PAS-DAP have been less than impressed by the news of Anwar and BN MPs discussing the latters' possible defections.

The loose coalition of PKR-PAS-DAP, or as some dream of titling it, Barisan Rakyat, has just been informally allied on the supposed democratic foundations of idealism, transparency and integrity, and just on those grounds, would hardly have any room for grubby deceitful and treacherous political defections.

The BR is supposed to be everything the BN isn’t, but will it stay the correct course? But it looks like it's already about to make an UMNO-ish meandering manoeuvre.

Unless an election candidate stands as an independent candidate, he is elected on a party’s ticket to represent the voters in his constituency. A defection is a deceitful betrayal of the constituency's trust and belief, where on defection, the MP no longer represents the aspirations and views of his constituency but rather his/her own personal interests/profits.

This has been why many supporters of the so-called Barisan Rakyat have been worried about the scuttling of moral values by a few of their elected representatives and in particular, one non-elected representative. Only hardcore devotees blinded by faith in an icon have the unmitigated nerve to claim that accepting BN defectors would be justified.

Justified for whom?

Sadly, PAS Abdul Hadi Awang, in defending its partner PKR or rather Anwar Ibrahim who has been touting about the possible defections from the BN, said he would welcome BN MPs if they want to cross over to join the alternative front. But they should do so out of sincerity and not because they are enticed with money.

How can a defector who presented him/herself to the voters during the election as a BN candidate be ever remotely sincere when he/she defects to the other side? Maybe Hadi Awang cares to explain his bizarre qualification in Islamic terms.

Hadi also revealed that some UMNO members and (Malay) NGOs had been trying to entice PAS to hold discussions with UMNO on ways to strengthen the position of Malays and Islam.

Now that’s more like it, and in fact to be expected. I would be most surprised if such entreaties were not made. And we may bet that UMNO has not just approached PAS but PKR also, even Anwar Ibrahim.

No doubt the covert conciliatory communication will be talking principally about the ‘common’ values of the position of Malays and Islam.

However Kelantan MB Nik Aziz Nik Mat, who was also present, said the UMNO leaders are using the divide and rule policy practised by the British.

But that doesn’t mean former UMNO people aren’t receptive to an invitation for a joyous home-coming for a Prodigal Son.

No doubt many anwaristas will rage and rant about my post. Such is their attitude of intolerance that they fail to realise by doing so (yelling at kaytee and other like-minded bloggers to shut up), they have adopted the attitude of U.M.N.O where U Must Not Object.

Yes, they fail to, or ignore the fact that they have become like the intolerant UMNO in dismissing or shouting down people like me. Worse, they would bury their heads in the sand. Or worst, they rationalise why Anwar Ibrahim is doing the right thing ;-)

As I said, the so-called Barisan Rakyat is supposed to be everything the BN isn’t, but will it stay on the true course?

This morning I posted Product of the System’s POTS talking about PKR hegemony. Its blogger is like me, querying WTF is going on with such grubby manoeuvres like discussing defections.

It’s people like us whose queries will keep the Barisan Rakyat ship on course. If you anwaristas continue to close your ears and minds, stick your heads into the sand and deny us the rights to question the inconsistent, incongruous and iffy actions of people like Anwar Ibrahim and other PKR leaders, then you can bet the BR ship will stray off course and become another pirate ship just like UMNO, eventually mired in its own cesspool.


  1. We welcome sincere, honest feedback from those who wish BR and PKR not stray from the values which many of its supporters believe in.

    But low down attacks from the likes of Ktemoc who have nothing but negativity and animosity towards PKR and Anwar Ibrahim from day 1 - including kicking and stabbing PKR in its darkest days - treat it like rubbish, as it deserves to be.

  2. Hi K Temoc...You are entitled to your views just as everyone else is.

    Lompat, Katak etc is the present theme of BN leaders. The newly minted Minister for PM Departmnet Mr Zaid is now talking about Anti Hopping Laws.

    India one of the vibrant democracy in this part of the world once upon a time too had lots of such hopping difficulties and mooted such Anti Hopping Laws.What happened ? Please research and let`s see what was the outcome eventually?

    In all humility me would like to view this from a democratic angle. The elected member now wants to exercise his democratic choice in the best interest of his constituents AND the larger interest of the nation based on prevailing current scenario, AFTER he has been elected.

    Bluntly put the Sleepy Head is just ignoring calls to go after the debacle of losing several states and two thirds majority. Several ball carriers around him are urging him to stay on for obvious reasons of self preservation.

    In this scenario democracy will fail if Anti Hopping laws are introduced.

    Finally my friend You are of course entitled to your own views. It is noted that you have shown a general bias towards sdra Anwar in your writings to date. Whatever shortcomings sdra Anwar may have perhaps it is time to give him the benefit of the doubt now, yes or still no...?



    22 Mac 2008

  3. hahahaha.......... well said, well said.

    But why is that PAS-DAP-PKR is so worried that their MPs will "exercise his democratic choice in the best interest of his constituents AND the larger interest of the nation based on prevailing current scenario" in the first 24-48hrs after election???

