Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Singapore & US invade Malaysia?

In an earlier posting UMNO Youth Odd Man Out I lamented the striking absence of UMNO youth from the group of other BN Youths - namely, the MCA, Gerakan and even timid bodek-ing (brown-nosing) MIC, who had had enough of an insubordinate police force and came out of the woodwork to condemn the so-called law enforcers.

The police had objected to the IPCMC and disgracefully dared to make terrifying threats to allow crime rates to rise if the PM permits the IPCMC to be established.

A reader, Anonymous commented that UMNO Youth’s reason for ignoring the insubordination has been racial. He (or she) contended that UMNO youth needs the predominantly Malay/Muslim police to keep them in power.

So far so good. However I was somewhat bemused when he (or she) threw in the Singapore element.

He (I’m going to stop at this point from saying ‘or she’) reckoned UMNO Youth’s main worry had been on how to prevent the non-Malay population in Malaysia from supporting a Singapore armoured column if one advances into Malaysia to secure Singapore's water supply and create a land buffer for the island when the sh*t hits the fan between the 2 states.

Anonymous then explained why the government won’t use the army to prevent the non-Malay population from supporting the invading Singaporeans, because of the terrible May 13 experience. That's why the police force has been important to UMNO's scheme of things.

Then he escalated his theory by adding the US military into the already puzzling equation. He averred that good thing for the government about May 13, was that it was 1969 and not post September 11, 2001, or we would have seen Yankee troops landing at Port Klang in the guise of protecting democracy. That additional invasion would certainly have compounded the Singapore invasion.

I need to ask the following questions:

(1) Why would the non-Malay population support the Singaporeans, who look down on if not despised them?

(2) Why would the US military attempt to occupy our nation?

(3) What is a fully digital armoured column - his description of Singapore’s Armour Corp?

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  1. I really do hope that this is just his/her theory, and not an actual prevailing thought in UMNO Youth.

    The Singapore Bogeyman is just another simple-minded fear tactic that some simpletons use to justify the status quo, in my opinion. And sadly, this rhetoric is actually believed by more than just some.

    And unless the US really wants to create instability in the region, (assuming that they really are the neo-Colonialists that some say they are), to physically colonize the region, there isn't much reason to join forces with Singapore (or any other nation) to conquer Malaysia.

    As for the fully digital fifth column? If you ask me, I would say - hologram - the digital mirage seen by those suffering from the Singapore Bogeyman syndrome.