Sunday, March 23, 2008

Putrajaya 2, Terengganu 1

Could it be possible that AAB has finally shown some backbone?

Post election he has been perceived by some royalty as weak, indecisive and even apathetic. So, maybe they thought they might just claw back some of their royal prerogatives lost during the Mahathir days. Can you imagine them doing this when Mahathir was around?

Now the Perlis situation was masked by the fact of an unpopular Shahidan Kassim who was already slated for the ‘outer’ even prior to the election. Because of UMNO HQ's lack of enthusiastic support for Shahidan, with the Perlis royal prerogative ruling the day, it might have lent an incorrect impression that royalty would win in any tussle with an UMNO President still bleeding from and licking his election wounds.

We need to remember that AAB's promise to Shahidan of the MB position was a last minute pre-election compromise worked out hastily to avoid intra party factional fighting from distracting from the election. Now that the election has been completed, I suppose AAB was hardly likely to put in much effort to rescue him from local UMNO manoeuvres. Hmmm, maybe there were even the wink, wink, nudge, nudge from UMNO HQ. I won't put this beyond the Machiavellian politics of UMNO.

But it’s a different story with the Terengganu MB saga. When the Terengganu palace went for broke with the MB issue, opting for Kijal assemblyperson Ahmad Said against an UMNO selected Jusoh, the 23 BN state representatives (ADUNs) voiced their intentions to boycott the ceremony.

The palace decided to take the deadlock to the edge by officially issuing an appointment letter to Ahmad Said. But none of the 23 UMNO state reps was present at the ceremony, sticking to their earlier declarations.

Then, to thumb their ordinary noses at the royal person, Malaysiakini tells us that the state’s party leadership (sure AAB not involved?) sacked Ahmad from UMNO in a meeting last night – I take it poor Ahmad Said didn’t attend the meeting.

Their reason was that he ignored the party leadership’s directive not to take up the MB post.

However Malaysiakini reported in Crisis deepens in Terengganu that Ahmad Said has the support of the seven out of eight Terengganu UMNO divisions grassroots UMNO leaders and members.

Can that be so, when all 23 ADUNs do not support him, and indeed have sacked him a la Anwar Ibrahim? One question from kaytee, aren’t most of the UMNO State ADUNs divisional or branch leaders themselves?

I want to see what happens next because we are now in uncharted territory ;-)

But quick, I spied a golden opportunity for the de facto leader. Please let him know that there is now a chance for him to recruit Ahmad Said, possibly together with seven out of the eight Terengganu UMNO divisions. It will be an achievement that will make Gurun green with envy ;-).

And best of all, with Ahmad Said, it won't be a grubby defection because that bloke is now an independent ADUN. Yes, I know he's not of much use to Anwar in a federal situation but hey, great fortunes have been, are and will be built on the philosophy of "Little drops of water, little grains of sand, make the mighty ocean, and the pleasant land (of the PKR)" - with apologies to J Carney.

Royalty threatens constitutional crisis?


  1. Idris Jusoh was/is under the thumb of my old friend Patrick Lim. Terrengganu remains the poorest state in Peninsular Malaysia, but Patrick "Badawi" has spent massive amounts turning a corner of it into a yuppie playground.

    But I agree, the Sultan Cannot interfere in such a blatant manner - it is very dangerous for the future of democracy.

    Can you imagine a future scenario where PKR-DAP-PAS wins a clear majority in a state, but a partisan Pro-UMNO Sultan (yes, there are such) refuses to appoint the Menteri Besar from the coalition and calls on BN to form the State government ?

  2. "Post election he has been perceived by some royalty as weak, indecisive and even apathetic. So, maybe they thought they might just claw back some of their royal prerogatives lost during the Mahathir days. Can you imagine them doing this when Mahathir was around?"

