Saturday, June 10, 2006

Red Sand in the Promised Land

During the weekend holiday in northern Gaza, indiscriminate Israeli artillery firing have massacred Palestinian civilians having a picnic at a beach in Bait Lahiya, killing seven people, including three children, and wounding 36 others.

Five of those murdered were members of the Ghali family from Gaza. Besides the dead parents, Ali and Raisa, their 3 children aged one, three and 10 all died alongside.

1-year old, 3-year old, 10-year old kids!

Just like those poor Jewish children murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust in WWII. And who have been the modern day Nazis?

The barrage created a bloody carnage on the beach, scattering body parts all over. The sand of the Promised Land turned red on that Bloody Friday.

Ambulance ferried terrified crying children injured in the attack to nearby hospitals in Jabalya and Gaza City, where PM Ismail Haniya visited them.

President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attack as the obvious, a bloody massacre. He said: "What the Israeli occupation forces are doing in the Gaza Strip constitutes a war of extermination and bloody massacres against our people."

He asked, probably in vain, the international community, including the US, Europe and the Security Council, to intervene.

There was deafening silence from the US State Department. After all, it was just bloody untermenschen (subhuman) Arabs being killed by their (the US') Masters, the biblical Master race.

UK Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett said London was "deeply concerned by reports of the deaths from Israeli shelling of civilians, including children, on a Gaza beach".

"Deeply concerned"? What if it had been Palestinians killing Israelis?

In addition to the beach slaughter, the same Bloody Friday saw an Israeli air strike near Gaza City that wounded several Palestinian civilians. Palestinian officials said the air strike killed a man travelling in a car. Ah, just more subhumans.

The Israeli attack had the usual excuses that those were in retaliation for rocket firing into Israel. What they didn’t say was the rockets were being fired in retaliation for Israel's killing of Samhadana, a Palestinian government official. Samhadana and three others were killed in an Israeli air strike on a training camp. Israel of course said he was a legitimate target.

For several months, the Israelis have been pounding away indiscriminately at open areas such as fields and orchards in what it termed as an effort to prevent Palestinian militants using them to fire their rockets into nearby Israeli (stolen) territory.

But I reckon it has been an Israeli campaign of terror, knowing full well that innocent civilians would be killed. The aim obviously has been to send a message of intimidation to the Palestinians, just as it had been in the financial blockade of the Hamas government.

Another aim would be to provoke Hamas into retaliatory actions, so that the Israelis could point out to the world that the Palestinian terrorists are terrorising again, while for similar murderous actions by the State of Israel, those would by contrast be only security or pacification campaigns.

When a so-called State targets and murders another State's official as it wishes, without doubt an act of terror, and unsurprisingly minus any restraint or criticism by its principal supporter the USA, so-called paragon of democracy and due process, then we ought not to be surprised that the cycle of violence continues to be perpetrated.

If we traced the chicken & egg trail of violence, we can see that it all started with the Balfour Declaration, when the British, under the influence of the rich and powerful Zionist movement and with the support of a guilt-stricken Europe, took Arab land away to give to victims of European murderous oppression?

So now, the inevitable has come about - Israeli terrorism will undoubtedly provoke renewed Palestinian terrorism. Hamas' military wing has threatened to resume attacks on Israel in the wake of a series of massacres. The group has been observing a self-imposed ceasefire for more than a year.

BBC's Simon Wilson in Jerusalem said that, while there have been Hamas threats of responsing to other Israeli attacks in recent months, the latest announcement is significant because it appears on the official website of the armed wing of the group. Hamas' political wing hasn't yet made any comments.

WARNING: Criticisms* against Israel on the massacre will be deemed as anti-Semitism, and the critics as Dhimmis.

* "deeply concerned" is the maximum allowable before intruding into anti-Semitism

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