Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wish IGP was Japanese!

Even the powerful arrogant IGP realises by now he has gone too far, with blokes like KTemoc and a host of others instigating the PM to sack him. For a public service like the Police to defy M on the IPCMC for a start, then shamelessly admitting it was ensuring the BN’s stay in power, and finalising its unmitigated feral behaviour with a threat to vote the opposition and let crime rates soar, even the rubbery Malaysian boundaries of proprietary were exceeded many-fold.

The IGP is the No 1 person in the police. He is responsible for what the police do, and they have been doing f**king badly. Their controversies have not yet ended when they pulverised peaceful protestors in a so-called democracy. They viciously kicked a man who was already hammered down onto the ground by them.

photos by Jeff Ooi at Malaysiakini

So what did he do in the midst of a disgraceful unprecedented open revolt by his organization?

The same old f**king formula.

His investigations found, surprise surprise, that a corporal had uploaded the seditious, yes, SEDITIOUS document without consulting her superior. Not only that, the corporal admitted to it. She has been transferred to another section.

Any of you who are familiar with the management of organizational websites and the protocols of webmasters would puke to listen to his bullsh*t. A mere corporal loading up an outrageous threatening and SEDITIOUS warning to the elected government on to the Police official website, without an OK from her superiors?

What a lot of crock. What a most shameful and cowardly act to pile the blame on a defenceless woman corporal, who by virtue of her low rank remains denied of speech, defence and justice.

It has been the most cowardly exhibition of (lack of) officer quality. It was only the PM’s lack of backbone that he has been allowed to get away again.

But I suppose there’s no harm in that pathetic man bodeking (brown-nosing) the PM in the usual Malaysian way, in what he said:

“We never said we will or can ignore the Government. The Government has the final say in whether or not to set up the IPCMC.”

“I will leave it to the Prime Minister to decide. He had on many occasions mentioned that he has left it to the Attorney-General to study the matter before making a decision.”

“As far as I am concerned, there is nothing much that I can do now. I am so sorry for what has happened. I am personally most grateful to the Prime Minister for his caring attitude towards the force. He has done much and has provided us with much-needed logistics, housing and infrastructure, as well as for the welfare of our men. I really feel very sorry for what has happened.”

Utterly pathetic. He makes me sick. I wish he was Japanese – then he would know what to do with his dishonour.

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