Monday, June 26, 2006

Human Sacrifice in Tamil Nadu

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

A couple in Tamil Nadu State in India sacrificed a seven-year-old boy on the advice of a faith healer. The human sacrifice was to ensure the marriages of their five sons. The faith healer had recommended the sacrifice to the couple to ward off "evil spirits" which were making it difficult for them to find marriage partners for their five sons

The pair found the boy alone at his house, put him in a steel box and took him to a temple where one of their sons as well as the faith healer joined them in strangling the victim to death. The boy's blood was then sprinkled at their house.

Apparently human sacrifices are still offered in rural India where many people put faith in occult practices to ward off evil or gain prosperity. In Malaysia too we had a couple of cases of human sacrifice. One was a young Indian boy sacrificed to some spirits for 4-D forecasting- his head was decapitated; another was a foreign wife of a local.

Police arrested all four.


  1. So what else is new in Australia mate?

  2. Oh, just the usual serial murders.