    Looks like u have no objection of PAS-DAP-PKR MPs "exercise his democratic choice" and lompat over to BN "viewing this from a democratic angle"??

    Am i talking to MSM chief spin-editor???

  4. ha ha ha. ya-lah uncle kaytee, your arguments getting incoherent-lah. haiyah, you make it sound like the sky has fallen down to earth when some MPs want to cross over-lah. You think voters are bodoh-meh. some want changes like the replacement of the NEP with a fairer poverty eradication program. and restoring our judiciary. u should at least give anwar credit for CREATING history. ;) you sound like a MSM chief spin editor, like anon said....

  5. I agree with you that it is morally wrong to cross over after you have won on another party's ticket. I remember clearly the night in Sabah a few elections ago when Pairin Kitingan, having won the most number of seats, went to see the TYT Sabah who didn't meet him. The State Election Chief seemed slow in officially announcing the results. As he waited outside the TYT's residence, enough members crossed over to the Barisan. Then only was the electoroal results 'formalised'. The rest was history; chicanery at its best. Suddenly now you have an anti-hopping law being proposed. After it is adopted, I believe it will again be 'de-adopted' once the shoe is on the other foot just like the 'indelible ink - no indelible ink' scenario. Sigh....

  6. I have always enjoyed reading alternative news. Your blog is fast becoming a very typical MSM. Hang up your fixation on Anwar. He is going to be the next PM for all you know. A truly just and forward looking PM

  7. I don't like the ethics of encouraging kataks...BUT...right now I'm thoroughly enjoying watching UMNO running shit-scared.

    I still have UMNO contacts from my family's long MCA association. Boy, are they scared of Anwar Ibrahim and his barbarians.

    All the activity going on regarding the UMNO leadership e.g. Ku Li? Its because they know UMNO doesn't have the theoretical 5 years to neutralise the PKR-DAP-PAS coalition. They have maybe 3-6 months. Otherwise the Barbarians march in and take over Putrajaya.

    What's going to happen to My contracts !, my projects !, my overseas trips !, my wife's diamond rings !.

    Can you imagine what it would be like to deal with Karpal Singh as Works Minister ? Ayoyo... may not happen, but I'm enjoying how UMNO is peeing in its pants right now..

  8. rubbish blog owner

  9. kittykat46 comments are right on the spot.

    This is the first time in eons when the rakyats are enjoying the pleasure of seeing UMNO scrambling, trying to muster a defence against the PKR/PAS/DAP coalition and Anwar.

    Notice how MCA/MIC/Gerakan seems to accept that they are dead and gone, neither much squeaks nor squeals.

    I never imagine that I would live to witness such a moment in my lifetime - sheer bliss for me !!

    Rakyats of Malaysia - thank you, thank you to give our future generations hope for a better Malaysia.

    P.S. Did you guys read that's Zaid's immediate task is to table the Anti-Hopping Bill? Sounds like a political appointee's obligation, no?

    I think he better set his priority right first - I would think cleaning up the judiciary mess should be #1. Restore confidence to all that fair justice will be accorded without fear and favour.

  10. I agree with you. BR should stay its course. Why bring in people who in the first place we want to get rid of ? If we wanted them, we should all vote for BN. I feel any MP who wants to defect should give up their post and let there be a by-election. Let the people choose if we want him back or not. Please don't bring in the rotten apples from BN.


  11. "Anwar boasted in Star article..."

    Hey, since when do we pay attention (let alone quote) the MSM?? You think Star doesn't have a vested interest in slanting the news to make it seem like he's "cakap besar" - because the rakyat have rejected arrogant leaders, so they are "telling" the rakyat: see? these BR leaders are also the same.

    This is doubly true for Anwar who is the virus that just won't DIE no matter what they do to him!

    They can't beat him directly, so they try to do it more subtly. They never print anything from his speeches or comments that would portray him as a good person. They mix information with mis-information. "News" is packaged and storied and always always spun to deliver a particular impression or version of the facts.

    And this is the reality of the media today. I read news (and yes, blogs too) to pick up FACTS (as rare as gold these days!), as opposed to opinion. I'll form my own, thanks. Don't tell me what to think.

  12. When opposition jumped party in the past to BN, no one in BN protested. Now the tide has turned and everyone in BN is talking about moral, ethics, etc.

    What kind of moral to appoint a minister who is caught with $2.4 million cash? Who claimed he does not understand English?

  13. go on anwar, go for the kill. u r holding the ember in your fist already, why not hold it some more until it turns to charcoal. u have proven that it is possible get more than one-third. now is the time to go for the half-plus-one. the time is now.

  14. in light of mocking comments on your 180 degree flaws about Anwar , maybe in future you shud put a cheeky disclaimer/side bar that your comments are based on all pertinent intelligent facts at press errr posting time !
    That way you will become a creditable blogger aka screenshot/rocky bru then we shall nominate you as another next future candidate of stature.

