Monday, June 12, 2006

Strange Scribblings found at Petronas Building

The following scribbling was found on a discarded crumbled note outside the Petronas Building. The wind must have blown it from a rubbish bin onto the lawn where I found it.

Elegant silence! Next they would be even saying Zen-like elegance from Fu Mountain.

Fu Mountain larn tooi, it’s more like Mah Fu Lat Mountain.

Of course he had to keep silent because he couldn’t f**king answer those questions. Who’s the sand master leading to the cancellation of the kiieow?

C.N.N.W.K (good ole Sam taught me this phrase)

Sekarang apa lah! Kena pay contractors RM730 million to cancel a RM1 billion bridge! And those stupid people think Sifu $ is prudent and thrifty, while I was profligate in my spending. At least with me, those who are now criticising me would have had a bridge. But with the Sifaat, apa ada?

Bike! – assets worth hundreds of millions of ringgit sold out for a couple of Euro. Who has benefited? Please tell me. Ooh, elegant silence. Pundeeh, T.N.S

And they complained about me. If not for me, those clowns would still be tapping rubber and fishing ikan gelama. Bloody ingrates.

Karn Nee Nay, that bloody Musang praised that Sifaat from Mah Fu Lart Mountain character for refusing to account for hundreds of millions gone to the wind, as the mark of a very good leader. I know that foxy bastard is getting his own back at me.

Then, even that Bai from the rocket company told me to shut up and not criticise $, when he, orang rocket, should be supporting my right to speak up. He hates me, that’s all. Has he lost his principle of freedom of speech in his turban?

Elegant eh! Bloody bugger has used his secret weapon against transparency and accountability. Why didn’t I think of this tactic before, but no use lah. Those people like the Bai would say I dare not answer, that I have something to hide. But with $, he gets away, and elegantly too. K.N.N.

K.N.N, M.K.H – I love these Chinese words, so appropriate for such depressing moments. I wonder what that Ling put in that tea he gave me when we were at U-TAR? Fit only for an emperor, he said. Didn’t know those Chinese emperors swear like a Penang Jetty stevedore, because ever since I yum that cha, I have taken to M.F.L, T.N.M.K.H, T.N.S, C.C.B, M.K.H. But my favourite when I think of that ‘elegant’ word is still Sam’s C.N.N.W.K.

And some bloody Arab bloke has the bloody nerve to comment that I was devoid of intellectualism compared to that treacherous chameleon, a hypocritical tok ampu himself.

Hey, f**ker, I am not an intellectual eh? Eat this 'Si monumentum requiris, circumspice.'

And if that pariah doesn’t know what that means, it's ‘If you seek his monument, look around you’.

Yah, all you f**kers, look bloody around you in Malaysia, and ask yourself who has done it for you all, you bloody ingrates? That ‘elegant' Zen Master from Mah Fu Lat Mountain, or that treacherous chameleon, or that black Musang, or Bai?

It has been me, I, moi, je, naan, nenu, aku, saya, wa, woh, ngo, limpeh, watashi, p’om, ich, and for those green turbaned hypocrites, ana, ana, ana.

I did it for everyone. I did it my way. Yes, I did it in my crude inelegant style. F**k you all, T.N.S


  1. Yo, dude! What's with this barrage of acronyms like KNN, CNNWK, TNS, etc? It certainly made me go cross-eyed, scratching my head and going ??? as I read your article. Also, the Chinese sounding terms like Mah Fu Lat Mountain is a total mystery to your non-Chinese readers. How's about giving some explanatory guidance to mentally challenged readers like yours truly?

  2. OK mate, but it's vulgar stuff. I'll bring up some of the explanation/translation in a further posting (some only because a few are too salty). And if the sweet ladies yell at me for being gross, I'll have to blame you ;-)

  3. Thanks KTemoc. You are a dear!