Thursday, June 15, 2006

Brilliant but Evil Social Engineering?

Malaysiakini reader, Ravindran Mailvaganam has cried out against the injustice to Indian Malaysians. He said that the Malaysian railways. so vital to the nation’s development, economy, and society was built by the manual labour of ethnic South Indians.

Yet despite the Indian Malaysians’ toil, tears and sweat, today he sees Indonesian immigrants being treated much better than these resourceful Indian community.

The Indonesians who could have just arrived yesterday would enjoy all the protection and indulgence of government agencies. Ravindran said these johnnies-come-lately would quickly acquire the so-called bumiputera status, conferring upon them entitlements to many state benefits while other non-Malay citizens - who can trace their domicile to several generations back and who pay much of the tax revenue - are denied.

He is stating what we have all known for years. But it still hurts to hear it.

Ravindran then draw on the example of Chin Peng.

He said Chin Peng “was an implacable anti-colonialist who led his cadres (mostly ethnic Chinese, although there were notable Malays among them) first against the Japanese Occupation forces then against the British when they returned after the war to reclaim their colony.”

Then Ravindran showed the contrasting treatment for Chin Peng versus that for his communist party comrade CD Abdullah.

He said “Chin Peng is today a persona non grata while CD Abdullah, a Malay who was his henchman is welcomed back into society. The condition of ethnic Indians is only a sliver better than Chin Peng’s.”

Again he said what we all know, that the managed influx of Indonesian (and in Sabah, Filipino Muslims) had been to reduce the percentage of the Chinese and Indian communities into minorities.

Maybe that’s why the Chinese who once made up nearly half the population of Malaya-Malaysia, are today only averaging around the mid 20-ish percentage. Even allowing for migration, and not many qualify to migrate, the drop in percentage has been rather startling.

Ravindran said that the managed migration of Indonesians has the objective of “reducing the ethnic minorities, especially the Chinese to statistically insignificant groups, politically and culturally. And history must be rewritten to accommodate the chauvinistic practice.”

He added “That is why Yap Ah Loy, the founder of Kuala Lumpur had his role in Malaysian history severely diminished. In a stage play, it would be equivalent of a nondescript porter.”

Now, isn't the Malaysian demographic massaging truly social engineering at its most brilliant evil?

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