    Yes, this would definitely not happen if the moron is still the prime minister because all institutions including constitutional monarchy were destroyed with corruption institutionalized. We were rated even lower than some of the pariah countries in Africa. Not only that, opposition would not have the chance to form governments in the other 4 states as Anwar Ibrahim would still be served with free "nasi kari" in Sg. Buloh "Palace". AAB should be credited for being a true democrat like the other statesman by the name of Musa Hitam. Remember, the minority nearly formed the government in Sabah. The coup was foiled because Musa Hitam is a practising democrat. Also, how PBS government was toppled even though PBS won and had majority in the state legislature ? I'm sure Pairin Kitingan will never forget this stunt by the moronic prime minister in KL.

  3. Getting fired from UMNO isn't such a big thing these days...

    Anwar is beckoning from the other corner...come...come..come...

  4. Free Tibet !!! Speak up!! against the coward prc Gov!!

  5. I think the royalty does not understand the meaning of convention.
    The fight between them is probably because the cake is getting smaller now and they want a bigger slice. None of them does it for the rakyat but between the two devils, I would prefer Umno to prevail because they were elected constitutionally. Maybe we now need another amendment to our constitution since they don't understand convention.

  6. Walauweh, unkel Kaytee just kenot leave itu Anwah alone for one day hor!! Arways must hantam Anwah everyday one, regardless of actual issue at hand. Then again, unkel Kaytee just an armchair analist (hehe!), just like itu hinduren Chandara Mujapar, never take risk one, just hide2 oni behind blog one. Itu Anwah in realpolitik lor, have to take risk n have to seize moment, one time go to jail sommore ! Dont take an anwahrista to prefer him over u one .

  7. " ... one time go to jail sommore ..." - I hope you don't think he did it for you ;-), If you do, then you're living in Fantasy Land.

    The truth was he thought he would be PM and didn't expect to go to jail, but shit happens with that UMNO crowd. Basically he fell on his UMNO keris. Didn't you know that sharks are cannabalistic?

  8. kaytee, your impeccable
    response(s) to your honorable critics is noteworthy and commendable and probably shows some hidden strength ( or insight )most aren't yet aware of , but only if now you declare that the truth is never clear until the end ans so messengers are but just for reading plesure and to be taken as akin to a sunday picnic

  9. ROFL.

    Seems Abdullah Badawi now start play the political games the hard way.

    By sacking Ahmad Said, he is killing two bird in one stone. To show the power, and pushing Ahmad Said to a corner which weaken UMNO. If Ahmad Said go to PKR or go independent, even Mahathir must evaluation the situation to topples Badawi with EGM.

    This is nothing new, if anyone still recall Mahathir is using the "external enemy" to calm UMNO.

  10. Hmm..

    If it is possible this Said guy go to the Opposition, it will more complicated.. Because if opposition take control of Terengganu in a moonlight, mainly majority of Terengganu citizen prefer their ex-Minister Datuk Hadi Awang..

    Yet, I hope BN collapsed eventually!!

  11. "So, maybe they thought they might just claw back some of their royal prerogatives lost during the Mahathir days. Can you imagine them doing this when Mahathir was around?"

    you dont understand. it is about the 2/3 majority that BN does not have and wont have in the near future to change the constitution.

  12. Anwar "defended" agama,bangsa dan negara when he was in UMNO.
    Najib is "defending" agama, bangsa dan negara and intends to do it with the penknife.
    since KT dosen't understand the implication of this, he would rather have najib, than Anwar as the next PM.

  13. Kittykat46

    You claim that you are an "old friend" of Patrick Lim. Firstly, I don't understand why one would go around talking badly about an "old friend." Secondly, if you have "insider information" about the man by virtue of your so called "friendship", you shouldn't be publishing those information all over the internet. I, for one would not be betraying a friend.

  14. Dear KittyKat46,

    Do you know for a fact that Idris Jusoh is "under the thumb" of Patrick. Do you have proof of this? Or are you saying this because you read the same all over the blogs.

    If there is no evidence of this, let's not spread it as once something is uttered, it cannot be taken back. Even if the allegations are proven wrong in the end.

    One thing that comes to mind are the hoax emails I received each day . Most people actually forward them to me because they believe them to be true. All it takes is one person to start it and it goes around the world, be it true or NOT.