Thursday, June 29, 2006

'Sweet' wisdom, 'Sweet' actions, 'Sweet' bullsh*t

Here’s a brilliant and wonderful solution to commodity shortages.

Deputy Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister S Veerasingam said that the recent sugar shortage has actually been good - so you guys should bloody stop whinging.

Why good?

He said the shortage had helped consumers reduce their sugar intake.

He pronounced: “Sugar is in the rice and fruits which we take, so we actually take a lot of sugar in a day. It is advisable to cut down intake.”

Fantastic! Now I've heard, no, in fact read that Petronas wants the government to approve its proposed price hike for gas. I would imagine Veerasingam telling us the same good news, as in:

“Gas is in the farting and belching which we make, so we actually produce a lot of gas in a day. It is advisable to cut down use of gas.”

And may I add, if anyone still runs short, please see the ministers because they are so full of gas, always sprouting hot bullsh*t air.

But dash it, Veerasingam spoilt his revelation by saying that his ministry had helped areas suffering from sugar supply shortage to overcome the problem.

What bloody for? Afterall, sugar shortage is a blessing in disguise, so let’s not tamper with the shortage when it’s good.

But that’s the bullsh*t quality of our ministers, always attempting to insult our intelligence.

It’s f**king high time the government recognise that they are interfering with the price of sugar and distorting the market, at the expense of the sugar industry who had been forced to bear the loss. If people want to reduce their sugar intake, well and good, but there should be sugar for those who want it.

Meanwhile the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry will start gathering data on the weekly production of sugar by factories and compare it to the amount distributed to grocery stores and hypermarkets.

Minister Mohd Shafie Apdal said they would also gather information on the amount sent out by the factories to each wholesaler and the distribution network.

He said: “Those who are inefficient will have their licences revoked.”

Hmmm, I wonder whether this is democratic free-enterprising Malaysia, or a f**king Stalinist State where your life or livelihood would depend on your quota of production of goods, even at losing business cost.

But just in case people don’t believe his explanation for sugar shortage, he added that consumer demand had also risen this year compared to last year.

The flogging will continue until one way or other, the sugar shortage is not blamed on the government's price control.

Veerasingam has come up with another of his scatological gem. He wanted parents to tell their children their salaries so that the kids can help the parents by not overspending. He said children needed to know what their parents earned so that they, the children, could gauge the family spending power and know the monthly budget.

He said: “Many parents do not do this. So, their children tend to overspend their parents' money.”

I have to admit that till today I wasn't aware that kids manage their parents' household budget.

He advised it was also crucial for people to start to save early and that working people should begin with at least 10% of their salaries to ensure that their future and that of their children were taken care of.

Yeah, that explains why most of the Indian Malaysians have been so f**ked up economically. Those rubber tappers, road sweepers and what other lousy professions that Indians have been forced to take up should listen to his wise words. Save and don't pretend you have mucho problems trying to make ends meet.

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