  15. Our political landscape had changed, after GE 12. In future, nobody will predict the outcome of GE. Malaysia has a very unique culture with difference races, living together. The question whether we can unite all races together as a Bangsa Malaysia or not? I always remain with doubts.

    Our political systems in Malaysia are too complex. Most of our political parties are too emphasis on races issues. Besides that we have 9 rulers in 9 states, and East Malaysia issues. Each party has their own agenda. Without a common purpose of ideology among these parties, the future is always bleak. Finding a common purpose of ideology and the process of implementing are the real issues that we should be debating among ourselves. Today, we had witness the powerful of internet which had opened up a space for us to debate among our selves.

    Can defections & deceit be sincere? I really do not care about it. In 50 years under BN, we learned that this group of politician from BN who had misused the NEP policy for their self interest rather benefiting the society. They lived in their own paradigm box which they did not understand the social context of people needs. If this defection can lead to the forming a new government for BR, I will fully give my support to BR. What I want to see in the future, this will be a reformation in our judiciary system, education systems, economics policy and others.

    Sincerity is out of question in a realistic society. That is why until today, we can't reach a common purpose of ideology in our society. Do we want ourselves to be called as a Bangsa Malaysia?

  16. a chameleon can change it's color, but still the same...

  17. rubbish. get a clue and get a life.

  18. hah.. wat a shame

    Sarawakian knows who is Dr Tiki and Riot very well...

    I dun get surprise if both of them act like that.

    You guys should find the sarawakian and ask whois both guys are...

  19. I think moving over to the other side is fair game, both ways, unless bribery in terms of personal financial gain is involved. However, what is more important is the bottom line - will this likely result in a quicker move to greater democracy, transparency, and equality in Malaysia? If it will, I'd say, go for it, Anwar!

  20. Ktemoc,

    you hate Anwar so much that you will have him as your PM one day, trust me. It's all about the Law of Attraction - go learn about it then you know why Anwar is so popular today.

    Neway, thank you for doing Anwar and PKR a big favour by hating him. Coz, remember dear, the more you don't want a person or anything, the more you will have him/her or it.

    So, keep your hatred burning, all the time. I can't thank you more coz I love Anwar!!! Cheers!

  21. I'm sure Anwar have held discussions with some potential crossovers.

    But the point is, does he have enough "frogs"? 32 to be exact. I'm sure he doesn't. And most are fence-sitters. All waiting for the first person to make to crossover. The one to be the first frog. Anwar cannot wait too long. So he started playing fishing. Fishing for frogs, here. Like poker, he's calling bluff. He has nothing to lose but everything to gain here. He probably have a 5 of hearts under, but trying to sound like King of spade......and hopes that everyone else close their cards and he takes the loot home.

    All it takes is some frogs to start the jump over, and the avalanche shall begin....

    Or will it not, we shall see. We'll see if Anwar's 5 of hearts will turn into a King of spade.


  22. "you hate Anwar so much ..."

    ha ha ha, typical attitude of anwaristas, if someone dares criticise anwar or disapproves of anwar's doings or does not support WTF anwar does, he/she must hate anwar, because according to the anwaristas' 'frog in the well' views (excuse the pun), anwar must be loved - ha ha ha

    I don't need to hate anwar but I certainly don't love him - I know of him to be a most terrible UMNO minister

  23. You can't stop disgruntled MP and SA of BN from shopping around and meeting the hypermarket manager in Anwar. There is no anti-hopping law yet so all are welcome if they want a chit chat. However, the question will always be what is their stake. The $ reward will probably be minimal if there are not enough "katak" to tilt the balance to form a govt or state. I would think most MP now talking to Anwar are only using him as a leverage, trying to better a deal in BN. Unless UMNO/BN becomes a sinking ship in the near future (only wishful thinking), then I think PKR,PAS or DAP is more than ready to welcome them with open arms.
    However, if BR for whatever reasons is face with infighting, then the "katak" from BR jumping over to BN
    is more likely to happen. At present scenario, BN has more to gain than to lose by enticing BR members to crossing over.

  24. Ktemoc,

    everyone makes mistake. You included. No one is a Saint. But at least, he paid for it by being jailed for nothing!!

    And at least he is not as terrible as that MAHATHIR the FATHER OF ALL CORRUPTION!!!


    You must forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future, ok?

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. I am not anti-Badawi nor i am pro-Anwar. I am pro-Malaysia and that is all. I just need a great leader who can make Malaysia great again as a nation.

    Here i am not talking about tallest buildings or biggest stadiums. I am talking about foreign students want to study in our great university, investors want to invest here, tourist love visiting our country just to name a few.

    I don't care if Badawi or Anwar or Ali is our leader, all we need is a great leader who can make us proud to be Malaysian

  27. I had to delete a comment by Anon of 10:24 PM 23 March because such a serious allegation (against Anwar) cannot be made by an Anon.

  28. KT is right.Yes, I support PKR-DAP-PAS but then again..that doesn't mean I support everything they do.We the people need to question them when they get carried away with their newly attained power.It will be easy for them to do things the BN way now.We, who voted for them need to make sure they do not become another BN version 2.0.